Illimitable Until Death v1c5

Today’s weather is very sunny. The sun shines on the cold steel wall. It gives people warmth, to makes them feel comfortable.

However, on the steel city wall, the bushi holding a steam gun tightened their face from the beginning to the end, without the slightest relaxation. Their eyes constantly looked at the city wall with a desperate feeling. Constantly inspecting every inch of the land below the wall.

That tension, even in the warm sun, was so obvious that it didn’t give them any comfort.

“It’s so uncomfortable…”

In a remote corner, the unarmed Houri stood in the sun and looked outside, with a kind of peace incompatible with the surroundings.

In terms of the quality of newcomers entering the space, Houri can be said to be the best one.

There are two reasons.

One: Psychological quality.
Two: Innate skill.

Houri is just an ordinary person in all aspects, but because of the inborn personality defect, he will not be afraid of death. Once he encounters a fight, he will definitely exert a much better psychological quality than others.

In addition, although Houri’s attributes are trash, he has Innate skill.

With this Innate skill alone, the value of Houri is definitely higher than the other newcomers in the space.

“So, let me act alone.”

Muttering to himself, Houri looked around.

On the vast Iron Fortress wall, one bushi holding steam guns has been on alert.

From the location of Houri, it can see that in the forest outside the Iron Fortress wall, shadows are looming.

The bushi have been staring at the looming shadows, with expressions filled with tension and anxiety.

So Houri also looked out into the forest in the distance.

“It seems that those shadows are Kabane.”

The land outside the station is basically occupied by Kabane.

Presumably, from time to time, those Kabane who are moving around will start to hit the wall and attack the Aragane station, right?

That’s what bushi are worried about.

However, Kabane wanted to attack the Aragane station had to climb over the walls.

In the case of holding a steam gun and occupying a high place, once Kabane climbed up the city wall, the bushis would immediately find them and shot them down.

This is their way to defend the station city.

Once Kabane climbed over the city wall, the station was basically finished.

“A guard without a steam gun like me is simply dispensable.”

How can they allow a stranger without a steam gun to do the important guard duty?

The reason why bushi arranged for Houri alone and did not give him weapons was just to use him as an eyeliner and did not expect Houri’s performance at all.

In other words, Houri’s job is indeed a dispensable task, just harassment of the bushis.

“That being the case…”

Houri glanced around and saw that none of the bushis focused on him. Found the opportunity, turned around and look over the shadow.

Immediately, Houri jumped into the forest below in a horrifying way.


In the vast forest, a thud sound suddenly sounded without any warning.

All one can see is a figure suddenly dropped from the mid-air at a rapid speed, fell on a very lush forest, crushed and broke numerous branches all the way, with a lot of leaves, and fell to the ground hard.


The severe pain all over his body made Houri suck a cold air.

Only after a while, Houri stood up with difficulty from the ground while covering his waist.

“I really admire myself for not dying from that.”

Most people would lose their temper at Houri if they heard his words.

Now that you know you’re going to die if you jump just like that. You are simply sick in the head.

Of course, Houri’s not sick in the head, otherwise he will not specifically pick a lush place like a tree to jump down, so as to reduce the impact and not die directly.

However, from the perspective that Houri does not take death seriously, that is also a kind of illness.

In any case, Houri did not fall to death, nor did he break his hands and feet, which fortunate indeed.


After the pain in his whole body was relieved a lot, Houri moved his body. With a calm expression that can make people feel frightened, pulled out the dagger from his waist, and exerted a little force to give his arm a cut wound.

Dark red blood immediately leaked from Houri’s wound and dripped to the ground.

After a while, the blood formed small pool blood, stained the ground in red.

Houri felt that it was enough. Then he took out the cloth strips from his arms, and in a way that would faint the doctor and nurse, rudely wounded the wound, tied it into a knot, and simply stopped the blood.

Immediately, Houri hid in the grass aside, staring like a wolf waiting for its prey.


A cold wind blowing past, brought up the leaves, and drifting into the distance.

Houri doesn’t move as if completely transformed into a statue, hiding in the bushes all the time, with his eyes staring at the area stained with a pool of blood.

Kabane reacts excessively to blood.

They will definitely be looking for it once they smell the blood.

So, what will happen next to the smell of blood in such a forest full of Kabane, still need to guess?

Rustle… Rustle…

With the sound of the leaves friction, in the forest ahead, a figure walking unsteadily.

Looking at that figure, Houri’s eyes widened instantly.

The existence that appears in his field of vision is worthy of the name -monster.

Dressed in tattered clothes.

The skin appears to be infected with a virus that makes the scalp tingle.

Hands hang down like having no power.

In the position of the chest cavity, a heart was glowing, and a tree-like vein stretched around it, covering its body like blood vessels.

That is…


Perhaps it heard Houri’s voice, the unsteadily walking Kabane’s slowly raised its head, revealing a face covered with ashes.

“Ah… aaaaarhh-!”

A beast-like cry rang out of Kabane’s throat, and instantly resound through the surrounding area.

That posture, that howl, is completely worthy of the name of a monster.

Undead monster -Kabane, incarnate by a dead person.

In this regard, Houri’s heart did not have the slightest fear.

Monsters have gathered too much around him, but it did not cause him any fear.



What a joke.

Is the thing in front of him dead?


Because it won’t move if it had die.

Are the things in front of him undying?

“Of course not.”

Because, there would not be so many lines in undying.

His eyes unconsciously turned into Mystic eyes with ice-blue rainbow light while staring at the roaring monster.

At this moment, Houri clearly saw it.

Seeing a spider web, densely lined in the monsters called Kabane.

Like graffiti, but also cracked lines.

That is…


Suddenly, Houri moved.


With the sound of the branches breaking away, Houri was rushing, nearly sprinting.


The man-eating monster finally noticed the movement, it suddenly turned its head and looked at Houri who was rushing towards itself. It issued an intimidating roar, and then pounce on him.

That pounce was faster than any beast.

That pounce is more dangerous than any attack.

Looking at the pouncing violent monster, Houri just clenched the dagger in his hand, and Death perception mystic eyes flashed with cold light.

On one side was a monster that opened its fangs and flung towards its prey.

On one side was human who clenched his weapon and rushed towards the monster.

Both sides have only one purpose.

-Bring death to the other party.

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