Illimitable Until Death v1c60


The panting sound gradually became a bit more intense.

In Hunter Hayajiro’s compartment, where Houri passed, the ground was left with very conspicuous blood stains that looked unusually dazzling.

At the forefront of the bloodstains, Houri’s pace gradually slowed down, and his vision became more and more blurred.


“Still can go on…”

Thanks to the improvement in VIT, Houri’s ability to withstand even this potentially lethal injury can now be sustained.

To put it more plainly, Houri’s vitality has become more tenacious.

Not only that, improving VIT can also affect resilience to some extent.

The premise is to have enough rest time.

“So, just find a place to hide and heal…”

Although it cannot be said that the injury can be completely recovered, it should still be possible to recover to the extent that he can move.

“Just, this is Amatori Biba’s Hayajiro. Where can I hide?”

Houri was helpless.

In fact, he can just jump off Hayajiro if he really want to escape. It is worth a try even if it is somewhat dangerous.

Houri can avoid the chase after jumping down.

“Unfortunately, it’s not very safe outside…”

After all, Houri has no way of knowing that Kabane will not suddenly appear and attack himself during his injury.

With Houri’s current injury, he will definitely be dead if he got surrounded by Kabane.

So Houri must take risks.

At the risk of being found by the pursuers, find a hiding place.

Just as Houri was so calmly analyzing, the cluttered footsteps were heard in his ears again.

“Have they caught up?”

Houri secretly cursed, but his hands and feet didn’t stop. He moved sideways, hiding in a corner.

It didn’t take long for the bushi holding steam guns to flood into this section of the compartment.

However, unlike the fierceness at the beginning, the bushis who were just being played by Houri are all in a sorry state, with different degrees of injuries on their bodies, and the number has also been partially reduced.

This miserable appearance makes each of Hunter’s bushi faces to be filled with anger.

“A trace of bloodstain on the ground!”

One of the bushi noticed the situation.

“Find him!”

The other one who was obviously the bushi’s leader commanded in a low voice.

“He’s likely to be nearby since there’s a trace of blood!”

This sentence made the bushis feel invigorated and holds the steam gun more tightly.

These bushi are anxious to find Houri’s hiding place after gets tricked by him.

As a heroic force active at the forefront and often fighting Kabane, when did Hunter get played like this?

Therefore, the heart of every bushi is full of anger.

Of course, besides anger, fear also filled the bushi’s heart.

“Be on your guard, he’s but a lunatic who can kill two of us even in such a serious injury state!”

This sentence made bushi’s heart tight again.



In the chaos just now, although Houri’s purpose was to disrupt Hunter’s pursuit, he did not show any mercy and directly killed two bushi.

Since entering the MainGod space, Houri has never killed anyone except Kabane.

However, there was no reason for Houri to show mercy since they wanted to kill him.

It is because of this that Hunter’s bushi feels fear.

In the case of an almost mortal injury, Houri was able to kill two people without hesitation, and then disrupted their pursuit. Underestimating such an opponent was not being careless but foolish.

“So, we must find him, or this person will become Leader’s enemy sooner or later!”

The hunter’s bushi began their search under the command of the leader bushi.

Every bushi raised enough vigilance, and the steam gun was kept in their hand.

Whenever an obstacle is encountered, kick it directly.

Whenever encountering a corner, several people rushed forward and aimed the steam gun into it.

Once they see a figure, these bushi will definitely shoot without hesitation.

In this case, several bushi gradually approached a corner.

In the corner, Houri leaned against the wall, his chest fluctuates frequently, trying to control his breathing.

But even so, bushi is still close to where Houri is.

At this moment, Houri’s heartbeat began to accelerate.

It’s not because of fear, it’s not because of tension.

It was because of the inevitable confrontation.

Hearing the footsteps approaching, Houri slowly opened his eyes.

Ice blue mystic eyes appeared again.

The dagger in his hand is also held tightly.

At the same time, several bushi came to the edge of the corner, and the barrel of the steam gun in their hand appeared in Houri’s vision.

Just as Houri was about to rush forward, a hand stretched out of the darkness from behind him.

On the other hand, the bushis didn’t find anything after searching.

“Maybe he has run away?”

“Did he jumped off Hayajiro?”

“Impossible, he’s not Kabaneri, he would definitely die if he dares to jump off with that injuries.”

“And it may not be safer than inside Hayajiro with so many Kabane outside.”

“Then he fled to the front?”

“Where’s the bloodstain then?”

“He may have found a way to stop the bleeding.”

Listening to the words of his companions, the leader bushi knit his brows slowly.

Only after a while did he spoke.

“Keep chasing! He must still be in Hayajiro!”

So a group of bushi went on, passed the section of this compartment, and continued their pursuit.

The compartment suddenly returned to silence.

Until then, an inconspicuous lid on the roof was quietly opened in that corner.

And the person who protruded from the roof was Ikoma.

“Come down slowly…”

Ikoma helped Houri got down from the roof, and let Houri lean against the wall.

“Hu…” Houri breathed a sigh of relief and said directly to Ikoma. “Why are you here?”

“I heard your conversation with Ayame-sama and saw you were taken away by Mumei. I was a little worried, so I came over secretly,” Ikoma with a lower tone said. “It’s dangerous here. I’ll take you to Iron Fortress.”

Having said that, Ikoma wanted to help Houri up again.

However, Houri rejected Ikoma’s suggestion.

“No, I will stay here!”

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