Illimitable Until Death v1c63




With the screams of one bushi after another, under the cutting off of the sharp dagger, the light of blood kept appearing in this space.

Each bushi’s body was made of paper, and with a single stroke, the dagger could easily cut through their skin and muscles, taking away the life of bushis.

At this moment, Houri was like a wolf that pounced into the flock, the dagger in his hand was like a shinigami’s scythe. His body was like a swift wind, constantly shuttling between one bushi after another, killing one bushi after another with the throw of a hand.

In a moment, throughout the compartment, bushi’s misery was ringing.

At this time, the bushi who came from the front compartment finally arrived and witnessed the powerful massacre scene before their eyes.

“Fo-found him!”


“I can’t believe he killed so many people!”

Hunter’s group of bushi suddenly as if they had suffered a great stimulation. They all raised their steam guns and started firing.

Bang Bang-!

The echo of the shooting began so that the whole compartment was bathed in a shower of bullets and was baptized by a barrage.

But before that, Houri had already killed the last bushi.

“So, you’re too late!”

Houri then dashed into the next section of the compartment and kicked the door of the compartment with a kick.


With a loud crash, the door of the compartment was shut firmly.

Clank Clank Clank-!

The incoming projectiles all fell on the steel door at once, leaving a bullet hole under the fierce spark that burst.

“He-he escaped?!”

“Go after him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The bushis gave chase without any hesitation.

Hunter Hayajiro is not small.

Even one of the compartments was quite large.

Within the vast compartment, Houri had already turned into an arrow and was charging like a bullet, heading towards the last compartment.

Bang Bang-!

Behind him, the pursuing bushi fired frequently, causing the bullets to fall around Houri, leaving a very conspicuous trail.

It’s just that bullets are too slow for the current Houri.

No, no, it’s not bullets that are slow.

At least, Houri definitely can’t keep up with the speed of the bullet.

So, it’s not the bullets that are slow, but the bushi that fires.

From chasing to raising the gun.

From raising the gun to aiming.

From aiming to shooting.

In these intervals, with Houri’s speed, there are too many things that can be done.

Therefore, none of the bushi’s shots hit Houri, and just after they aimed at Houri, Houri had already disappeared from that position, so it was impossible to be hit.

In addition, Houri’s speed is much faster than bushi. Even Kabaneri like Mumei and Amatori Biba sighed at this. Gradually, a group of chasing bushi have all been left behind by Houri.

Of course, the bushi in the back did not catch up, it does not mean that the bushi in the front will not intercept.

Don’t forget, in Hunter Hayajiro, there are bushi guards everywhere.

So, while Houri was charging with great speed, there were bushi in front of him, too.

“Over there!”

“Stop him!”

The bushi all raised their guns.

Unfortunately, it was too late to raise their guns at this time.

With a pair of ice blue mystic eyes, Houri’s mouth lifted slightly. The dagger in his hand reappeared, and like a whirlwind, he charged into the crowd.

Puchi –Puchi –Puchi-!

Where the sharp dagger passed, the tearing sound of flesh continued.

For current Houri, ordinary bushi wasn’t really his opponent.

Therefore, Hunter’s bushi were unable to stop Houri, but one by one became the victims of Houri’s dagger.

When the bushi behind them caught up again, they only saw corpses on the ground.

In this way, Houri while dodging the chase and shooting from behind, while slaughtering the bushi coming from the front. His body did not stop for a moment, constantly rushing to the last compartment.

He seems to be powerful, but in fact, Houri’s situation is not very good.

“The wound… is starting to hurt again…”

It’s only a matter of course.

Houri’s injuries had not fully recovered at all.

If one moves around a lot in such a situation, it’s only a problem if it doesn’t hurt.

“And, I have to get there before Hunter’s true elite find me.”

Bushis is not the only one in Hunter.

As the saying goes, there are strong people from the weak, and there are even stronger people from the strong.

Just like Aragane station has Konochi Kurusu, who is far more powerful than the rest of the bushi, Hunter has more powerful existences than the bushi.

How strong are these beings?

Take Mumei as an example.

Mumei is one of those elites.

In view of this, if these elites had come over, Houri’s situation would have been really dangerous.

Fortunately, God was kind to Houri.

Just after Houri rushed into the next compartment, the scene suddenly changed.

The light in this compartment was not only much dimmer than the rest but there were also many things that were not found in other compartments.

A cage made of steel.

This section of the compartment, except for the middle of the location, is surrounded by a cage placed all around.

And in these cages, there are many figures imprisoned.

The whole body of skin appeared dead gray, white pupils, and glowing heart.


A large number of Kabane were imprisoned in the cage, roaring at Houri who rushed into the compartment, like a beast that had been robbed of its freedom.

There was so much Kabane in Hunter Hayajiro.

No, this is not imprisonment.

These are the monsters raised by Amatori Biba to study Kabane, mass production of Kabaneri, and even used as a weapon to attack the city and plunder the city and raise monsters.

These are the monsters that Houri is aiming for.

“Finally found.”

Houri slowly breathed a sigh of relief and arrived before one of the cages.

The pursuing bushi also chased in and took up a position at the entrance.

“Did he actually escape to such a place?”

“Unfortunately, there is no way out here!”

“Prepare to die!”

Under the shouting of the bushis, the steam gun was once again set up.

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