Illimitable Until Death v1c43

The conversation between Houri and Mumei is naturally unknown to anyone.

After that, Houri bid farewell to Mumei came to Iron Fortress and went directly to the last section of the compartment.

“Ha… Ha…”

Upon entering the compartment, Houri heard a deep gasp sounds.

The gasp sounded painful and uncomfortable.

However, Houri did not feel surprised at all and went directly into the compartment.

There is no firelight in the compartment, only bottomless darkness.

A heart is glowing in the dark corner, but it looks like a light bulb that is about to end and looks very unstable.

While the owner of the heart crouching there, panting.

Looking at this scene, Houri sighed, softly said.

“You’re at the limit, Ikoma.”

Houri’s words make Ikoma who crouching in the corner stop shaking, slowly raising his head.

What appeared on Ikoma’s face was a ferocious ash face.

His appearance looked like Kabane.

“Yesterday just turned into Kabaneri, but today not even drink a drop of blood. You must be uncomfortable right now?”

Houri was casual as always like he didn’t care about Ikoma’s changes at all.

“I don’t know exactly what you are insisting on, it just sucking blood, you will not become a monster if you suck blood, although you are not really human.”

Under Houri’s chilling remarks, Ikoma looked like a corpse stood up staggeringly.

His breathing became heavier.

His eyes became more and more ferocious.

So Ikoma started to walk towards Houri, but it didn’t look like he want to get close to Houri.

Presumably, anyone would be scared of seeing a person with physical characteristics like Kabane getting closer towards them?

However, Houri suddenly started talking to himself.

“I’m leaving soon.”

Houri’s mission in this world has been completed.

The reason why he stays here is just to return Mumei and Ikoma’s favor, to ensure their safety.

Now, the people inside Iron Fortress have not yet accepted two Kabaneri, but at least the tension has been eased.

In addition, Mumei has also woke up. Even if the people in Iron Fortress looking for trouble, they would regret it, he doesn’t need to stay any longer.

“Even though our debt has been paid, you saved my life after all.”

Houri looked up and looked at Ikoma.

“So, I’ll give you a little after-sales service.”

Houri shook his hand, and the dagger flashing cold light immediately fell into his hand.


At the same time, Ikoma issued a roar that was almost no different from Kabane, and suddenly throw himself toward Houri.

In this regard, Houri just watched quietly.

Houri didn’t say anything until Ikoma jumped in front of him.

“Your movements are easy to read, idiot.”

The next second, Ikoma missed his target.

Houri flashed to Ikoma’s side and closed his eyes.

When he opened it again, the ice blue mystic eyes had already appeared.


With a cold light, the sharp dagger stabbed Ikoma’s glowing heart.

About ten minutes later, Houri entered the forest again.

Moreover, this time he goes further and deeper, just like never going back, walked deep into the forest.



Before long, sounds like wailing and screaming faintly passed into Houri’s ears.

Hearing these sounds, Houri slowed down and began to hide among the grass and look ahead.

There, figures with glowing hearts walking in an unsteady manner.

That is naturally Kabane.

“Sure enough, these monsters are everywhere…”

His mouth saying this, but Houri’s expression was obviously very delightful.

“If they keep moving on, it’s just a matter of time for them to find the people at Iron Fortress?”

The sharp dagger was once again held by Houri.

Ice blue mystic eyes begin to appear.

“Although there are a lot of them, the terrain here is good for me after all. Let me be an assassin again.”

So Houri started to hide.

“Let’s fight…”

Mumei came out of the forest just as Houri left Iron Fortress and entered the forest.

At this point, Mumei was muttering as she walked towards Iron Fortress.

“It’s incredible, Kabane’s breath is really gone…”

After that, Mumei went to the pregnant woman to check it herself. After examining it for a while, she finally confirmed that the pregnant woman would not be transformed into Kabane again.

“She obviously got bitten. How did he do it?”

She couldn’t figure it out, so Mumei returned to Iron Fortress.

Before Iron Fortress, however, Mumei saw an extremely surprising scene.

“Look! Look!”

Within the crowd, Ikoma’s upper body was bare, as if reborn, he shouted excitedly at the people around him.

“I’m not Kabaneri anymore! I’m back to human!”

If one looks closely, Ikoma’s body has completely changed.

His skin is no longer pale gray like before.

The vein-like lines in his body has completely disappeared and became more alive.

Most importantly, Ikoma’s chest also returned to normal, and the Kabane’s glowing heart can no longer be seen.

“I’m back to human! Back to a human!”

Ikoma’s voice was all over the clearing.

And in his surrounding, Aragane station’s bushi and residents are all stunned. Even Yomogawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu, and Araka Kibito showed an inconceivable look.

“This… how did he suddenly change back to normal?”

“Change from Kabaneri back to human?”

“No way! How can that be possible?!”

“If you could change back to human so easily, Kabane would not exist anymore!”

The surrounding bushis and residents apparently did not believe Ikoma at all.

Only Mumei, watching this scene blankly. After a while, she suddenly rushed toward Ikoma.

Ikoma was startled.

However, Mumei had grabbed his neck and stared at Ikoma.

Immediately, Mumei ignoring the surrounding reactions, inquire.

“Did that guy do it?”

“That guy?” Ikoma was stunned.

But Mumei can already confirm it without Ikoma’s answer.

Now, Mumei’s expression became complicated.

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