Illimitable Until Death v1c55

Compared to Iron Fortress, Hunter’s Hayajiro is also very different internally.

There is at least a sense of life in Iron Fortress, but in Hunter’s Hayajiro, there is only a sense of machinery, giving it an unusually cold feeling.

Houri entered this Hayajiro under Mumei’s lead, walked in a dimly lit compartment, and gradually walked forward.


An unusually quiet atmosphere permeated the surroundings.

On the way, Houri met a lot of Hunter’s bushi, but the two sides did not say hello at all.

Even Mumei didn’t greet any bushi in the process, just like a mere acquaintance at work, she kept moving forward with Houri under the gaze of bushis.

Of course, there is also no conversation between Houri and Mumei.

Because last night they had some conflict, which made the atmosphere somewhat stiff.

Under such circumstances, Houri just walks with disinterest and allowing this atmosphere to continue.

Before long, the two finally came to a door.

“… We’ve arrived.” Mumei stopped and whispered without looking back. “Ani-sama is inside, you can go in yourself.”

Houri didn’t reply and just nodded, he stepped forward and put his hand on the doorknob.

At this time, Mumei said involuntarily after hesitating for a while.

“Don’t say anything that annoys people,” Mumei said dully. “I don’t know why, but ani-sama seems to really care about you. I don’t know what ani-sama thinks, but ani-sama isn’t as kind as Ayame-sama. He will punish anyone that does wrongdoing.”

Hearing this, Houri stopped the movement of his hand.

Turning slowly, Houri stared at Mumei’s somewhat immature face and said with a smile. “So you still know that your ani-sama is not a kind person.”

“… You’re still very annoying,” Mumei turned away, as if she didn’t want to see Houri’s face again, said. “In short, you’d better stop saying stuff that annoys people.”

Mumei left after saying this sentence.

Watching Mumei leave, Houri didn’t say much, just chuckled.

“Sure enough, how can the heroine not be cute?”

Not to mention it was a tsundere heroine, people love it even more.

Failing to realize his thoughts will definitely make Mumei furious. Houri just opened the door and went in.

Compared with the previous compartment, the light in this section of the compartment is even dimmer.

In this section of the compartment, Amatori Biba has his back from the door, holding a long sword in his hand, and wiped it gently with a cloth strip, as if he was protecting his weapon.

It wasn’t until he heard the movement behind him that Amatori Biba stopped and turned to look at Houri.

Maybe it was because of the lack of light. Amatori Biba’s face does not look as intimate as before but has a chilling horror.

However, such a Amatori Biba still has a smile on his face.

“You are here, Houri-kun.” Amatori Biba nodded toward Houri and said. “Sorry to invite you over at a time like this.”

“Make it brief then.” Houri went straight to the topic. “What business does the general’s son have with me?”

“… Although I do have something to ask you, I didn’t expect you to mention it from the start. In that case, I’ll ask you immediately.” Amatori Biba sighed slightly and then smiled again. “Houri-kun, you seem to have a special talent. I wonder if you can talk more about it to me?”

“A very special talent?” A thought flashed through Houri’s mind, but he still showed a look of doubt on the surface. “What do you mean?”

Seeing Houri lying through his teeth, Amatori Biba didn’t respond but said deliberately. “Hearing from Mumei, you seem to be able to penetrate Kabane’s heart membrane with an ordinary dagger and seem to have done incredible things, such as killing the Kabane virus in the human body, and so on. This makes me somewhat curious.”

However, Amatori Biba’s performance told Houri that he was definitely not just curious.

At least, if he just feels curious, he will never stare at a person with this kind of prey eye.

“I’m curious, can you really kill everything?” Amatori Biba smiled and said. “For example, can you kill the steel wall of the station that people now rely on?”

Houri’s eyes suddenly solidified.

At this moment, Houri’s mind finally remembered a problem that was taken for granted but was easily ignored by people.

That is, why Mumei appeared in Aragane station.

Whether in original work or now, Mumei seems to have entered the Aragane station on the day the story started, thus starting the beginning of the story.

But in fact, if you think about it, as a member of Hunter, Mumei has no reason to leave alone and go to Aragane station.

In this case, can Mumei go to Aragane station as a necessary event?

For example, Amatori Biba instruction.

What is the purpose of Amatori Biba?

Others may not know, but Houri knows that Amatori Biba has only one purpose.


Revenge against the general and the high-ranking official of the Stable faction who has betrayed him!

However, for Amatori Biba who had severed his relationship with the general and even turned against the general, he can’t just enter Kongoukaku as he wanted to get his revenge against the people of the Shogunate.

That being the case, Amatori Biba needed someone to help him.

Help him for what?

Open the door!

Open the gate of Kongoukaku!

In original work, Amatori Biba successfully entered Kongoukaku through Iron Fortress.

However, if Aragane station is not fallen, Iron Fortress won’t head towards Kongoukaku.

In other words, Amatori Biba could not enter Kongoukaku without Iron Fortress.

So, is it possible for this purpose that Amatori Biba already planned to use Yomogawa Ayame’s relationship with the shogunate elder to get into Kongoukaku smoothly. So Mumei enters Aragane station has been planned?

Make a bolder guess. The fall of Aragane station and the Kabane aggression brought by Fusojo may actually be the script curated by Amatori Biba.

With that in mind, Houri’s look towards Amatori Biba gradually changed.

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