Illimitable Until Death v1c48

With a bang, the Kabane holding a steel sword slowly fell and fell heavily on the ground.

Houri held the dagger in reverse looked at the Wazatori lying in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

“Originally, this should be Kabane that even Kurusu can’t handle?”

However, such a Kabane cannot last one round in Houri’s hands.

The reason for this is that although Wazatori capable of using weapons and has a good combat capability, it didn’t have human ingenuity. Other than knowing the use of combat skills, they didn’t know how to use tactics.

However, the most important reason should be the improvement of Houri’s strength.

“Newbie Leader, this title really helps me.”

The fallen Wazatori is proof of this.

Mumei also confirms this.

“Fix it in an instant?” Mumei murmured.

“He really got a lot stronger.”

Although, in Mumei’s view, Houri’s flaw that is completely a layman in combat is too glaring. But with the support of strong physical capabilities, supplemented by Houri’s mystic eyes and killing methods, the threat is much greater than before.

Of course, Kabane never knows threats.


Seeing that Wazatori was killed by Houri, the surrounding Kabane was completely crazy.

Mumei then reacted and quickly raised her steam gun.

But before that, Mumei’s wrist was held in one hand.

“All right.” Houri holds Mumei’s hand and said to her. “Let’s go.”

“Go?” Mumei was stunned, spoke in surprise. “Not gonna fight?”

“No more,” Houri pursed her lips said. “There is no reward in fighting them anymore.”

“Reward?” Mumei was suddenly confused.

Is there any reward for killing Kabane?

Didn’t give time for Mumei to think, Houri said.

“Why are you just stand there? Let’s go!”

Having said that, Houri took Mumei and rushed straight to the weakest part of the encirclement.


With a uniform roar, Kabane rushed forward.

However, these Kabane were welcomed with dagger and bullet that slice through space.


Dagger tears the flesh.


The bullet penetrated the heart muscle.

Houri and Mumei thus broke out from the Kabane encirclement, like a swimming fish thrown into the sea, and in the chaotic roar of Kabane, rushed into the dark forest.

At this moment, Houri and Mumei’s speed is far faster than those of ordinary Kabane.

As a result, a large number of Kabane could only watch Houri and Mumei disappear in the darkness, leaving an unwilling roar that rang through the sky.

Night gradually began to become deep.

In the dark forest, two figures passed through trees at a fast speed, looking like a fleeting ghost, which was extremely scary.

The one who rushed ahead was Houri.

As if not afraid that Mumei would lose himself, Houri runs at the fastest speed, and very flexibly shuttle between trees, nothing like hikikomori who out of breath when taking the stairs a few days ago.

Mumei followed quietly behind Houri, looking at the back of Houri, her expression gradually changed.

Because Mumei found herself started to get left behind by Houri.

This only proves one problem.

“He’s faster than me?”

Mumei could hardly believe it.

Mumei has untied the ribbon in her neck, and she was using her full speed.

But even so, Mumei is gradually left behind by Houri.

“What’s going on?”

What kind of changes make Houri suddenly become so strong?

Clearly, Houri was not so strong half an hour ago.

Did Houri also become Kabaneri?

No, he wasn’t.

If Houri becomes Kabaneri, Mumei who is extremely sensitive to Kabane’s breath would detect it.

In other words, Houri was already strong in the human body.

Seeing that Houri’s speed is getting faster and faster, but she is gradually starting to fall behind, Mumei’s heart immediately emerged with dissatisfaction.

“I won’t lose to an ordinary human!”

Saying this, Mumei’s body suddenly accelerated, lifting all speed, and desperately chasing Houri.

Under these circumstances, the figures of Houri and Mumei became more and more blurred, and they almost passed through the forest in a blink of an eye and entered into another area.

Maintaining this speed, the two passed through a large forest.

The two only stopped after they came to a clearing.

Mumei raised her eyesight and looked at Houri, her eyes filled with inquiries.

Seeing this, Houri smiled and pointed to a cave ahead, saying. “Let’s take a rest there.”

“Rest?” Mumei stared at Houri’s face and said. “Aren’t you going back to Iron Fortress?”

“I have no reason to stay at Iron Fortress anymore. I will leave sooner or later.” Houri answered directly without much thought, but then sighed and said. “Even though, I don’t seem to have any reason to continue to wander outside.”

Houri was able to stay in this world with only two days left.

The reason to stay on Iron Fortress is gone.

Therefore, Houri originally wanted to use these two days to get more CP and return two days later fully loaded.

Unfortunately, the killing rewards suddenly get canceled by the space, making Houri’s wishful thinking completely dashed.

Now, even Houri doesn’t know what he should do next.

So Houri shook his head and turned to Mumei, asking. “What about you? Why did you suddenly appear here?”

“I…” Mumei opened her mouth, but couldn’t even say a whole sentence.


Why would she appear here?

Come here for this guy?

It seems so.

However, she doesn’t seem to have a reason to look for this guy.

So why did she suddenly rush out and come here?

Mumei was at a loss, whispered. “I-I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?” Houri’s brow raised.

Houri immediately said.

“You don’t know? Or do you not even realize it?”

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