Illimitable Until Death v1c49


Houri’s words made Mumei thoroughly stunned on the spot.

But at the same time, a little panic emerged in Mumei’s heart.

That’s the expression of someone being seen through.

Seeing Mumei like this, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly.

Immediately afterwards, Houri unveiled the deepest desire in Mumei’s heart.

“You want me to help you become human again?”

At this moment, Mumei’s heart trembled.


That’s why Mumei came to look for Houri.

Maybe even Mumei didn’t realize it?

Like Ikoma, this shoujo is also eager to change back to human.

So, after seeing Ikoma’s return to humans because of Houri, the deepest desire of a shoujo called Mumei came into being.

This desire didn’t disappear even after Mumei has suppressed them.

It prompted Mumei’s subconscious action to find Houri.

However, Mumei has been reluctant to admit this idea.

It is not that she didn’t want to admit it, but she cannot admit it.


This led to Mumei stepped away from Houri almost by reflex, staring closely at Houri.

“I can’t change back to human!”

This sentence wasn’t really directed toward Houri, but more like admonishing herself.

“My strength will definitely drop a lot if I change back to human, and I won’t be able to fight Kabane anymore!”

“I will be useless if I can’t fight Kabane!”

“I will be abandoned by then!”

Mumei’s voice echoed to the surrounding.

Only then did Mumei wake up.

She yelled at Houri without knowing it.

“That… um…” Mumei suddenly felt somewhat at a loss.

Houri, however, didn’t show any surprise. Looking at the overwhelmed Mumei, his eyes were full of thought.

Houri immediately said.

“Frankly, I know you are not willing to become Kabaneri.”

Houri words, let Mumei be stunned again, she shakes her head after she comes to her senses, and said. “No, I voluntarily became Kabaneri.”

Mumei knew it.

The reason why she became Kabaneri was not that she was suddenly bitten like Ikoma who uses some means to control Kabane’s virus to invade his head to save his own life, which forced him to become Kabaneri.

In fact, Mumei was never bitten by Kabane.

Therefore, Mumei is voluntary.

But Houri then said.

“Are you sure it was voluntary?” Houri grinned and said. “You only become Kabaneri according to the wishes of others and follow the expectations of others. It is not voluntary at all.”

Mumei’s fist clenched suddenly.

“You know nothing…” Mumei started at Houri and said in a low voice. “You obviously don’t know anything, don’t speak as if you know me well.”

“… I don’t know anything?” Houri met Mumei’s gaze and replied.

“How do you know that I don’t know anything? Maybe I know more than you?”

Leaving these words, Houri like ignoring Mumei, walked towards the cave in front.

Seeing this, Mumei’s cute face was full of struggles. After a while, as if she had given up, followed behind Houri, and walked towards the cave.

The cave that Houri and Mumei found seemed to be a mine.

Therefore, in the cave, there are not only railroad tracks used for transportation but also lights for lighting.

However, perhaps this mine has been abandoned because of Kabane, and all the appliances have been traced over the years. Only the lights can still continue to function.

So Houri lit the lights to fill the cave with a little light and warmth.

Houri and Mumei then found a place to sit down.

Perhaps because she was sulking, Mumei sat opposite to Houri and said nothing, like a child throwing a fit.

Looking at Mumei like this, Houri couldn’t help but smile a little, took out water and cookies from his leg bag, and asked Mumei. “Want some?”

“No,” Mumei answered without thinking, but immediately reacted again, stared at Houri. “You know that I’m Kabaneri who just needs to suck blood.”

“But it just a rhetorical question?” Houri opened the biscuit leisurely, drank the water, and said while eating. “Even knowing that the other party doesn’t need it, but you still asked them, this is called etiquette.”

“I don’t understand that kind of thing,” Mumei said dully. “I was only taught how to fight Kabane.”

“Is it?” Houri asked indifferently. “Did your parents teach you?”

Mumei was silent.

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly became depressing.

In this era of human-eating monsters, asking other people’s families and it turned into such atmosphere, even fool would know that the other’s family is long gone.

Houri is not a fool, he is familiar with the original work and knows Mumei’s family situation clearly. He should not touch on this taboo topic.

However, Houri seemed to be deliberate and continued to ask. “What’s wrong? Your parents didn’t teach you?”

“… Maybe they have, but I have forgotten it.” Mumei buried her head between her knees, so her expression couldn’t be seen. Only the voice was still ringing. “This is a long time ago.”

“Is that so?” Houri shrugged and said suddenly. “That is, you don’t have a family now?”

“No,” Mumei denied and resolutely replied. “I still have ani-sama.”

Mumei who answered this did not know.

When she mentioned this so-called ‘Ani-sama’, Houri’s eyes were not curious, but only ironic.

“Ani-sama.” Houri nibbling at the cookie said slowly. “Presumably, this is your biological brother?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not biological.” Mumei looked up slightly, looking at Houri with eyes full of energy. “Ani-sama is good to me, and that’s enough.”

“Good for you?” Houri couldn’t help laughing.

This time, even his expression was full of irony.

The irony meant that even Mumei, who have not many social skills, understood.

Under such circumstances, Mumei’s heart erupted into an unprecedented strong emotion.

“Why are you laughing?”

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