Illimitable Until Death v1c45

Houri didn’t know what happened to the Iron Fortress.

Because currently, Houri is running away.

Very cowardly running away.


Along with Kabane’s uniform roar, the dense crowds of monsters ran in the forest like galloping beasts chasing after Houri who desperately fleeing in front.

Houri turned around and looked at the dense army of Kabane behind him, wants to cry but no tears.

“What the hell is this!”

Houri was spouting off three minutes ago, preparing to hide in the forest and fight a lot of Kabane.

Each Kabane is equivalent to 100 CP. This is a novice treatment in the first Transcript world only for those that just entered the MainGod space and will be gone after it’s over. Houri naturally has to use his time wisely to earn more CP.

It’s a pity that it was a good idea, but it was somewhat whimsical.

In fact, novice treatment does exist, but it won’t just allow Houri to casually grind it.

It turned into tragedy for Houri not long after he became an assassin and used conventional methods to lure and kill Kabane.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

The system prompt was normal before Houri killed three Kabane.

However, when Houri kills three Kabane, the system prompt suddenly change.

“No.11273 received 30,000 CP. The earned rewards are more than ten times that of Maingod Envoy that has entered the MainGod space in the past. Therefore, it is judged that No.11273 is out of the novice period and the killing reward is canceled.”

When this system prompt echoed in Houri’s mind, Houri immediately widened his eyes, and the dagger about to go to the heart of a Kabane also stopped, completely stagnant.

“The killing reward is canceled?”

In other words, there will be no reward for killing Kabane?

“No way, right?”

While Houri froze in place, a group of Kabane finally found Houri, and with a roar flew in the direction of Houri.

So Houri fled in a hurry before he could accept this fact, resulting in the current difficult situation.

Therefore, Houri really wants to cry but no tears.

“It was too good to be true, after all?”

Houri’s words make people want to slap him in the face.

Because more than half of Houri’s gains now attributed to Mumei and others.

Although borrowing other power is also a kind of ability, but MainGod space is not a charity. The MainGod envoy will be provided with some convenience and rewards when they are still immature, but for it to keep looking after them is a pipe dream.

Houri is already very thankful for being able to get what he has now.

Want to grind it, let alone others, MainGod would not allow it.

“I wouldn’t have come if I know this would happen.”

Perhaps it heard Houri’s complaint, the system prompt of MainGod space sounded again.

And it brings a huge surprise for Houri this time.

“Given that the number 11273 has passed the novice period before completing the Transcript world, and has achieved outstanding achievements, it is especially given the title -Newbie Leader.”

Houri’s eyes widened again.


Houri quickly checked.

Newbie Leader (title)
STR: +10
VIT: +10
AGI: +10
INT: +10
(MainGod envoy can only wear one title, and the title will take effect after wearing.)

Houri suddenly felt like he was hit by a huge pie, and became a little dizzy.

+10 for all attributes?

What does this mean?

It means that once Houri wears this title, he will immediately get rid of his trash attributes.

One must know that even a well-trained human 20-year-old youth has an average attribute value of only 5 points, other than INT.

All the attributes are improved by 10 points, then Houri will instantly have a physical fitness higher than a trained human 20-year-old.

“Even Kurusu’s attribute can’t reach this level?”

In other words, once he wears this title, Houri’s attribute value completely surpasses Konochi Kurusu.

Houri wore the title without any hesitation.

The next second, the properties panel for Houri changes.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Title: Newbie Leader
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 11 (+10)
VIT: 11 (+10)
AGI: 16 (+10)
INT: 11 (+10)
(The value after the attribute bracket is the value added by additional factors such as equipment, skills, profession, title, etc. The attribute after subtracting this value is the attribute value of MainGod envoy itself.)

The change occurred almost immediately.

The moment when Houri wore the title, his figure suddenly turned into a vague dark shadow, like a bat traveling in the night, moving very fast.

Houri turned around and saw the army of Kabane that have been chasing him, kept pulling away from him.

Speed ​​is extremely fast!

At this moment, Houri felt more than just a lighter body, he felt full of strength.

“My current attributes shouldn’t be that much difference with Mumei, right?”

Of course, it’s just the attribute value.

Houri did not have Mumei’s abundance of fighting method developed from childhood.

However, even without the fighting method, Houri has other methods.

For example, the self-taught killing method.

The moving figure in the dark suddenly turned around, and with a swish sound, turned into a cheetah and rushed to the Kabane army behind.

Ice blue mystic eyes completely appeared.

The icy dagger gripped tightly in hand.

Like a beast showing fangs, with an unrivaled momentum, Houri plunged into the monster group that couldn’t react in time.


The blade light cuts through the night sky.


The blood splattered suddenly.

This time, Houri takes them head-on.

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