Illimitable Until Death v1c44

Mumei is very sensitive to Kabane’s breath.

Even human who has not been transformed into Kabane, as long as the virus is injected into the body, Mumei can feel a little breath even during the transformation process.

Mumei perceives it immediately after Ikoma became Kabaneri.

This shows how sensitive Mumei is to Kabane’s breath.

Maybe this is the ability that can only be trained after becoming Kabaneri?

On the current Ikoma, Mumei couldn’t feel the breath of Kabane.

Well, no matter what other people think, Mumei believes.

Ikoma indeed changed back to human.

Of the people who can do this, only one person Mumei knows can do it.

“Only that guy can do it…”

After all, that guy did it just a while ago.

Therefore, Mumei has reason to believe that the Kabane virus in Ikoma was also removed by Houri.


To be more precise, it has been killed.

By killing the Kabane part of Ikoma’s body, Houri turned Ikoma back to human.

“It’s not just in the process transformed by Kabane virus, even after being transformed by the Kabane virus can be killed?”

In fact, strictly speaking, the transformation is not complete until it is completely transformed to Kabane.

The existence of Kabaneri between humans and Kabane can only be regarded as half transformed, and it is almost no different from the pregnant woman who was bitten by Kabane before.

Therefore, Houri can make Ikoma human again by killing only half of the viruses that have been transformed.

Houri can’t do anything if he has transformed completely into Kabane.

Because he has no human part if he’s already a full Kabane.

If it is Kabaneri that still owns the human part, then the part that was Kabane was killed by Houri. With the only remaining part is the human part, Kabaneri can be changed back to human.

And if the subject is a complete Kabane, Houri killed the ‘Kabane’ part, then it is impossible to bring it back to life and change back to human when this Kabane was killed.

What death perception mystic eyes can do is to direct the subject to death, not the ability to save.

However, in fact, Houri really saved two people by the power of death perception.

Thinking of this, Mumei’s mind suddenly came up with an idea.

“Since Ikoma can change back to human, then I can also…”

This idea just came from Mumei’s mind. Mumei was startled by her own idea and shook her head desperately.

“No! No! I can’t!”


She can’t.

It’s not that Mumei can’t change back to human.

Since Ikoma can change back to human by the only remaining human part, then Mumei which is also a Kabaneri with only half Kabane can naturally change back to human.

However, Mumei will lose important things once changed back to human.

Something important for Mumei.

“I can’t fight if I change back to human!”


That is the only function Mumei has been given since becoming Kabaneri, and it can also be regarded as the significance of Mumei’s existence.

If this significance is lost…

“Then I will be abandoned…”

Mumei’s heart began to develop fear.

That is the emotion that comes from being unwilling to be abandoned.

However, in contrast to this fear, a hopeful feeling began to arise in Mumei’s heart.

“Change back to human…”

It was a small hope that she had never thought of before.

However, this little hope was also wiped out by Mumei.

Mumei’s heart suddenly became extremely complicated. She then stomped her feet in anger.

“All blame that guy!”

That’s right.

Blame that guy.

Had it not because of him, she would not have been so agitated.

“Be sure to find him!”

With that in mind, Mumei stared at Ikoma.

“You… what do you want to do?” Ikoma said spinelessly with a trembling voice. “I… I’m telling you, I’m not Kabaneri now, I will be seriously injured if you hit me like before.”

“Answer my question honestly if you don’t want to be beaten,” Mumei said dissatisfied. “Where is that guy now?”

“That guy?” Ikoma didn’t understand at first and then hesitated a moment before asking tentatively. “Do you mean Houri?”

“Who else besides him?” Mumei said directly. “Hurry up and tell me where he is, I’m gonna find him!”

Hearing this, Ikoma opened his mouth but couldn’t even say a word.

Mumei frowned seeing him like this, eyes boring into Ikoma, said. “Are you trying to protect him?”

Ikoma didn’t answer and remained silent.

Mumei furrowed her brows even more from this, and even the onlookers questioned.

“Ikoma,” Yomogawa Ayame said with concern. “What happened to Houri-san?”

Yomogawa Ayame’s words make Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito looked at each other, and then looked at Ikoma.

Konochi Kurusu even questioned. “What the hell happened?”

Ikoma’s expression suddenly became awkward, seem not to know how to express himself.

This angered Mumei.

“Say something!” Mumei said angrily. “Did you do something to him?”

“I’m not!” Ikoma retorted instinctively, then said helplessly. “I don’t know what happened.”

“What?” Everyone was stupefied.

“I just remember that my body suddenly became very weak, and my throat was very dry, and then my consciousness became blurred.” Ikoma’s tone was uncertain, said. “After that, Houri seemed to come to see me in the compartment and said a few words to me. But my consciousness was vague and I didn’t hear it clearly. I found that I changed back to human when I woke up.”

“However, Houri told me something that I still remember.” Ikoma’s expression tightened.

“He said he’s leaving soon.”

“Leaving?” The Yomogawa Ayame’s group is completely surprised.

Mumei’s eyes widened slightly, and then she turned her head sharply and rushed into the forest at the fastest speed.

In the open space, the commotion gradually spread everywhere.

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