Illimitable Until Death v1c53

As Hunter approached, the cheers of the people around gradually began to weaken.

Because on Hunter’s people, a very strong smell of blood began to permeate.

Everyone’s voice weakened involuntarily from smelling that pungent smell of blood.

Only now everyone found that Hunter’s people carried more or less blood on their bodies.

It wasn’t the blood of Hunter’s people, it was the blood of Kabane.

Among the crowd, Houri suddenly realized something.

“No wonder I haven’t seen any in my way here. It seems that after meeting with Mumei, these people went directly into the forest and hunted Kabane, so the people on Iron Fortress can stay with peace of mind.”

Instead of risking being attacked by Kabane halfway, it would be safer to wait here to act with Hunter’s people.

By the time Houri was thinking so, Yomogawa Ayame had welcomed them with Konochi Kurusu.

“Thank you very much, Biba-sama.” Yomogawa Ayame bowed slightly to Amatori Biba. “Not only bother you to protect us, but also take the initiative to go out to fight Kabane.”

Hearing this, Amatori Biba smiled slightly, his handsome face matched that elegant smile and it had an indescribable intimacy.

“Since we meet by accident here, it is also the right thing to help those in need. Not to mention that fighting Kabane is already our Hunter’s reason for existence, so Ayame-sama does not need to thank us for this.”

Saying this, Amatori Biba finally turned his eyes to Houri and asked thoughtfully. “Though I don’t seem to have seen this gentleman here yesterday?”

Amatori Biba draws everyone’s attention to Houri.

This made Houri bewildered.

He has already reduced his presence so much, why he still got noticed?

However, Houri shrugged at Amatori Biba and said. “I’m just a wanderer, the son of the general doesn’t have to care about me.”

“Wanderer?” Amatori Biba murmured involuntarily.

It was then that Mumei began to speak out.

“Don’t be fooled by him ani-sama, he is no ordinary wanderer.” Mumei glanced at Houri and sold Houri without hesitation. “Although he is a hateful guy, his fighting capacity is not bad. He has killed a lot of Kabane so far.”

“Oh?” Amatori Biba was surprised, and even praised him. “It is rare to be able to fight Kabane without fear, you alone are worthy of respect more than bushi.”

As soon as he spoke of these words, the expressions of the bushis who were silently listening to the conversation suddenly became extremely interesting.

Everyone should have knows who the so-called ‘bushi’ in Amatori Biba’s mouth is.

It’s none other than those cowards who only hide and didn’t dare to fight Kabane.

This makes those bushis of Iron Fortress who always displeased with Houri, was hoping for Hunter to give Houri some lesson was like being slapped in the face, make them feels very complicated.

Instead, Houri himself didn’t feel the slightest joy being praised by Amatori Biba.

Raising his eyesight and looking at Amatori Biba, Houri suddenly smiled.

“Hardly, the only good thing about me is that I’m not afraid of dying. I’m just a nobody.”

His words make Amatori Biba didn’t know how to continued the conversation, he can only say with a bitter smile. “Anyway, you are a very rare talent.”

With that said, Amatori Biba reached out a hand to Houri with a perfect smile on his face.

“I’m Amatori Biba.”

Hearing Amatori Biba, Houri looked at the other party, and he also extended his hand after a while.

“My name is Houri.”

With a seemingly friendly introduction, Houri and Amatori Biba’s hands clasped tightly.

And the eyes of the two men also met firmly, as if they were planning to see what was in the eyes of each other, and they did not move away for a long time.

“Alright, ani-sama.” Mumei interrupts the two a fit of pique and impatiently said. “We have cleaned up the nearby Kabane, should we start moving?”

Amatori Biba then reacted, glancing at the sky, nodded.

“Although I would like to let everyone take a break, the nearby Kabane has been cleared up, so we wouldn’t be attacked for quite a while. Let’s back to Hayajiro and have a rest.”

Saying this, Amatori Biba looked at Yomogawa Ayame again and said. “Ayame-sama wants to go to Kongoukaku?”

“Yes,” Yomogawa Ayame whispered. “The Aragane station managed by Yomogawa clan has fallen, and we must find a new place to live. Kongoukaku is the best place for us.”

Amatori Biba’s eyes flickered for a moment and then spoke. “In that case, let us escort Ayame-sama to Kongoukaku!”

“This… is that all right?” Yomogawa Ayame was a little overwhelmed. “To trouble the general’s son to escort us…”

“Don’t worry, our destination is also Kongoukaku anyway.” Amatori Biba’s expression remained unchanged, but his eyes turned to Houri, said. “Will Houri-kun follow along?”

Now, Houri really hesitated.

Honestly, for Houri who has completed all the Main Missions and can return to the MainGod space after the retention time has passed, continuing to deal with these story characters is not only of little benefit, he may also be drawn into the meaningless whirlpool.

So, the most sensible way is for Houri to reject Amatori Biba’s invitation.

However, looking at Yomogawa Ayame who was waiting for his answer, and glanced at the sulking Mumei, Houri sighed.

“Since I have interacted with these story characters, this vortex can’t be avoided?”

At the very least, Houri never thought about everything for the benefit.

The people here may just be some story characters.

But when these story characters become flesh and blood, who can treat these people purely as characters from the screen?

Perhaps the rest of the MainGod envoy can do it.

Unfortunately, Houri cannot.

“Apart from anything, at the very least, I was indebted to Mumei and Yomogawa.”

With this in mind, Houri made his decision.

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