Illimitable Until Death v1c41

In the silent forest, darkness devoured everything, without the slightest light source, nor the slightest sound of birds and beasts.

When human was in danger, they forged the steel city wall and trapped themselves in the station. The birds and beasts on the outside land did not have such ability.

In other words, on this land, almost all birds and beasts have become food for Kabane. Even if it cannot be called extinct, it is difficult to see outside the station.

However, even without dangerous birds and beasts, this forest is not a safe place.

After all, Kabane that likely to pounce on humans anytime, anywhere, is more terrible than birds and beasts.

Under such circumstances, no one would reasonably be willing to walk alone in such a forest.

But now, one person appeared in the forest.

It was a pregnant woman.

Judging from her big belly, she might have been pregnant for a long time and it will not be long for her to give birth?

Unfortunately, Aragane station had fallen.

As a result, the pregnant woman can only live with her baby in Iron Fortress and follow the flow.

Of course, this is not the most serious issue.

Anyway, there is hope as long as one is alive.

What’s more, there are many bushis in Iron Fortress, led by the eldest daughter of the Yomogawa clan. The future is not so bleak.

At least for the rest of the people in Iron Fortress.

As for pregnant women, she has to face more realistic issues.

Not about surviving.

“For the child in the belly…”

Pregnant women hold her belly as if she were holding the baby in her arms.

The pregnant woman then continued to walk forward.

The dark environment made the pregnant woman’s heart trembles, raising fears that originate from instinct.

Humans have always feared the existence of darkness.

Otherwise, humans would not invent the lights and expel the darkness.

Coupled with the uncertain environment when a human-eating monster will appear anytime, there’s no way the pregnant woman wasn’t afraid.

But even so, pregnant women have to proceed onward.

“For the child in the belly…”

Saying this, the pregnant woman thought about what just happen when she prayed before the campfire.

The pregnant woman clearly remembered that the man said something to her when he passed by her.

“Come to me if you really want to give birth to the baby in your belly.”

The man then walked into the forest.

Frankly, the pregnant women who were clear of her condition know that men’s words are not trustworthy.

It wasn’t just about how suspicious it was, but also how it can be done.

But pregnant women still have hope.

Because, besides this, pregnant women don’t know what method to save herself and save her children.

“Must find him…”

With such a hope, the pregnant woman began to look around.

The pregnant women naturally didn’t find it.

A figure stood behind her.

The pregnant woman will definitely be scared if she turns around now.

Not because of the presence of the figure.

But because, in the eyes of the other party, a pair of eyes with ice-blue iris are flickering, becoming the only light source in the darkness.

And this person with a pair of ice blue mystic eyes was looking at the pregnant woman.


To be more precise, it was something more deeper in the pregnant woman’s body.

The pair of mystic eyes that can look directly at death is now staring at the ‘Death’ that does not belong to the body of the pregnant woman.


So he can stare at the thing more clearly.

“Lock on the target…”

That way, what is hidden inside the human body can’t hide.

“There is only one thing to do…”

He’s holding the weapon in his hand just for this.

So Houri can…

“Kill ‘you’!”

Thus, staring at the back of the pregnant woman walking in the forest, the Killer within the darkness moved.

A moment later, the dagger flashing cold light fell into the back of the pregnant woman.

Not far from Iron Fortress, Yomogawa Ayame is discussing the future with Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito.

“The food and water stored in Iron Fortress won’t last long,” Konochi Kurusu told Yomogawa Ayame. “Ayame-sama, should we decide where the final destination of Iron Fortress is?”

“In fact, I have decided on this matter.” Yomogawa Ayame tightened her face, said. “The final destination of Iron Fortress is Kongoukaku.”

“Kongoukaku?” Konochi Kurusu was a little surprised.

“Isn’t it the base camp of the shogunate?” Araka Kibito said even more directly. “The general who ruled the shogunate lived there, which is also the center of this country, and even the front line against Kabane. Would they accept us if we will go directly there?”

“Yes,” Yomogawa Ayame whispered, holding her hand in front of her. “My uncle is in Kongoukaku and is currently working as elder.”

Hearing this, both Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito’s eyes light up.

The supreme leader of the shogunate is naturally the general.

Under the general, the great elder is in charge of assisting the general and responsible for all affairs of the Shogunate.

This position is an important official position that can only be held by one person at a time.

If the shogunate is compared to a dynasty, and the general is the emperor of this dynasty, then the great elder is equivalent to the prime minister around the emperor.

When the great elder is not set, all affairs of the shogunate will be under the jurisdiction of elder.

In other words, in the absence of a great elder, in the shogunate, the post next to the general is elder.

“If Ayame-sama’s uncle really works as an elder in Kongoukaku, then with Ayame-sama, Kongoukaku will definitely accept us,” Konochi Kurusu with deep tone said. “That being the case, going to Kongoukaku is indeed the best option.”

“Yes.” Araka Kibito also nodded.

While three people were talking, a person slowly walked towards their side.

“Hmm?” Yomogawa Ayame first noticed the person and was surprised.


Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito’s expression solidified at the same time.

But all three people saw it.

A sleeping pregnant woman was lying in Houri’s arms who came to their way.

Yomogawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu, and Araka Kibito three people were all stunned.

Seeing this, Houri spoke directly.

“Relax, she’s just frightened.”

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