Illimitable Until Death v1c4

Mild sunlight shine from the sky, illuminating the entire Aragane station.

This is a place not so much a city but more of a village.

The houses are made of wooden boards. No modern homes can be seen, let alone high-rise buildings.

The same is true of the streets. The soil was directly exposed to the air, modern oil-free roads would not have such a thing.

However, on the outskirts of such a city, there are incompatible steel walls.

Led by two bushi, Houri walked slowly down the street.

Around, pedestrians cast their eyes over, whispering.

Under these circumstances, Houri only felt as though he was some criminal being parade through the streets, and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Of course, this is inevitable. Who makes Houri’s dress so different?

No, it should be said that in the eyes of others, Houri’s dress is very different.

At this moment, Houri is dressed in casual clothes, which belong to the type that is not out of the ordinary when thrown into the crowd.

It is a pity that in this age when the industrial revolution has just started to affect the world, this dress looks different.

At least, the surrounding pedestrians are almost all wearing kimono-style attire.

In this way, the modernly dressed Houri walked on the street and naturally attracted countless eyes.

As a result, being stared at by people around him, Houri naturally felt a kind of uncomfortable feeling all over him, and really wanted to slip away.

Fortunately, this difficult time passed quickly.

Led by two fierce bushis, Houri came to the steel facade of Aragane station.

There are already many bushi standing guard.

It’s just that these bushi carry extremely specific weapons.

“Gun?” Houri is somewhat stunned.

In response, a bushi snorted said. “More like a steam gun.”

After the start of the industrial revolution, the steam engine has become an epoch-making necessity.

Japan, which cannot produce high-quality gunpowder, not only railways but also introduced steam engines in industrial machinery and firearms. Therefore, steam guns are more mainstream than guns.

And the special steam engine ‘McClatchy’ developed by the United Kingdom has adopted the epoch-making idea of ​​steam compression, which can not only provide high output for huge car bodies, but also provide personal high-pressure boilers for steam weapons.

Therefore, if you take a closer look, you will find that the guns carried by bushi’s hands have a line connected to the back.

There, there are two cylindrical boilers.

Such portable boilers are called ‘knapsack engines’ and have various uses.

One use is for steam guns.

Compared with the pre-entry gunpowder firearm so far, the convenience and power of the magazine-filled steam gun are far superior. In this era facing the threat of Kabane, these steam guns are one of the people’s psychological comforts.

That’s right, it’s just psychological comfort.

Although the power of steam guns is much higher than gunpowder firearms, they still cannot destroy Kabane’s steel heart membrane.

Because of this, people who do not have the decisive means of confronting Kabane have to build the walled city and stay in it.

The groups of bushis were carrying high-pressure steam boilers for personal use, holding shotgun-style steam guns in their hands, and standing around.

Especially in the direction of the gate, where there is a large number of bushi guarding, their expression is extremely solemn.

In order to counter the threat of Kabane, the shogunate that ruled Japan built ‘stations’ in various places, and only armored locomotives were able to travel between the ‘stations’, which commonly known as Hayajiro.

Hayajiro is operated by the shogunate, and the attendants collected at each station take turns on duty.

In this way, each station can maintain its livelihood by integrating its own products.

Therefore, the shogunate that manages logistics has great power, and thus rules entire Japan.

So only Hayajiro from the other stations can pass through the steel gate.

However, this is also risky.

For example, if there is a person who was bitten by Kabane in Hayajiro enters the station and then turns into Kabane, the entire station will face great threats.

Without a decisive means of fighting Kabane, the people here are destined to live every day in fear, and even cause dark emotions because of inner fear.

Apparently, the bushis in charge of the gatekeeper have this feeling of anxiety and fear.

After all, if Kabane invaded, they in charge of the gatekeeper would be the first victims.

In this case, let alone Kabane, even a person approaches them for no reason, it will explode the fear in their hearts and be targeted by a steam gun?

When thinking of this, Houri glanced over at the bushi over there.

Looking at Houri, the two leading bushi thought that Houri was frightened, and spoke with irony.

“Scared already? Wouldn’t you be frightened when you see Kabane directly?”

“Just a wanderer, can we really expect him to fight Kabane?”

Two bushi sneer made Houri take his eyes back, and his heart was a little bit angry.

However, the thought of these people facing the danger of extinction can only find a sense of superiority among the weaker ones, and the anger in Houri’s heart has become pity.

Maybe they saw something from Houri’s eyes, both bushi’s expressions became a little unsightly.

“You, go to the top of the city wall to guard!” A bushi pointed to a position on the Iron Fortress wall, exclaiming a little bit angrily. “That position is empty, you just go and guard that place!”

“Right now?” Houri raised his hand and said with empty hands. “At least you should give me some weapons?”

“Not our concern. If you want a weapon, go find it yourself,” said another bushi while snorting. “If Kabane appears on the wall, you must fight them back, otherwise you will die first.”

After that, the two bushis left on their own, ignoring Houri.

Looking at the two bushi that are gradually moving away, Houri also feels helpless.

“No even give a steam gun?”

Without a steam gun, how could he defend himself?

If Kabane climbed up the wall, should he jump down and fight with them?

“So, these bushi didn’t expect my performance at all?”

That’s a matter of course.

Although the space will assign an identity to MainGod envoy, it is only the most basic identity after all.

Otherwise, MainGod envoy may rely on the advantages of identity to overcome difficulties and benefited from them.

Therefore, the identity of the MainGod space arrangement will only keep MainGod envoy from being too obtrusive in this world, and other issues will not be considered.

In view of this, Houri as a foreign wanderer would not have been able to gain the trust of these cowardly bushis, and thus obtain weapons.

To complete the task and save his own life, he has to rely on himself.

The 1000 CP and 5 free APs given by the space are for this.

MainGod envoy can only use the resources at hand to complete the Main Mission in the world, earn rewards and get what they want.

If one just wants to rely on the assistance and protection of the story character, the final outcome is needless to say, there is only a dead end.

“If it’s someone else, I’m afraid it’s really tricky, right?”

Even if there is room for 1000 CP and 5 free APs, it is not easy to deal with Kabane.

The Kabane will not die without penetrating their heart.

However, on the surface of Kabane’s heart, it was protected by a steel-like film. Even the steam gun could not penetrate it.

A newcomer who doesn’t even have one skill and graded equipment, how can they kill it?

“Unfortunately, space doesn’t seem to want people to live too ordinary…”

With that said, Houri got a trump card against Kabane.

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