Illimitable Until Death v1c51

The next day, early in the morning.

When the sun again glimmering from the clouds, the forest shrouded in darkness finally restored its greenness.

However, even in such a situation, the forest is still dead, with only a few beast-like roars reverberating, telling people that this forest still has man-eating monsters that make people dare not approach.

In the cave on the edge of the forest, Houri slowly walked out of it.

“So dazzling…”

The sunlight from the sky makes Houri squint his eyes for a moment, raised his hands as a shield, and took a deep breath of fresh air.

“So what should I do next?”

Space stipulation of a three-day stay has passed more than one day.

With less than two days left, Houri will return to the MainGod space fully loaded.

“The problem is that I don’t know how to pass the time now.”

Space kill rewards have been canceled.

In other words, Houri also has no reason to fight Kabane.

For this reason, Houri has nothing to do.

“Everyone in MainGod space always feels themselves in danger. In this infinite world, almost every MainGod envoy spends in tension and killing. But I’m so relaxed now, is it really okay?”

That being said, but Houri has also experienced killing and danger many times before. It’s really rare to find himself had nothing to do.

Unfortunately, after so many battles and dangers, Houri could not rest anymore.

“Is this a change?”

When on Earth, Houri was looking forward to idle all day, and play nothing but games, he already satisfied with his life.

Now, in his current environment, Houri can’t continue living like that.

“I can’t go back anymore…” Houri sighed slightly.

Immediately after, Houri took something out of his chest.

It’s Mumei kunai.

Houri muttered while looking at the cold kunai in his hand.

“They should have gone by now?”

At least, the people at Iron Fortress would gladly leave behind Houri this anomaly, and wouldn’t wait for Houri with the risk of being attacked by Kabane.

What’s more, people may still be in an argument about Ikoma’s sudden change back to human.

Of course, that has nothing to do with Houri.

Houri just fulfilled Ikoma’s wish, just returning a favor.

As for how Ikoma should gain the trust of others after changing back to human, and what direction he should go in the future, it’s not something that Houri needs to consider.

What’s more, Houri just owed Ikoma’s favor, not Ikoma’s nanny, not even friends.

However, Houri is somewhat apologetic to Mumei.

“She came to me on purpose, but I made her leave in anger. It’s like I am bullying a little girl?”

With that in mind, Houri finally made a decision.

“Let’s go back and see if they have gone already.”

After speaking, Houri looked around, and after finding the direction, he was like wind and rushed into the forest again.

Although he has direction, Houri really didn’t think that the people on Iron Fortress would stay and wait for him to return.

Not to mention waiting for him. When Mumei left last night, the Iron Fortress people should have left quickly and left Mumei behind. Don’t want to let her stay on Hayajiro?

Therefore, Houri didn’t have much hope for this trip.

However, when Houri returned to the open space where the train parked last night, he was surprised at the scene in front of him.

The train made entirely of steel remained on the track, it looks glaring with the reflection of the sunlight.

In front of Hayajiro, in the open space where the bonfire had gone out, the people on Iron Fortress were still gathered, some were chatting and some were eating breakfast, which seemed a little lively.

Not only that, the faces of everyone at Iron Fortress were filled with smiles and excitement as if they had encountered something good.

That way, there was no more anxiety and nervousness yesterday.

Houri is really stunned.

As a result, not only did the people on Iron Fortress really stay, but the change was so great?

“What’s going on?”

Just as Houri was puzzled, he suddenly noticed.

Behind Iron Fortress, another Hayajiro was parked above the railroad tracks.

It was a Hayajiro of a distinct type from Iron Fortress.

Iron Fortress is biased in transportation and escape in terms of function, so almost only the defense is superior to its mobility, while the rest didn’t stand out as much.

However, this Hayajiro has sharp angles all over the body, and its color is dark red, which obviously strengthens its aggressiveness.

If Iron Fortress is a fortress, then this Hayajiro is a stronghold.

Offensive and defensive fortress.

Houri wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a large number of weapons inside.

Houri was surprised seeing this Hayajiro.

“Why are there other Hayajiro here?”

This scene never appeared in the original work.

“Is this a butterfly effect?”


The problem is not just that.

“Why it feels like I have seen this Hayajiro before?”

Just when Houri wrinkled his brows, the people on Iron Fortress finally found Houri’s return.

At the moment, the laughter echoing over the open space suddenly weakened.

However, Houri was keenly discovered.

Even if the atmosphere changed, the people on Iron Fortress didn’t look at him with the same anxiety and nervousness as before.

Even the bushis who were on alert looked at Houri faintly with a little sneer.

“Still coming back after all?”

“Going to leave he said, it’s nothing but an act.”

“Isn’t that taken for granted?”

“If he really stays alone, he will become the food in Kabane’s mouth sooner or later. Who would do this stupid thing?”


This time, the bushis never showed hostility to Houri.

Because, as if they were all fearless at once, it seemed that they were no longer worried about the threat of Houri.

Then one of the bushi said.

“He can’t do much with Liberators here.”

The surrounding bushis nodded one after another, loudly echoed.

Little did they know, the bushis made Houri’s eyes solidified.


Houri finally knew the origin of that Hayajiro.

Even its owner.

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