Illimitable Until Death v1c52


As Houri gazed at the dark red Hayajiro, a voice suddenly sounded.

Houri looked around for the voice owner and just saw Yomogawa Ayame stepping out of the crowd, looking at Houri with a surprised expression, and smiling from the heart.

“Great, you are back.”

Apparently, after Ikoma told everyone last night that Houri had left, Yomogawa Ayame had been worried until now.

The eldest daughter of Yomogawa clan is still so kind.

Only Konochi Kurusu, who was staying by Yomogawa Ayame side, looked at Houri with dipleasure and said directly. “Didn’t you already leave? Why are you back again?”

This bushi with strong self-esteem is still the same as before. Like he was holding a grudge against everyone, very unwelcoming.

However, Houri wasn’t in the mood to have a banter with Konochi Kurusu now.

“Miss Ayame.” Houri pointed to the dark red Hayajiro and asked Yomogawa Ayame. “Why is there a Hayajiro here?”

Yomogawa Ayame also reacted after hearing his question.

“Right.” Yomogawa Ayame clapped her hands and said. “Houri-san doesn’t know about it yet.”

It seems that something unexpected happened when Houri left.

“Don’t you know?” Konochi Kurusu glanced at Houri and said. “That’s Hunter’s Hayajiro.”

Konochi Kurusu’s words silenced Houri.

However, while in silence, Houri had confirmed his own guesses.


That was an independent force organized to face Kabane.

All the people in this unit are first-class combatants. They have been active at the forefront battling against Kabane, and have established many records, which everyone knows.

It is said that all Kabane will be swept away wherever Hunter goes, bringing a lot of hope to people in this era.

At least, this is the case in this country.

So people call Hunter’s people Liberators.

Houri, though less than a few days into this world, is familiar with the existence of Hunter.

The reason is simple.

Hunter leader is the son of the general who ruled the Shogunate.

His name is –Amatori Biba.

It was the ani-sama that Mumei had mentioned.

In other words, Mumei is also a member of Hunter.

Why did Hunter’s Hayajiro appear here?

Houri didn’t ask this question.

Because Houri has more concerns than this.

“Miss Ayame.” Houri looked directly at Yomogawa Ayame and asked with a serious expression. “What about Mumei?”

“Mumei?” Yomogawa Ayame was slightly stunned, did not expect that Houri would suddenly ask her this question.

It was Konochi Kurusu, who answered Houri’s question.

“When Hunter’s Hayajiro appeared, that Kabaneri just comes back and meet coincidently.” Konochi Kurusu looked at Houri, his expression became even worse, and he said. “Did you already know that Kabaneri was actually a member of Hunter?”

Konochi Kurusu’s words make Houri smile bitterly, said. “Everyone should have known about Liberator, I’m rather surprised that you guys don’t know that Mumei is a member of Hunter.”

Konochi Kurusu is suddenly speechless.

But this is a no-brainer.

No one expected that there actually a non-human member in the famous Hunter.

“By the way, you haven’t answered my question yet.” Houri continued to ask. “Where the hell is Mumei?”

They didn’t have time to answer Houri’s question.

Because the people gathered in the open space suddenly cheered.

“The Liberators are back!”

These words thoroughly stirred the entire open space.

At this moment, everyone stood up and looked at the forest ahead, cheering one after another.

“They are back?” Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu both raised their heads and looked in the direction of the forest. Although not as enthusiastic as the people around them, it still attracted their attention.

Only Houri, standing still, his eyes flashed with an inexplicable light, before slowly turned around, looking at where the people cheering.

Then Houri saw it.

In the depths of the forest, a group of bushi came out of it in an orderly manner, slowly approaching here.

These bushis are almost all fully armed and with a firm face and a straight posture. It can be seen at a glance that they have experienced many battles, unlike any other bushi.

They are Hunter.

Active at the forefront battling against Kabane, known as Liberator, warriors who have been praised and cheered.

At the forefront of Hunter’s troops, there were actually two people.

One is Mumei.

As for the other person, Houri’s sight was cast at him almost immediately.

It was a young man wearing dark armor and a red half-length cloak, a long sword on his waist, and a long sakura hair, a very handsome young man.

Looking at the handsome young man who led the armed forces, the crowd cheered even louder.


“Welcome back!”

“Thanks for your hard work!”

That was no doubt a good-willed cheer.

Unlike the supercilious look and the dislike Houri have suffered from Aragane station’s bushi from the beginning, Amatori Biba received the cheers and applause of everyone, just like a real hero.

In the eyes of others, Amatori Biba is indeed a hero.

The son of the general who ruled the shogunate.

Hunter’s leader.

The leader of Liberator.

Highly skilled warrior.

Too many titles are concentrated on this person, making this person instantly the focus of everyone, with his influences getting stronger.

“Didn’t expect to meet them in such a place…”

Houri didn’t really saw this coming.

As a result, Houri frowned more deeply.

At this time, within the Hunter, Mumei also noticed Houri’s existence.

Looking at Houri standing in the crowd, Mumei frowned, and then snorted and turned away.

This shoujo is obviously still angry with Houri.

It’s just that Mumei’s behavior was seen by Amatori Biba.

As a result, Amatori Biba followed Mumei’s eyes.

On one side was a wanderer hidden deep in the crowd.

On one side is a hero enjoying everyone cheers.

The two finally meet at this moment.

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