Illimitable Until Death v1c61


Ikoma was completely at a loss.


In this situation, Houri still wants to stay?

Is he crazy?

Seeing that Ikoma was at a loss, Houri seemed to see through his mind and said with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, but I can’t go to Iron Fortress now.”

“Why?” Ikoma blurred out the question in his mind. “Isn’t Iron Fortress safer than Biba’s Hayajiro?”

“Only for now,” Houri said in an unusually calm tone. “If Amatori Biba couldn’t find me on his Hayajiro, he would definitely go to Iron Fortress to find me. At that time, if the other party just charged me with a crime of attacking the son of the general, then he could conduct a thorough search?”

“But isn’t there still Ayame-sama?” Ikoma said. “Ayame-sama will definitely help you.”

“Ms. Ayame may help me, but that doesn’t mean I will be able to hide,” Houri said, shaking his head. “Iron Fortress is so big after all, Hunter’s people want to search, there is absolutely no place to miss. Miss Ayame will also be in trouble if I was found.”

Amatori Biba’s goal was Yomogawa Ayame, after all.

In order to use Yomogawa Ayame to enter Kongoukaku for his own revenge, Amatori Biba will sooner or later act against Yomogawa Ayame.

Therefore, if Yomogawa Ayame is caught by Amatori Biba, the opponent will be very happy.

“So, instead of hiding in Iron Fortress, I would hide here,” Houri said. “Everything here has been searched. bushi will definitely relax their vigilance, and the more dangerous and convenient it is, the safer it will be. Compared to Iron Fortress, I’m more difficult to find here.”

Ikoma suddenly became hesitant.

Even without saying it, Houri knows that Ikoma is worried about him.

“You are indeed a kind-hearted person.” Houri could not help smile wryly, and then smiled sincerely, said. “I thought I have paid the debt I owed you, but I didn’t expect to be saved again.”

“What are you talking about?” Ikoma said without hesitation. “I owe you a debt that I can’t ever repay. If it weren’t for you, how could I change back to human?”

“So, that was the kind of debt I owe you before, but now I owe you again.” Houri shrugged but sucked a cold air because of the wound.

“You… are you really okay like this?” Ikoma couldn’t help but say. “With such a serious injury, it is really dangerous for you to stay here.”

“Rest assured, I know what I’m doing. Although I’m not afraid of death, I wouldn’t actively be seeking death, you can rest assured.” Houri waved his hand, then looked directly at Ikoma, his expression became serious. “Ikoma, help me pass a word to Miss Ayame.”

“Pass on a message?” Ikoma immediately regained his spirits, his expression became serious, and he met Houri’s sight.

“Tell Miss Ayame to keep looking at Hunter Hayajiro’s movement,” Houri said. “If she notice a riot in Hunter’s Hayajiro, then don’t hesitate to cut off the connection to this Hayajiro directly.”

“Disconnect from this Hayajiro?” Ikoma shocked. “Why?”

“Don’t ask so much, just do as I say,” Houri said directly. “Anyway help me bring this message to Ms. Ayame, this may be the only chance for Ms. Ayame to get rid of Amatori Biba’s control.”

Ikoma was silent immediately.

Although he doesn’t know why Houri said so, Ikoma knows that Houri must be trying to do something.

And those things are definitely not without danger.

“Then I…” Ikoma came up with an idea almost subconsciously.

However, this idea was immediately shut down by Houri.

“Don’t say you want to stay and help me,” Houri said relentlessly. “Not to mention hiding the trace. One person is definitely easier than two people. With you now have changed back to human and are no longer Kabaneri, you are not Hunter’s bushi’s opponent at all by just relying on Tsuranuki Zutsu. You are just going to be a hindrance if you stay.”

“What about you then?” Ikoma’s expression became a little anxious. “You just want me to leave you here alone?”

“As I said, you’re a kind-hearted person. We aren’t really that close, why can’t you leave me alone?” Houri smiled bitterly again, and he patted Ikoma’s shoulder immediately. “Don’t worry, I won’t die so easily.”

Ikoma’s mouth moved, but couldn’t even say a word.

In the end, Ikoma can only say. “Then let’s make a promise. None of us can die.”

Houri smiled, heavily nodded.

Ikoma then got up, looked around, slowly reopened the roof of the train, and under Houri’s gaze, went straight into the roof.


The sound of a falling roof lid sounded.

Darkness and silence were restored in the compartment.

Houri leaned into the corner, touching the wound that had just been bandaged on the roof by Ikoma, slowly closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Now, Houri just needs to rest.

That’s it.

As Houri expected, Hunter’s people could not find Houri’s whereabouts, and immediately went to Iron Fortress, found Yomogawa Ayame and her entourages.

Yomogawa Ayame who has already got the message from Ikoma was nervous, but also made a strong declaration as the eldest daughter of the Yomogawa clan.

“No criminals are hiding in my Hayajiro!”

Despite such a declaration, Hunter started their search.

As a matter of course, after searching for a whole day, Hunter didn’t gain anything. They couldn’t even find a little blood or a hair of Houri.

There was no trace of Houri in either Hayajiro, which made Hunter’s people incredulous.

“Did he really jump off Hayajiro and escape?”

In this regard, Amatori Biba also had such doubts, but he denied it in the end.

“No, that person must be on Hayajiro.”

Within the Hunter’s Hayajiro, in a compartment, Amatori Biba recalled the pair of mystic eyes that caused him fear and the other party figure who does not know what fear is, his fists gradually clenched.

“He said he would come to kill me.”

“So he must still be here.”

“For sure…”

Looking at such Amatori Biba, within Hunter’s bushi, Mumei lowered her head, her face was full of complex emotions.

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