Illimitable Until Death v1c40

Houri recognized the voice from the door almost immediately.

“Miss Ayame?”

The owner of the voice is naturally Yomogawa Ayame.

Not just Houri, Ikoma also recognized it.

“Ayame-sama?” Ikoma was surprised. “Why are you here?”

“I just want to ask.” Yomogawa Ayame’s hesitation could be heard clearly even through the door. “Does the three of you carry any food? Do you want me to prepare it for you guys?”

Yomogawa Ayame’s words make Houri and Ikoma look at each other.

Both were very clear about the situation inside Iron Fortress.

In this situation of food and water shortage, coupled with the position of Houri’s group, if Yomogawa Ayame really provides food and water for Houri’s group, it would definitely meet with many objections?

However, Yomogawa Ayame came here specifically to ask such a question, which proves that Yomogawa Ayame really cares about everyone.

Only Mumei, a shoujo who didn’t think much, and didn’t understand the good intentions of Yomogawa Ayame, said boringly. “We don’t need human’s food, as long as there is blood… humm!”

Mumei’s voice suddenly became a muffled sound.

Because Houri covered Mumei’s mouth.

Despite Mumei’s struggles, Houri said to Yomogawa Ayame outside. “Please rest assured Ms. Ayame, we have some food and water with us, so it shouldn’t be a problem in the short term.”

“Ye-yes, Ayame-sama.” Ikoma didn’t seem to be willing to expose that he needed to drink blood and quickly supplemented Houri. “Please don’t worry about us, we are fine.”

“That’s good.” Yomogawa Ayame seemed relieved, then said. “Actually, after a while, Iron Fortress will temporarily stop. I’m here to tell the three.”

“Stop?” Ikoma asked. “Why do you suddenly want to stop?”

“… Actually, we found a crack in the water storage tank, and the water in it is not enough. If this continues, the boiler will stop functioning and Iron Fortress will not start.” Yomogawa Ayame said helplessly. ” So we have to stop and fetch water.”

“Is it?” Ikoma hesitated and said with some caution. “Do you need my help?”

After all, Ikoma is also a blacksmith and is best at doing this.

It’s just that, as Ikoma is now, others may not appreciate it even if he is willing to help.

So Yomogawa Ayame said. “Please don’t worry, your former colleagues are also on Iron Fortress. With them, the water tank should be repaired soon.”

Ikoma’s expression became a little complicated.

Presumably, because of Yomogawa Ayame, Ikoma remembered his colleagues who worked with him before?

“About a while later, Iron Fortress will stop,” Yomogawa Ayame said. “At that time, please try not to cause panic among the people.”

“I know.” Ikoma nodded.

As for Mumei, she has long been freed from Houri’s restrictions, turned her head in a sulky way, without saying a word.

Only Houri, murmuring softly, looking at the fading sky outside the window.

“Let’s get this over with…”

As night fell, Iron Fortress stopped, as Yomogawa Ayame said.

The doors were opened one after the other.

One by one, bushi and the people descended from the Iron Fortress and gathered on a rather hidden open space.

Immediately, under the direction of Yomogawa Ayame, some people started to fetch water, some began to repair the water tank, and the rest gathered in the open space and busily working.

What are they busy about?

The bushi circled around and guarding they busy people.

The people set up a bonfire in the middle, kneeled before the bonfire, and began to pray.

Houri, Mumei and Ikoma three people got off the train and saw the scene.

Seeing the people praying around the campfire, Mumei blinked and asked. “What are they doing?”

Ikoma goes silent.

Houri glanced in the direction of the campfire and said softly. “A funeral for the dead.”

Mumei stopped talking.

Looking at the burning bonfire, and watching the people kneeling before the bonfire, Mumei and Ikoma were both silents.

“Uhh… huhu…”

It didn’t take long for the crying to start rolling in the crowd before the campfire.

Aragane station people finally could not bear the sadness in their hearts, and began to cry one after another.

Sadness permeates the air.

That comes from the thoughts of the dead.

Faced with such a scene, even those bushi showed empathetic expressions, and none of them could speak.

Even Ikoma’s mood became a bit depressed.

Mumei looked at it quietly. There was no expression on the surface, but her heart was actually a bit complicated.

No one will be indifferent facing this scene, right?

Just when such an idea came to mind, Mumei suddenly noticed something.

Houri standing next to herself, staring at the scene filled with sadness and grief, without looking at anyone.

What kind of look is that?


Extraordinary calm.

Calm to the point of being scary.

That look is almost like numbness to the death that it can be called heartless.

This makes Mumei, who had just thought no one would be indifferent to the current scene, slightly dazed.

Immediately, Mumei couldn’t help asked Houri. “Don’t you feel sad?”

Hearing this, Houri turned his head and looked at Mumei, a pair of dark eyes carrying a depressing calmness.

Houri said a second later.

“I would have become a normal person if I can feel sadness.”

Leaving this sentence, Houri left behind the stunned Mumei and walked towards the crowd ahead.

The appearance of Houri naturally caused a commotion among the people around.

However, Houri turned a blind eye and walked to a pregnant woman who was praying quietly with devoted expression in front of the campfire.

When Houri passed the pregnant woman, his lips moved slightly, seemed to say something.

The pregnant woman opened her eyes immediately.

Unfortunately, Houri has passed the crowd and walked deep into the forest ahead.

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