Illimitable Until Death v1c59

Tick Tick…

Dark red blood dripping and colored the ground.

Houri covered his wounds, panting fiercely, walking on the dark red Hayajiro at an unsteady pace, leaving blood on the ground.

The body is feverish.

The pain can be felt clearly.

Loss of energy.

Power is weakening.

It’s make Houri feel that life is gradually coming to an end and it keep tormenting him.

But even so, Houri still held his dagger tightly, his expression calm to the extreme.

No, in this situation, Houri doesn’t know if it can be called calm.

Because, for the fact that his life is passing by, Houri has no real sense at all.

Even though the severe pain has always been there, telling Houri, the situation is really bad now. Houri’s heart, who is indifferent to death, still cannot produce the slightest fluctuation.

Therefore, Houri can analyze the current situation with a calm mind.

“The wound… seems to be unable to fully heal…”

This is Houri current state.

This is not surprising.

Although Wound Recovery Medicine can recover injuries, it can only recover minor injuries. It can’t completely cure the serious injury that almost cuts the human body in half.

Not to mention, Houri has used three-quarters of the Wound Recovery Medicine, and the remaining amount was less than one-fourth. It stopped working after Houri’s wound was partially cured.

Therefore, although Houri’s injury was not as serious as it was at the beginning, there was still a very ferocious wound on the front of his body, which crossed Houri’s chest.

“Is there no way to stop the blood?”

Houri’s covered wound was so severe that his palm had already been stained red.

A lot of blood loss started to blur Houri’vision.

Of course, the worst is not this.

“Look! There is blood on the ground!”

“Over there?!”

“Hurry! Catch him!”

“Be careful! The opponent is a monster even Leader couldn’t win!”

With this noise, a footstep came from the distance.

Houri had just reacted, and the bushi with guns rushed in and saw Houri, who was bathing in blood.


The bushi raised the steam gun in their hands.

“Cih!” Houri clicked his tongue, kicking the ground, his body disappeared into the back of the steam boiler.

Bang Bang-!

The next moment, the continuous gunfire sounded.

Clang Clang Clang-!

With a burst of sparks and the sound of steel being hit, the steam boiler was hit by the bullet.

The steam gun’s bullets fell on it like a rain curtain, leaving a few bullet marks on it and dented the steel.

This is nothing strange.

Since Mumei’s steam gun can penetrate Kabane’s steel heart membrane in multiple cases, it proves that Hunter has the means to deal with Kabane.

Therefore, Hunter’s bushi’s steam guns all have a certain degree of power, and in many cases, they can penetrate Kabane’s heart.

Steam guns with this level of power sending a volley, the power can be imagined.

Bang Bang-!

Under the intense gunfire and barrage of attacks, steel boilers began to become riddled with holes.

“Want to shoot me through the boiler?”

Houri hiding behind the battered boiler didn’t panicked, but smiled.

“Let me help you!”

Houri then turned around, the ice blue mystic eyes appeared, and the dagger in his hand passed through the air, and suddenly cut off the steel boiler at the front.

Even steel was fragile like paper under the ability of Death perception mystic eyes.

Therefore, with a puff sound, Houri’s dagger like cutting a fur and split into two the steam boiler in front of him.


The entire steam boiler suddenly exploded.

A large amount of steam eventually leaking out of the boiler, and the battered boiler finally exploded.

So, the next second, a large amount of steam instantly enveloped the entire space like exploding smoke, and the constantly shooting Hunter’s bushis were devoured.


“It’s hot!”

“Can’t see!”

Hunter’s bushi suddenly panicked.

The view of the entire space is therefore taken away by the steam.

In the vast expanse of space, aiming was impossible at all, so Hunter’s bushi stopped shooting.


“Don’t shoot!”

“Be careful of friendly fire!”

In the steam, the bushi’s screams continued to sound.

No one ever thought that the injured beast would not only lose a little threat, but it would also even become more terrible.


Suddenly, a faint sound of air splitting rang out in the white steam.


The sound of tearing flesh followed.


Immediately afterwards, screams like a ghost wail echoed.

That scream was like a hammer, fiercely hit every Hunter bushi’s heart.


“Who’s screaming?!”

“What happened ?!”

“Say something!”

The bushi couldn’t help the agitation in their hearts, yelling one after another.

However, it was not their companions who responded to bushi.


Another tearing sound.


The second scream of bushi passed into everyone’s ears.

Now, even if these bushis are stupid, they can understand what happened.

No doubt Houri started to fight back.

“O-open fire!-“

Followed with one of bushi’s wailing, panic suddenly broke out in Hunter’s bushi.

Bang Bang-!

The next moment, the sound of gunfire rang again within the white steam.

And under the sound of the gunfire, many bushi screams once again were heard.

Of course, this time, the screams of the bushis were not due to Houri’s counterattack, but due to the shooting of their own companions.

Shoot indiscriminately when there is no way to aim and determine the target, of course they would be shooting each other.

And that’s exactly what Houri is aiming for.

“Just keep attacking each other…”

Leaving this sentence, in front of the compartment exit, a figure flashed into it and disappeared within the hot steam.

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