Illimitable Until Death v1c62

Rumble –Rumble-

After an unknown amount of time, Houri woke up to the sound of rolling wheels.

Slowly opening his eyes, Houri blankly looked at the wall in front of him and muttered.

“Wasn’t discovered?”

This should be considered a blessing among misfortunes, right?

“How long has it been?”

Perhaps in consideration of Houri. When Houri had such a question, the long-lost system prompt sound suddenly sounded.

“No. 11273’s detention time is less than an hour. Please handle your actions properly.”

Hearing this prompt, Houri realized just how long had passed now.

“Has it been a day and a night already?”

The rest time was a bit long.

If he hadn’t woken up at this point in time, Houri would have probably returned to MainGod space directly from his slumber.

The time left was less than an hour.

“Then let’s settle the rest of the matters in one go.”

With that in mind, Houri moved his body slightly.

A vague tingling sensation began to spread throughout Houri’s body.

It was coming from the injury on Houri’s chest.

With only one day and one night, Houri’s injuries naturally could not recover that quickly.

However, due to the improvement of VIT, Houri’s tolerance has become more tenacious, and now he is not affected by the injury.

So Houri stood up from the ground.

In his hand, the dagger, which had been stained with blood, still had some traces of blood left.

Houri shook the blood off the dagger, and ice blue mystic eyes appeared quietly.

“Let’s begin…”

After Houri’s incident, although Hunter’s bushi did not find Houri’s whereabouts, they have stepped up their guard accordingly.

Unlike Iron Fortress, there were no ordinary citizens in Hunter Hayajiro, all of them were battle-hardened warriors.

Therefore, the bushi were in teams of two, patrolling back and forth from one compartment to another.

At that moment, two bushi came down from the front compartment.

While making their rounds, the two bushi were talking to each other.

“I don’t know why a foreign wanderer has such a great ability.”

“Not only did Leader suffer in his hands, but he also killed two of our people.”

“The hardest thing is that such a dangerous person is still in Hayajiro.”

“If it wasn’t for the serious injuries, I really can’t imagine how badly we would have suffered if such a person had gone on a killing spree in Hayajiro.”

As the bushi talked, they walked down from the compartment in front of them.

It just happened to pass by a corner.

At this moment, the shinigami hiding in the corner rose up.


In the clear sound of tearing flesh, the head of one of the bushi in the middle of the conversation was abruptly cut off, spurting out a large amount of blood.

The blood directly baptized another bushi nearby, making the pupil of that bushi shrunk to the size of a needle tip, and the expression surged on the emotion of panic.

Even if the battle-hardened bushi, to see this bloody and cruel scene so closely and the target is still the companion who was talking to him a second ago, will not be able to resist screaming in terror, right?

However, before the bushi could scream, a hand came out from behind him and covered his mouth.


The dagger that seals the throat with blood suddenly slashed in front of the bushi’s throat.

The two battle-hardened bushi were killed by the shinigami in the guise of assassins, lost their lives before they can react to what was happening.

Immediately, the two bodies fell to the ground, gradually staining the ground red.

Only then did Houri’s figure appear out of the darkness.

Looking at the two corpses that fell on the ground, Houri’s face did not have any fluctuations. Only death perception mystic eyes were flashing rainbow light, moving in the darkness.

Then, Houri is looking at the compartment on the other side.

“I hope the things in the original work don’t disappear here.”

Leaving these words behind, Houri reappeared into the darkness and dived towards the apartment in front of him.

Almost as soon as Houri left, another bushi patrol came down from the front compartment and found two bodies.

In the next second, an alarm sounded throughout the Hayajiro with a mixture of fear and anger.

“The enemy has appeared!”

Hunter Hayajiro was in complete turmoil.

“Quick! Go after him!”

“He must have not left that long!”

“Did he really hide until now?”

“Damn wanderer!”

One by one, Hunter’s bushi began to swarm in one direction.

Because the bushi who found the body did not notice that someone had entered the preceding compartment, the killer in Hayajiro must be in the following compartment.

In fact, the bushi were correct in their guess.

When the bushi entered the back compartment, they saw bodies lying on the floor.

Those corpses had either had their throats slit or their hearts penetrated, almost all of them were killed in one blow.

Moreover, these people apparently did not find the enemy until their death, and the expressions frozen on their faces were puzzled from beginning to end.

That scene made every bushi tremble.

“It’s almost like a born executioner…”

It was horrible to have such a person hiding in Hayajiro.

“We must find him at all costs!”

And so the bushi stepped over the bodies of their companions and continued to advance toward the enemy.

As the bushi in the front compartment began to arrive, the bushi in the back compartment, who had been alerted, finally spotted the trace of the assassin.

“Open… open fire!”

In a somewhat hysterical shout, each bushi raised their steam guns and pulled the triggers.

Bang Bang-!

The gunshots sounded like firecrackers, ringing out continuously.

A round of bullets cut through the air and shot forward with a speed that broke the sound barrier.

In the front, Houri with a dagger in hand had two bodies lying at his feet.

In the face of the bullets, Houri lifted a pair of ice blue mystic eyes and rushed forward instead of retreating.


The amazing speed turned Houri into a blurred black shadow, and his figure became erratic.

Under these conditions, the bullets that had been fired suddenly lost their sight.

Clank Clank Clank-!

At once, the bullets all landed on the steel ground, causing a clash sound and a dazzling spark.


Houri like the wind instantly rushed into the bushi group, and the dagger in his hand turned into cold lights, slicing through the body of bushis.

Puchi –Puchi –Puchi-!

Splitting sound incessantly ringing.

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