Illimitable Until Death v1c47


The sound of metal colliding with each other echoed in the forest.

The sharp dagger and the heavy steel sword collided heavily, grinding against each other, bursting out an intense spark.

At this moment, Houri only felt that a huge force was passed from the steel sword to the dagger in his hand, and the shock from the dagger to his own body, making his feet on the ground sink a little.

Houri can assert that if it weren’t for his title bonus, he would have been sent flying if he hadn’t been injured.


The dagger rubbed fiercely with the steel sword, shooting sparks everywhere.

Until then, Houri only saw the object holding the steel sword clearly.

It was a bushi.

A bushi who has been completely transformed into Kabane holds the huge steel sword with its heart glowing very conspicuously, with its body is somewhat deformed.


Kabane with bushi features stared at Houri. Its pair of eyes without pupils were filled with a violent and fierce light, it then roared at the nearby Houri.

Under that roar, even the surrounding Kabane felt as if they had met the king’s subordinates, and the successive onslaughts stopped.

Houri with his dagger in a reverse grip, resisting the opponent’s steel sword that was constantly slashing down on his head, the ice blue mystic eyes flashed looking at the bushi-like figure.

“A Wazatori?”

The so-called Wazatori refers to Kabane that has experienced repeated battles and learned to use weapons and various combat techniques.

This Kabane has acquired combat techniques so it can make full use of its weapons. Compared with Kabane that can only run rampant, they are much tougher to go against and can be regarded as a combat expert.

Kabane’s physical abilities are much better than others. Coupled with the combat technique comparable to combat experts, the strength can be imagined.

“Using such sneak attack with this level of fighting ability. Do you have the consciousness of being Kabane?”

While saying this, Houri suddenly uses his strength to lift the dagger in his hand.


The fierce spark burst again, making the crisp clash sound reverberate and spread around.

Kabane that was holding a steel sword, repelled and pulled back several steps before stopping.


Kabane with bushi figures issued a furious roar, but unlike the rest of Kabane that always tried to pounces like a beast towards Houri, it instead raised the steel sword in its hand and put on a stance.

It looks like a tempered warrior.

At the same time, the surrounding Kabane started to make their move, let out a howl toward Houri, ready to pounce.

“Did I get surrounded by enemies?”

Houri wanted to smile bitterly, but he can’t control his expression and showed an intense smile instead.

Seeing Houri’s behavior, a voice passed into his ear.

“I don’t know why you can still smile.”

Just as the voice dropped, a petite figure leaped from the top of a tree in the distance, scoring an arc in the air, turning several times, and falling lightly beside Houri.

“Are you stupid?” Mumei said, holding two red steam guns, standing side by side with Houri. “Why are you here provoking Kabane alone?”

“Looking for some fun.” Houri didn’t look at Mumei, and kept his eyes on the Wazatori, and said to himself. “It’s you, why are you here?”

“… Let’s talk about it later.” Mumei was silent for a while, then changed the topic, raised the steam gun in her hand, and looked directly at the Wazatori, said. “Let’s take down that Wazatori first.”

The ribbon around Mumei’s neck has been untied earlier.

In other words, Mumei is ready to fight.

In this regard, Houri can only express helplessness.

“Let’s talk about this later then.” Houri took a step forward, stood in front of Mumei, and confronted the Wazatori.

Then Houri said to Mumei behind him. “I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll bring down the Wazatori.”

“Will you be all right?” Mumei asked in surprise. “Aren’t you having a hard time dealing against an opponent with combat skills?”

After all, Houri is a complete layman in combat and only knows how to kill people.

The reason why Houri was able to win in the battle against Konochi Kurusu was because of the sharpness of Death perception mystic eyes.

Otherwise, without Death perception mystic eyes capturing the dead line, Houri wouldn’t be able to see through Konochi Kurusu’s sword techniques, nor will he be able to kill Konochi Kurusu’s weapon in the end and win.

The Wazatori would be much stronger than Konochi Kurusu, and would not be weaker.

For such an opponent with combat technique, Houri is really not very good at dealing with it.

“So this time, I will suppress it by attributes!”

With a 10 points increase in all attributes, Houri’s STR and VIT will not be weaker than Kabane.

And AGI that Houri specializes in has reached 16 points, which is much better than Kabane.

Coupled with the increase in attack speed and movement speed of Killer skills, Houri can completely suppress opponents by attributes.

So, Houri abruptly stepped on the ground and turned into a blurry shadow, rushed toward the Wazatori holding the steel sword.


The Wazatori let out a long howl, it swings down the steel sword in its hand like a violent gale towards Houri who rushed in front.

However, almost at the same time, Houri stopped his step and abruptly turned sideways.


The swing-down steel sword missed its target and strike the ground, smashed the ground into a small plot.

At this instant, Houri who dodged to the side at a very fast speed stomped the ground again, and the ghostly figure turned into a gale, rushing behind the Wazatori.

The Wazatori reacted immediately.

Unfortunately, Wazatori is slower than Houri.

As a result, when the Wazatori was ready to turn back to meet with the attack, a fang known as a dagger had been released in Houri’s hands.


The cold light cut through space, arousing a piercing cry.


A moment later, the lethal weapon penetrated the heart of the Wazatori and sink into the heart.

Victory ultimately belongs to Houri.

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