Illimitable Until Death v1c57

Suddenly, a piece of cloth flew into the air.

It was a fragment of Amatori Biba’s clothes.

Amatori Biba’s clothes were cut off directly, exposing the skin inside, leaving Amatori Biba’s chest completely exposed to the air.


Amatori Biba looks changed, taking a step back without hesitation, pulling away from Houri, and covering his heart with his hand.

Looking at this scene, Houri smiled ironically and said. “No need to cover it up, do you still want to conceal something that can’t be hidden in front of me?”

Hearing this, Amatori Biba fell into silence, then gradually let go of his hand.

A moment later, a glowing heart imprinted into Houri’s eyes.

“I thought I had looked highly on you, but did I still underestimate you?” Amatori Biba closed his eyes, softly said. “Houri-kun, you are indeed an incredible human.”

“What’s the point of saying that now?” Houri raised the dagger in his hand and pointed to Amatori Biba. The ice blue mystic eyes glow with a breathtaking charm.

“There are only two things that would happen now.”

“One: I kill you.”

“Two: You kill me.”

“Let see who get killed first.”

Houri suddenly rushed forward, his figure seemed to become a poisonous snake in the rainstorm. The dagger in his hand resembled a poisonous snake that ran straight to Amatori Biba’s head.


The clear sound of air splitting echoed in the air.

“Retreat!” Amatori Biba also responded instantly, not like the overbearing attack at the beginning, but abruptly retreated.

However, as he retreats, the long sword in Amatori Biba’s hand also turned into a black blade light, suddenly slashed.

The blade light is so prominent in the lack of light in the compartment.

Under the slash of Amatori Biba as Kabaneri, the power burst out, and the black blade light, like the claws of a devouring beast, slashed against the rushing Houri at an amazing speed.

On one side is a stab.

On one side is a strike.

The dagger collided with the long sword in the next moment.


The ringing clash sound turned into an echo, filling the entire compartment.

At this instant, both Houri and Amatori Biba felt as if they were severely hit, their bodies shook, and they retreated from each other.

If before, by virtue of Houri’s trash attributes to clash against a Kabaneri like this, it is likely that even his bones would be cracked.

But now, Houri’s attributes are not inferior to Kabane, even exceeding its speed. He can immediately stabilize his body by just taking two or three steps back.

As a matter of course, Amatori Biba who is not weaker than Houri has also stabilized his figure.

Moreover, Houri took two or three steps back, but Amatori Biba took only one step back, proving that Amatori Biba is still above Houri in terms of physical fitness.

“It was indeed a Kabaneri?”

Houri holds the dagger in his hand firmly.

“That being the case, use speed to suppress you!”

Houri rushed forward again, like an arrow off the string, he moved with a dazzling speed, creating an afterimage.

However, while Houri recognized his strengths, Amatori Biba also recognized his strengths.

“So it is. Although the physical ability is strong enough to match Kabane and has the decisiveness, his skill is a layman and has no martial arts foundation.”

After all, Houri’s charge seemed to be very aggressive, but in fact he only knew how to charge ahead, which directly exposed his lack of skill.

“Then I use techniques to suppress you!”

As the leader of Hunter, the son of the general who ruled the shogunate, an existence that used to lead an army of 400,000 troops and even the source of Mumei’s growth, Amatori Biba’s combat skills can be imagined.

Therefore, the next moment, Amatori Biba raised his hand, and the black sword burst forth.

Suddenly, a black blade of light quickly lit up and shrouded the rushing Houri like a storm.

The dazzling swordsmanship made Houri feel like a blur in front of his eyes, and swiftly, the deadly strike struck continuously, cutting off all Houri’s retreats.

Houri was startled, his whole body tightened. With intense concentration, the ice blue mystic eyes captured the dead line on the sword. Finally, he barely saw the trajectory of the blade light and raised the dagger in his hand.


The dagger and the sword suddenly collided.

Clank Clank Clank-!

The endless clash sound started to sound continuously.

At this moment, Amatori Biba seemed to be incarnate as War God, standing erect on the spot. Only the long sword in his hand kept slashing like heavy rain, causing a dazzling blade of light to appears and arousing layers of strong wind, the momentum is appalling.

Houri figure is like the wind as if the leaves are constantly fluttering in the storm, dodging the strikes with high speed. When he can’t dodge, the dagger in his hand will be used to parry, fending off the strike from all sides.

One side violently attacking.

One side agilely defending.

In a moment, there are countless blade lights and figures flashing in the compartment, the scene is extremely shocking.

Amatori Biba’s swordsmanship is truly extraordinary.

Perhaps even Konochi Kurusu can’t match Amatori Biba.

As Mumei said, such skillful opponents are indeed the weakness of Houri.

That continuous, sometimes direct attacks, sometimes sudden assaults of swordsmanship, is really tricky to the extreme.

However, Houri who had a coping experience before once again used Death perception mystic eyes. Instead of catching the dazzling strike, he stared at the dead lines that came at high speed, trying hard to avoid it and parry any that he couldn’t avoid.

With Houri’s current attributes, even if the opponent is Kabaneri, his arm will not be numbed from the recoil by the opponent’s strong-arm strength like the last battle with Konochi Kurusu, which even making him let go of his dagger.

So, Houri really got stronger.

It became a situation where even Amatori Biba, Mumei’s elder brother, couldn’t win smoothly for a while.

If this continues, it is really difficult to say who the winner will be.

At first glance, it seems that Houri is on the losing end, but Houri has the ability to hit kill, coupled with his weapon being dagger, which is called short but dangerous, Amatori Biba will definitely die on the spot if he wasn’t careful.

But Houri didn’t find it.

Amatori Biba while launching fierce attacks, glanced inadvertently at the doorway.

There, a figure sneaked in silently.

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