Illimitable Until Death v1c42

Watching Houri hand over the pregnant woman, Yomogawa Ayame subconsciously held the pregnant woman into her arms.

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito looked at the pregnant woman in a coma, frowned, and looked at Houri with suspicion.

Not surprising as Houri’s position was originally not particularly good, and now he came with an Aragane station resident who fainted for some reason. Anyone would doubt whether Houri did anything.

If there were the bushis and the residents are here, then this would have become a big commotion.

Perhaps because of knowing this, Houri avoided the others and brought the pregnant women to Yomogawa Ayame’s group.

Then, Houri left with a sentence.

“When she wakes up, tell her that she can give birth to the baby in her belly without worrying about anything.”

Leaving this sentence, Houri did not give the Yomogawa Ayame’s group time to react, he turned immediately and re-entered the forest.

Yomogawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito looked at each other, for a long time they didn’t know how to react to this situation.

On the other side, Houri had just walked into the forest and stopped immediately.

Because a figure appeared silently in front of Houri, opening a pair of amber eyes, staring straight at Houri, without looking away.

Houri’s brow raised from this said. “You see them all?”

Without answering Houri’s question, Mumei asked back. “That person is Kabane I felt on Iron Fortress, right?”

“What?” Houri blinked and looked baffled. “How could that person be Kabane?”

“Don’t try to lie to me.” Mumei stepped in front of Houri and put her lovely face directly in front of Houri, her amber eyes staring at Houri, as if trying to see through his heart, said. “The pregnant woman must have been bitten by Kabane and was in process of becoming Kabane. This is why I will feel Kabane’s breath on Iron Fortress in one moment, and then not feel it in one moment.”

“Is it?” Houri smiled wryly as it doesn’t seem he can hide it, shrugged. “However, you don’t have to worry now, that person will not become Kabane.”

It was bitten by Kabane, but it did not become Kabane.

If this was heard by others, it will definitely be refuted, refuted until he can say anything back.

Those who were bitten by Kabane, even if they survived, would gradually become Kabane after the incubation period.

This is already common sense in this world.

You are perfectly safe if you don’t get bitten by Kabane.

Even if it was Ikoma, he could only prevent the virus from invading his own head. But he was still transformed into Kabaneri, which is definitely not fine.

So, nowadays, no one can avoid being bitten by Kabane and staying safe.

This is a recognized fact.

So after saying this, Houri is still thinking about how to explain to Mumei.

But unexpectedly, Mumei did not ask further. But after a silence, she suddenly asked him.

“Related to what you do in the forest?”

Houri was speechless.

Looking at Mumei’s pair of amber eyes, Houri’s eyes flickered, but he smiled helplessly and said. “You see them all?”

Mumei didn’t answer, it was a tacit recognition.

That is, Mumei has been behind Houri since the beginning.

Naturally, Mumei must have seen it.

Seen Houri in the forest stabbing the pregnant woman from behind.

“Although I don’t know how you did it, your attack can penetrate even Kabane’s heart membrane, so I thought that person was dead when I saw you stab that person. Who knows that she’s just unconscious, and she won’t become Kabane again according to you.”

Mumei’s look at Houri was no longer the same as before, only pure curiosity.

Now, Mumei’s eyes turned to Houri’s eyes, leaving only deep questions and doubts.

“What the hell did you do?”

This is a matter of course.

Whoever knows all this will have such a question.

In this regard, Houri just smiled a little and said. “Nothing much, I just killed the Kabane virus in her body.”

“Kill the Kabane virus in her body?” Mumei is stunned completely.

However, Houri is not kidding.

This is a fact.

While in the forest, Houri wanted to kill not the pregnant woman, but the Kabane virus in the pregnant woman.

In the ‘Kara no Kyoukai’, Ryougi Shiki who has Death perception mystic eyes has done it before.

Through Death perception mystic eyes, which an ability that can see the ‘Death’ of all things, Ryougi Shiki once killed a person’s disease and made this seriously ill person survive.

Today, Houri does just that.

“No matter what kind of thing, as long as there is a period of end, there will be death.”
Houri spoke to Mumei who was completely in confusion, the famous phrase of Ryougi Shiki who has Death perception mystic eyes.

“So as long as it is alive, even God can be killed.”

The arrogant speech made Mumei’s eyes changed again at Houri.

Become unbelievable.

Mumei who doesn’t know the secret of Houri’s mystic eyes doesn’t know where exactly Houri’s confidence in saying this.

However, one thing Mumei understood.

“That said…” Mumei said hesitantly. “Did you save that pregnant woman?”

“Strange?” Houri shrugged, like whispering to himself. “Indeed, I’m indifferent to ‘Death’ and it might be really strange for me to save a dying person.”

If it ends in death, Houri has no sympathy at all.

“But trying to save people doesn’t mean one has to be compassionate.”

Houri raised his eyesight and stared at Mumei, he then reached out his hand and put a finger against Mumei’s lips, and slowly said.

“Just like you and Ikoma, saving you guys is just to return the favor.”

“And that pregnant woman, even if the final outcome is ‘Death’, that does not mean that she has no value in ‘Life’.”

“I can remain indifferent to ‘Death’, but I can still feel something from the existence of ‘Life’.”

Houri turned around, leaving the stunned Mumei, out of the forest alone.

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