Illimitable Until Death v1c46

In the dark forest, in another corner, a petite figure leaped at a rapid speed.

With each leap, the petite figure will leap from the top of one tree to the top of another tree, and leap forward at a fast speed like a ninja.

While leaping forward at a rapid pace, the petite figure’s eyes have been scanning back and forth, seemingly eager to find something.

The owner of the figure is naturally Mumei.

“Where is it?”

Mumei’s expression was not anxious, but there was a little anxiety in her voice.

Presumably, Mumei really wanted to find Houri.


“Speaking of which, why do I want to find him?”

Mumei still had such a doubt in her heart.

After all, Houri wasn’t in a close term with Mumei. They are not acquaintances nor have a relationship with each other, they just met yesterday and aren’t that close.

Mumei should have no reason to come looking for such a person.

However, Mumei just wanted to find Houri for some reason.

“Why on earth?”

With such a question, Mumei continued to leap forward, almost instinctively continuing to search for Houri.


Just then, a roar like a beast can be heard faintly.

“That’s…” Mumei stopped for a moment.

“Kabane’s voice?”

In this age, Kabane is the only one who can make such a sound.

Not to mention, Mumei is very sensitive to Kabane’s breath, and easily noticed that a large number of Kabane gathered in one direction.

“Where is it?”

Right now, Mumei’s expression was surprised.

“Did that guy want to get himself killed?”

Although she doesn’t know how many Kabane there are in front of her, from all the roars and the overlap, Mumei can be sure that the number of Kabane gathered there was more than hundreds.

Even Mumei had to untie her ribbon to deal with this amount of Kabane, let alone Houri.

“He does this when in Aragane station, and he still do it when it’s here. He’s obviously so weak, why keep rushing to dangerous places?”

Mumei’s heart rose with inexplicable anger.

However, Mumei still followed the Kabane’s loud roars and leaped towards that direction.

Suddenly, Kabane’s loud roars became clearer.

Mumei’s nose twitched slightly, smelling a rather pungent smell.

“This is…”

Mumei is very familiar with this smell.

Rather, living in this era, even a small child may have to know this smell to live.

“The smell of blood…”

Moreover, it was a very pungent smell of blood.

“Did something happen?”

Mumei speeding up while thinking about this.

Mumei arrived at the scene about three minutes later.

In the forest ahead, a large number of Kabane, keep rushing towards a figure in the center just like wolves in hunting.

Besieged by such a large number of Kabane, even if it is bushi with a high ability like Konochi Kurusu, would not last long to completely become the food in Kabane’s mouth?

As far as Mumei knows, Houri’s strength is not higher than that of Konochi Kurusu, he will torn to pieces if he is really trapped under such encirclement.

However, Mumei stopped in her tracks from the scene before her, her tender and lovely face was filled with shock.


Within Kabane’s roar and onslaught, a dark shadow like a ghost shuttle through between the monsters. Wherever it passed, the weapon in his hand flashed with a cold light that brought the claws of death, keep slashing through the Kabane’s body.

Puchi –Puchi –Puchi-!

The sound of sharp tools tearing the flesh keep on sounding.

Many bloods splashed around.

Under the cut of that very ordinary dagger, the hard-skinned Kabane was like fragile tree bark, get divided into two in succession.

It was a very gory, horrific picture.

Broken limbs are scattered all over the earth.

Scarlet blood flew up in the sky.

The roars of Kabane that were known as undying monsters, gradually turned into screams, making the dark forest like hell, giving people an extremely creepy feeling.

Looking at the scene with her own eyes, Mumei’s eyes widened cutely.

She still remembers that just yesterday, Houri also needed the cover of Mumei and bushi to go back and forth in Kabane’s monster group to fish in troubled waters, and finally can kill hundreds of Kabane. But because of physical exhaustion, he almost can’t make it back alive.

Today, Houri is alone killing in the same group of monsters without any trouble and seems to be enjoying it.

In this case, how would Mumei not notice?

“Did he get stronger?”

Yesterday, at the Aragane station, Mumei witnessed Houri gain Killer’s skills, his attack speed and movement speed suddenly increased and became much stronger.

Now, Mumei saw it again.

Saw Houri becomes more powerful.

And, different from the last time.

If the last time Houri just got stronger, then now, Houri has a dramatic change.

At least, looking at Houri’s ghost-like speed, powerful lethality, and increasingly skilled killing methods, Mumei can be sure.

Now if she wants to beat Houri, she has to remove the reins and go all out.

“How could this be?”

Mumei was really puzzled.

However, there is one thing Mumei knows.

That is, this man is really not a simple wanderer.

“Who is he?”

This question went deep into Mumei’s heart.

So much that Mumei had forgotten to help, just staying on the treetop and watching Houri killing everything around, without knowing what kind of reaction to make.


Mumei suddenly noticed something.

There’s one that approached Houri quietly within that group of Kabane’s monsters.

Mumei trembles seeing that figure and shouted instinctively.

“Be careful!”

Houri’s figure suddenly stopped within that group of Kabane’s monsters.

The shadow rushed to Houri at this exact moment.

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