Illimitable Until Death v1c54

Dudu Dudu-!

Under the whistle sound that increasingly getting louder, Hunter’s Hayajiro and Aragane station’s Hayajiro are connected ends to end, the compartments are connected to each other, and under the rolling of the wheels, it gradually moves towards the front of the railway.

On Iron Fortress, Houri followed the Yomogawa Ayame’s group into the compartment.

Perhaps because of Amatori Biba’s previous statement, the bushis did not show the explicit denial to Houri as before but was led by Araka Kibito to return to their posts.

The people also glanced at Houri quietly, and then returned to their compartment silently, none of them dared to say a word.

So not long after, only Houri, Yomogawa Ayame, and Konochi Kurusu were left in this section of the compartment.

Just then, Houri suddenly spoke.

“Miss Ayame,” Houri said. “It may seem strange to me to say this, but I suggest you better not to be too close to Amatori Biba.”

Yomogawa Ayame was stunned after hearing this.

“What are you saying?” Konochi Kurusu frowned, looking into Houri’s eyes full of doubts.

This is a matter of course.

In the eyes of everyone, Amatori Biba is a hero, a perfect incarnation.

Houri said such a thing against such an existence, which of course would be called into question.

However, when Konochi Kurusu was in doubt, Yomogawa Ayame hesitated and said immediately. “Does Houri-san think there is something wrong with Biba-sama?”

“Ayame-sama?” Konochi Kurusu surprised.

“What’s wrong?” Houri also did not expect that Yomogawa Ayame would actually respond like this, could not help but inquire. “Did Miss Ayame have discovered Amatori Biba’s anomaly?”

“No, I didn’t find anything unusual.” Yomogawa Ayame considered her words and said in a very unconfident tone. “It’s just, maybe it just my imagination. the son of the general kind of gives me a very dangerous feeling.”

This makes Houri look at Yomogawa Ayame with new eyes.

Unexpectedly, the eldest daughter of this Yomogawa clan was so sensitive.

But this is to be expected.

After all, at Aragane station, Houri’s Death perception mystic eyes only appeared for a moment, but Yomogawa Ayame reacted to it.

Moreover, while others were hostile toward Houri, Mumei, and Ikoma. Even Konochi Kurusu was not an exception. Only Yomogawa Ayame has been defending the three people.

That’s not just because of Yomogawa Ayame’s kindness.

Perhaps, it was also that Yomogawa Ayame felt that Houri’s group was not harmful, and accepted them subconsciously?

“Now that Ms. Ayame already feels this way, I can tell you more about it.” Houri nodded and said to Yomogawa Ayame. “Amatori Biba is not as simple as it may seem. You may not know that this son of general has long since severed his relationship with the general.”

“What?” Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu were shocked.

“This is not a secret for some people.” Houri began to recall the information related to Amatori Biba.

As mentioned earlier, Amatori Biba is actually a very capable man.

To others, Amatori Biba is a perfect hero.

But in reality, Amatori Biba is just an avenger.

When Amatori Biba was still young and when Kabane first landed in this country, before the humans had a deep-seated fear of Kabane, the shogunate that ruled the country was divided into Pro-war faction and Stable faction against the Kabane’s existence.

Pro-war faction advocates actively fighting Kabane, being offense is the best defense.

Stable faction hopes to be able to cling to the current territory of humans so as not to put their life at risk.

The generals of the shogunate favored the Stable faction approach.

However, for a Pro-war faction that has assembled a certain force, the general cannot forcibly press down all the sounds.

In order to deal with the Pro-war faction, the general at that time had his eldest son of twelve years old, Amatori Biba, as the general to led an army of 400,000 people to fight Kabane.

Then, while Amatori Biba was fighting Kabane, the general immediately cut off all support.


From the beginning, the general had no intention of letting Amatori Biba lead the army.

Therefore, in the situation that all support was cut off, Amatori Biba and the army of 400,000 people were isolated and quickly destroyed by Kabane.

Using this as an excuse, the people of Stable Faction advertised Kabane’s horror and invincibility, and eventually occupied an absolute dominant position. Human has since stayed in the station city and no longer tried to conquer the lost ground.

Amatori Biba luckily survived.

However, Amatori Biba was charged with all the failures of the march, shouldering all the responsibilities, becoming a victim of politics, and even the general cut off the father-son relationship with him.

But after that, Amatori Biba quickly began to recruit talents, forming Hunter’s independent army, fighting Kabane at the forefront, and becoming a hero in people’s mouths.

To this end, Amatori Biba did not hesitate to study the ecology of Kabane and even injected Kabane’s virus into the human body using surgery to artificially create Kabaneri.

Mumei was born this way.

“This actually happened…” Yomogawa covered her mouth with disbelief.

“Is that guy crazy?” Konochi Kurusu’s face turned even more ugly.

“So, I don’t think that a person who would pick a person as an experimental product and heartlessly conducts experiments on the human body will be a hero in people’s mouths. Not to mention that under such betrayal, this person can act as a hero while pointing his blade toward the shogunate, and continued to fight Kabane. “Houri’s voice began to lower.

“Ayame-sama, Amatori Biba’s sudden appearance here with Hunter, I’m a bit skeptical it was just an accident…”

Houri didn’t say the later words.


It’s more like Houri has no chance to say it.

Because, a petite figure suddenly entered the compartment.

“So you are here?” Mumei had an unhappy face said.

“Come with me, ani-sama wants to talk to you.”

Hearing Mumei, Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu’s expressions all changed.

Houri narrowed his eyes, his eyes flashed inexplicably.

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