Illimitable Until Death v1c56

It must be said that although Houri’s idea is only a guess, it is not entirely impossible.

Thus, why Amatori Biba would take Hunter’s Hayajiro to follow Iron Fortress immediately can also be explained.

In the original work, the Iron Fortress set off immediately because of Kabane’s attack in the middle of the night and did not meet Hunter.

But this time, because of Houri’s various actions, Kabane did not attack Iron Fortress, and Ikoma turned back to human. After such a fuss, Iron Fortress did not depart and eventually met Hunter.

Now that Amatori Biba and Yomogawa Ayame made contact, it is naturally impossible to give up Yomogawa Ayame who can enter Kongoukaku through a relationship, so they will definitely follow Iron Fortress.

Not only that, Amatori Biba even eyeing Houri and his ability.

Houri suppressed all the conjectures in his heart, and looked deeply at Amatori Biba as if he had mentioned casually, he said. “Sir must be joking. Since that is the barrier to protect humans, how can we think of breaking it? Isn’t that what Kabane would think?”

Amatori Biba went silent, and the smile on his face gradually began to disappear.

“Something like a Kabane will think…?” Amatori Biba said blankly. “However, human itself is a rather contradictory existence. They will try to do anything to get what they want, isn’t it?”

“Maybe so.” Houri glanced at Amatori Biba and said suddenly with a faint smile. “But what does that have to do with us?”

“… How can you say that?” Amatori Biba looked directly at Houri and said with a smile. “Aren’t we considered human?”

This sentence might be regarded as a bad joke in the ears of others.

However, Houri nodded calmly.

“As a human, I am missing a very important part. So for the time being I cannot comment whether I can be really called human.”

Houri said, facing Amatori Biba’s eyes, his lips slowly raised.

“As for you, you are no longer human?”

The temperature in the air dropped instantly to the freezing point.

Amatori Biba’s face could no longer be seen any expression.

And Houri, a pair of dark eyes instantly transformed into ice blue mystic eyes.

“I can see it very clearly.”

Houri lifted up a pair of ice blue mystic eyes, such as turning his eyes into Shinigami’s scythe, thrust into Amatori Biba’s heart.

“The most fatal weakness in you is the heart. In addition to the weaknesses that humans should have, you are lacking at least 80%.”

“Human would die if they were hit in those weak points.”

“But you won’t.”

“So, you haven’t been human for a long time.”

Houri’s voice echoed very clearly throughout the compartment, allowing the temperature in the air to continue to drop.

The surrounding atmosphere has changed.

That can no longer be described by tension and heaviness.

At this moment, the diffused aura in the compartment is equivalent to a substantial murderous aura.

Houri and Amatori Biba faced each other in this way, without any emotion on their faces.

“… It really surprised me, Houri-kun,” Amatori Biba said slowly, opening his mouth. “It seems that Mumei is right, you really are not an ordinary wanderer.”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, your eyes make me scared.” Amatori Biba stared straight at Houri’s Mystic eyes. “And, you seem to know a lot of things. I’m really curious, how much do you know.”

Saying this, Amatori Biba seamlessly takes a step forward.

In his hand, the long, shiny black sword was lifted seamlessly.

“You’re right, Houri-kun, I haven’t been human for a long time.” Amatori Biba walked in the direction of Houri and said quietly. “However, this is not a strange thing. Mumei is not human. The boy who killed the Kabane virus was not human. Even you yourself claim that you are missing the most important part of a human, so we all can be considered similar?”

“No, you’re wrong.” Houri didn’t seem to notice Amatori Biba approaching himself, still standing still, and saying.

“Just as this body, I am undoubtedly human. But I can’t be so sure if I can be considered human.”

“Because the most important factor in identifying a person is not the human body, but the human heart.”

“My heart is missing, so I’m not exactly a human.”

“And you, it’s not just your body, you don’t even have a human heart.”

“You are just a monster living for revenge.”

“Amatori Biba.”

Just after Houri spoke, the cold atmosphere in the air was suddenly detonated.


With the sound of the foot striking the ground, Amatori Biba suddenly rushed towards Houri, his expression carried a chilling indifference.

That figure, that speed, can be called a storm.

However, if Amatori Biba is a storm, then Houri is a whirlwind.

Just as Amatori Biba stormed towards Houri, the prepared Houri reacted at once and moved to meet him. In just one step, his figure comes into Amatori Biba’s face.

Ice blue mystic eyes shined.

His hand unknowingly held a sharp weapon.

Houri rushed out like this, before Amatori Biba, the dagger turned into the fangs of a viper, and stabbed like lightning.

Suddenly, a touch of cold light went straight into Amatori Biba’s heart.

“Fast!” Amatori Biba’s eyes were solidified.

With the title bonus, Houri’s speed already has a faint feeling that even Mumei can’t catch up.

And AGI represents not only the speed of movement, but also the attack speed, reflex nerves, motor nerves, and jumping ability.

Therefore, Houri’s stab at his best effort can not be called lightning-fast, but can’t be easily dodged.

Even if the opponent is not human.

So, when Houri’s dagger was close to his heart and even made his skin feel a stabbing pain, Amatori Biba finally reacted.

Immediately, Amatori Biba stomped his feet hard to stop his body with a force that could even break the ground.


The sound of tearing clothes sounded instantly.

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