Illimitable Until Death v1c58


Houri, who was silently waiting for the chance to counterattack, suddenly noticed a chill behind him.

The chill was like a poisonous snake suddenly climbing up the back of Houri’s neck, causing pores in Houri’s entire body to explode and suddenly enlarge.

Without any hesitation, Houri gave up fending the attacks and suddenly moved sideways.


At this moment, the sound of gunfire sounded, and a bullet that could not be captured by the naked eye quickly cut through the space, rubbing Houri’s cheek, and fired into the distance.

Only then did Houri find out.

In front of the door of the compartment, a female bushi in a tight suit, like a ninja, was holding a steam gun and aimed at Houri.

It’s actually Hunter’s bushi.

Houri froze immediately.

“This is the other’s home base, he doesn’t need to fight one-on-one with me.”

What’s more, Amatori Biba’s character, who would do anything for revenge will definitely not mind doing this kind of sneak attack.

And this is not the end.

Dada Dada-!

With the sound of orderly footsteps, a group of bushi holding steam guns simultaneously poured into the compartment.

Mumei is also among them.


Seeing that Houri and Amatori Biba are in a confrontation, and obviously fighting fiercely, Mumei’s face is puzzled.

“You-you guys…”

Before she could finish her words, Amatori Biba ordered directly.


Mumei’s heart trembles when he ordered without any hesitation.

“Wa-wait!” Mumei shouted in a hurry.

But to Hunter’s, Amatori Biba’s order was absolute.

So, under Mumei’s shout, every bushi present raised the steam gun in their hand and aimed at Houri.

Under the sight of the numerous steam guns, there was almost no blind spot in the entire compartment.

Houri cannot do anything to avoid them.

“No! It’s not unavoidable!”

At this moment, Houri spun around, his figure was like electricity, flashing behind Amatori Biba.

“What?!” Amatori Biba immediately saw through Houri’s intent.

The bushi of Hunter was aiming at Houri, watching Houri dodge behind Amatori Biba, and the muzzle in their hand moved subconsciously.

As a result, the shiny black muzzles were naturally aimed at Amatori Biba.

The bushis were all startled and quickly withdrew the gun in their hands.

But Amatori Biba turned back fiercely, the long sword in his hand was like a crescent, like moonlight that appeared quietly and slashed resolutely.

His strike aroused the sound of breaking wind.

The sharp wind carried the cold wind, the long sword fiercely slashed the executioner holding a weapon.

What happened next shocked Amatori Biba.

Houri did not shy away at all, with a pair of terribly calm mystic eyes, he went straight into Amatori Biba’s direction.

As a result, the black sword fell heavily on Houri’s body.


Along with the sound of tearing flesh, dark red blood splattered.

Blood flashed in front of Houri, with a gaping wound, he got cut cleanly.

The wound almost chopped Houri in half and almost reached his bone, causing a large amount of blood to splash out, staining the ground, and also reddening Amatori Biba’s face.

Unthinkable pain hit Houri’s mind.

The injury was more serious than when he got hit by a car.

If it wasn’t for Houri’s VIT much higher than in the past, he would definitely be cut in half and dying from serious injuries.

“You…?!” Amatori Biba said in shock.

At this moment, the dagger in the blood-stained Houri suddenly cut through space.


There was another sound of tearing flesh.

Of course, the dark red blood also inevitably splashed into midair.

But this time, in addition to the dark red blood, there was also an arm flying into the air.

That’s Amatori Biba’s arm.


Amatori Biba covered his severed arm with blood splatter, howling in pain.


Hunter’s bushi shouted angrily.

Only Mumei, covering her mouth with her little hand, looked at Houri and Amatori Biba, who was seriously injured, and could not help but take a step back.

It was at this time that Houri and Amatori Biba were separated and distanced from each other.

In the process, Houri endured unprecedented pain, took out the remaining quarter of Wound Recovery Medicine from his leg bag. Gritted his teeth, pulled the bottle cork and poured the rest of the potion on himself.

Houri’s wound immediately began to emit green smoke, gradually healing his wound.

During that time, Houri swallowed a gulp of blood from his throat, the ice blue mystic eyes stared at Amatori Biba who’s holding his severed arm, he smiled coldly.

“Amatori Biba, I’m gonna take your life.”

“I’ll kill you next time.”

Leaving this sentence, Houri drove his badly wounded body and crashed into the side window despite the spilled blood.


With a shattering sound, the car window was shattered, and a piece of glass was scattered on the ground.

As for Houri, he jumped out of the car window and disappeared.

Watching this happen, Amatori Biba covered his bloody severed arm, and couldn’t help but kneel on one knee.

“Leader!” Hunter’s bushi swarmed forward.

Amatori Biba didn’t even look at his subordinates, gritting his teeth.

“Chase him! He must not have jumped from Hayajiro! He must be somewhere! He must be found!”

“Yes!” Hunter’s bushi answered simultaneously, all raised their steam guns and started chasing.

It didn’t take long for the compartment to remain only Amatori Biba with a severed arm and the dazed Mumei.

Amatori Biba looked at the arm that had fallen on the ground, feeling the severe pain from the severed arm. His handsome face was full of gloom, and his heart springs up with a shudder.

Only Amatori Biba knew what danger he had just experienced.

Because the blow from Houri was not toward his hand, but to his heart.

If it wasn’t at the last moment, a sense of crisis from instinct made Amatori Biba dodge frantically, then it wasn’t just an arm lying on the ground, but his body.

Recalling the killing strike and the pair of ice-blue eyes, Amatori Biba’s body started to shake.

“Am I… afraid?”

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