Illimitable Until Death v1c6

As long as there is a beginning, there must be an end.

Therefore, there must be an end to everything.

That is the so-called ‘dead period’.

From a practical point of view, Kabane is an existence transformed from a dead person.

However, the individual in front of him has been reborn as the existence of ‘Kabane’ and has also gained a new period of death.

Since it is a thing that can die, Death perception mystic eyes can directly see its death.

Its displayed in a graffiti-like cracks called Dead line.

People with Death perception mystic eyes can direct the object to ‘Death’ by cutting the Dead line.

A heart membrane that is as hard as steel?

That kind of thing can’t stop Houri at all.

Because there is no hard or soft distinction between Dead line.

No matter how hard it is, anyone with Death perception mystic eyes can easily cut along the Dead line.

Therefore, as long as one can see the Dead line, no matter what kind of defense, in front of Death perception mystic eyes, there is no difference from paper.


With a crisp sound, a tree branch lying on the ground was crushed by one foot.

At this moment, Houri was using a speed he had never played before, and rushed towards Kabane that was pouncing on him.

What is the concept of 6 point AGI?

Although MainGod space indicates that the average value of human 20-year-old youth except INT is 5, the standard is actually taken from trained athletes.

In terms of average, a human youth who maintains doing sports, except INT, has an average of 3.

For children and the elderly, because the attribute value of MainGod space is dataized for combat purposes, the attribute values ​​of these two groups are not calculated. Otherwise, the attribute value of Houri will not be all but 1.

In other words, Houri is actually faster now than those trained sprinters.

So within three seconds of Houri dashed out of the underbrush, his surprise attack had already reached a distance of only one meter from the Kabane.


Beast-like roar squeezed out of Kabane’s mouth.

A monster called almost undying rushed towards Houri, stuck out sharp arms like claws, like a pair of pliers to grab Houri’s shoulder.

If he were to get caught by the pair of pliers, then Houri would definitely not be able to escape with his current physical strength.

Immediately after, Kabane’s fangs would bite at Houri’s body, sucking the blood off his body, and turning Houri into its own kind.

However, Houri ignored it, and a pair of Ice blue mystic eyes only stare at one thing.

That is the Dead line covering Kabane’s whole body in front of his eyes.

Including the hand that’s about to grab him.


A faint sound of air splitting suddenly sounded.

Just before Kabane’s pair of powerful hands were about to grab Houri’s shoulders, the sharp dagger moved fast and turned into a chilling cold light, and sliced through the pair of pliers-like arms.

AGI stands for Agile.

Not only the speed of movement, but also the speed of attack is included.

Therefore, Houri’s attack speed is also extremely fast. He slashed when it was within arm’s reach, let the dagger sliced through the pair of arms almost instantly.


With a tearing sound, the sharp dagger sank into the muscles of the pair of arms, and easily cut it off, passing everything.

Dark red blood and powerful arms flew into the air and then fell to the ground.


Kabane raised a pained howl, and it lost arms spurting out blood like a fractured fountain.

The sight was extremely bloody and cruel.

For students who are still receiving education, such a picture is enough to make them pale.

However, Houri was so indifferent from the start. Whether it was his eyes or his expression, he was calm to a terrible level.

Dark red blood stained his face.

Ears reverberate with the shrill howl.

In this case, Houri didn’t even stop his body, he brushes past the Kabane that had lost its arm, spins his body, and the dagger in his hand turned into a cold light again, and cut Kabane’s feet.

The Dead line, which can only be seen by Houri, is easily cut.

And there was only one result.


With some melodious tearing flesh sound, an undying monster called Kabane had both feet cut.

A lot of blood was spilled around.

As a result, Kabane, who had only one torso, fell directly to the ground with a bang.

This time, it has no time to scream.

The next second, the dagger flashing cold light descended and sank into the glowing heart.


A sound like glass breaking suddenly sounded.

It was the sound of Kabane’s steel heart membrane being crushed along with the heart.

After the sound fell, the forest returned to silence.

The broken torso with thick bloodstains fell to the ground, and didn’t move anymore.

Looking at the scene condescendingly, Houri was a little dazed.

Tick Tick…

On the dagger held by Houri, a drop of blood dripped down and stained the ground.

In less than a few seconds, a battle ended at the cost of one’s life and the death of one.

As the initiator of all this, Houri has only one impression.

“It turns out that killing is so simple.”


Killing is such a simple matter.

As long as one has a weapon in their hand, it only takes a moment to take a living life as simple as that.

Of course, whether Kabane still counts as people is another matter.

However, Kabane was also transformed from a human, it still has blood flowing in it even though it’s a monster.

If it was someone else, the first kill should have more strong feeling, feeling more regretful, right?

Unfortunately, Houri is a luxury even to enjoy this treatment.

So, for the first kill, Houri’s impressions were so simple.

Until then, the icy system sound of the MainGod space comes in late.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

The late announcement of the system made Houri slightly stunned, followed by realization.

“So I can complete the Main Mission 3 with this?”

The requirement of Main Mission 3 is to obtain 3000 CP.

But where should he get these 3000 CPs?

Now, Houri knows.

He can get 100 CP by killing a Kabane, so he has to kill 30 Kabane if he want to get 3000 CP.

This is undoubtedly an extremely difficult thing for a newbie that just enters the space.

However, Houri easily overcomes this difficulty.

In front of Death perception mystic eyes, as long as there is a Dead line, there is nothing to kill.

There are no hard and soft points in the Dead line.

Even with the most common daggers in hand, with Death perception mystic eyes, Houri can ignore any defense and attack the Dead line directly, leading the subject directly to death.

“10 Kabane?”

“3000 CP?”

“It’s the easiest for me to complete Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 3.”

Houri, speaking to himself, turned his eyes to the woods.

There, a series of dark shadows appeared one after another, letting the unsteady body of Kabane enter Houri’s eyes.

“This amount is a bit difficult.”

Houri didn’t think of retreating even after saying this.

Looking at the group of Kabane in the number of at least 20-30, Houri took a deep breath, wiped off the bloodstain on his face, dropped the blood on the dagger, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

“Although it’s a bit difficult, it’s a life picked up out of thin air anyway, it doesn’t matter if I die again!”

“Let me kill you all!”

That’s what he said, but he can’t fight with 20-30 Kabane with his current strength.

Therefore, Houri jumped and disappeared into the dense forest.

A massacre started like this.

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