Illimitable Until Death v1c50

At this moment, Mumei’s feelings are more obvious than ever before.

The shoujo glared at Houri, and a real hostility appeared in her eyes for the first time.

That hostility, Houri knows where it comes from.

If someone laughed at his family, would he be like Mumei?

However, Mumei didn’t even know that the so-called ani-sama in her mouth was nothing but her own wishful recognition as the existence of her family.

This shoujo wasn’t as strong as her strength suggested.

In fact, Mumei is just a victim in this era.

People of this era have long been robbed of all hope by a monster called Kabane.

People had developed dread, fear and terror against Kabane so that people in this world had no sense of certainty about the future, and it can be said that they are living on their last legs.

Just look at the bushis at Aragane station.

Even these existences known as bushi are fearful of Kabane.

This can not simply be described as cowardice.

In an age of panic everywhere, order between human societies is of little use.

What about laws?

As long as it reveals that a trace of getting bitten by Kabane and become a Kabane, then someone else has a reason to kill you.

Like Mumei and Ikoma, even if they keep telling others that they are harmless, who will really believe it?

No one wants the people around them to suddenly pounce on themselves and suck up all the blood in their bodies, and takes their lives?

So, what is really scary is not Kabane, but the fear inside people.

Mumei is the victim of human fear.

While she’s still a human, the station where Mumei lives were like Aragane station was captured by Kabane and then fell.

At that time, Mumei was suspected of being bitten by Kabane and was shot by the bushis in the station. As a result, Mumei survived because of her mother’s protection.

However, Mumei’s mother died under bushi’s steam gun.

When Mumei was almost shot, the person who rescued this shoujo was the so-called ani-sama in Mumei’s mouth.

A rather influential, and very shrewd, powerful man.

He rescued Shoujo from the thugs.

He deprived shoujo’s original name and gave this shoujo a meaningless name -Mumei.

In order to achieve his purpose, he convened manpower, prepared forces, and even studied the ecology and characteristics of Kabane.

He asked Mumei to undergo surgery voluntarily, and injected Kabane’s virus into Mumei’s body, turning Mumei into Kabaneri.

Mumei will become Kabaneri, just the result of an experiment.

The so-called ani-sama in Mumei’s mouth let Mumei from small began to learn fighting skills, a training designed to fight Kabane.

It can be said that Mumei is the claw cultivated by ani-sama in her mouth.

The claws used to tear Kabane and fight Kabane.

That’s why Mumei is so obsessed with fighting Kabane.

That’s the significance of Mumei’s existence.

For a shoujo that almost dead, this is simply life-saving straw.

Therefore, Mumei respects this person and calls him ani-sama.

But Mumei didn’t know at all.

What kind of person is this so-called ani-sama.

“Are the so-called truths often the cruelest?”

Houri lifted his eyes and stared at Mumei, suddenly asked her.

“How old are you?”

This inexplicable question made Mumei almost unresponsive.

Why its reach this topic from a serious topic just now?

In this case, Mumei answered subconsciously.

“12 years old.”

“12 years old?” Houri’s brow raised, could not help looking at Mumei’s whole body.

She’s probably not more than 160 cm tall.

Her body type is also petite.

The childishness can still be seen on her face.

However, in terms of figure, Mumei is already comparable to a girl about 15-16 years old.

Suddenly, Houri was completely speechless.

“This figure is only 12 years old? How could an elementary school students on earth bear this blow?”

However, if she was this age, then it explains the innocence of Mumei and her unique personality besides fighting.

In simple terms, it is a mischievous kid.

As a matter of course…

“It would be too difficult to expect such a mischievous kid to see through the true face of an adult.” Houri sighed softly and said involuntarily.

“Maybe it’s for the better if you don’t know anything.”

“You…” Mumei was really angry.

Houri really left others in a cliffhanger.

So Mumei found a sharp weapon in her chest.

It was a weapon called kunai.

Mumei spun around while holding kunai, and skillfully throw the kunai in her hand.


The sharp weapon called kunai suddenly turned into an arrow. Under Mumei’s throw, it cut through the air, stirred up the sound of air splitting, shot toward Houri.

The speed of the projection is comparable to a bullet.

If he doesn’t have the title, he will definitely not be able to capture kunai’s trajectory with Houri’s neural response.

However, Houri successfully captured the kunai that thrown at him.

However, Houri did not avoid it, and remained in place, without any movement.


The sharp weapon cut across Houri’s side, nailed to the wall next to Houri’s head.

Obviously, Houri had long seen that the weapon was not really thrown at himself.

On the opposite side, Mumei kept her posture of throwing kunai while glaring at Houri. She then said after a short while.

“I hate you.”

Leaving this sentence, Mumei turned around, walked out of the cave, jump up high, hopped on the top of the tree in the distance, leaping forward like a civet cat, and gradually disappeared into Houri’s vision.

Seeing this, Houri smiled helplessly and pulled the kunai nailed beside his head, holding it in his hand.

Looking at this kunai that still has the shoujo’s body temperature, Houri talks to himself.

“Did I talk too much?”

After all, Mumei is just a victim.

A little silly, a little naive, but definitely not a bad person.

Of course, Mumei is not a bad person, but there are no good people around this shoujo.

For example, the so-called ani-sama.

“Amatori Biba…”

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