Illimitable Until Death v1c65

The roaring wind hit the entire Hayajiro at high speed, making the roof of the Hayajiro seem to be caught in the storm, which is extremely impactful.

On the roof of the car, Mumei rode directly on Houri’s body, holding the Kunai in her hands in front of Houri’s neck, looking at Houri’s eyes incomparable anger.

This scene seems to freeze in this space, letting the rest of the sound disappear.

Only Houri and Mumei remained, keeping their up and down postures, staring at each other, one with a calm face, the other with a face full of anger.

The pain caused by the sudden attack is waning.

In its place, the cold touch of the sharp weapon around the neck became clearer.

Looking at the face that was close at hand, Houri said with a slight smile as if he did not feel the anger overflowing from Mumei’s body.” I didn’t expect you to come looking for me, so you saved me the effort.”

The words were as if he was greeting a friend he had just met, and seemed so out of place in the surrounding atmosphere.

As a matter of course, Houri’s behavior made the anger in Mumei’s heart grow even wilder.

“Answer my question!” Mumei said loudly. “Why do you do this?!”

“What do you mean?” Houri’s expression did not change at all, and his tone remained calm throughout, saying. “Was it the enemy of the so-called ani-sama in your mouth? Or is it the thing that brings about the demise of Hunter as a whole?”

“Everything!” Mumei couldn’t help but tighten the Kunai in her hand, bringing it closer to Houri’s neck and yelled in a low voice. “Tell me why ?!”

“No reason.” Houri replied succinctly.” Because they wanted to kill me, so I did it in return.

“You…?!” Mumei’s delicate face could not help but be slightly distorted.

It was because of the anger that could no longer be restrained in any way.

Mumei then said with suppressed anger. “Because of you, everyone is dead, why can you still be so calm?!”

Hearing this, Houri fell silent.


No matter what, because of Houri, many people died.

Even if those people wanted to kill Houri, and even if Houri wanted to return the favor, no matter how justified it was, this fact could not be erased.

For a student who hadn’t even killed a chicken not long ago, to be so calm after such a thing is really too much to understand.

But this is Houri.

Houri, who could not feel any emotion for ‘Death’.

So, Houri’s answer to Mumei’s question was this.

“If you die, you die.” Houri’s somewhat indifferent words came to Mumei’s ears.

“I’m sure there will only be more deaths at their hands, you should know better than I do.”

“Killing innocent people, that may be what the world calls a sin.”

“But brutally killing these people, I don’t feel that it is a sinful thing in the slightest.”

“Because compared to me, the blood stained by the hands of these people will surely only be more, definitely not less.”

“Including that ani-sama of yours.”

Mumei’s heart suddenly jumped heavily.

Houri is still relentlessly shaking Mumei’s heart.

“In fact, you already know what kind of person Amatori Biba is, but you unilaterally admire him as an ani-sama, so you are not willing to admit Amatori Biba’s sins.” Houri looked Mumei straight in the eye and said.” But there is nothing wrong with that, you are just a child, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, anyone can understand that, but it is time to wake up, isn’t it?”

“That’s… it’s not like that!” Mumei couldn’t help but say. “Ani-sama is a hero! There is no sin!”

“You really think so?” Houri grinned and stared straight up as if he could see right through Mumei’s heart, and said word by word.

“I can’t believe that you don’t have any doubts about what Amatori Biba has done.”

“For example, when Amatori Biba was killing his companions.”

Mumei’s breathing stopped.

It was the kind of thing that happens when one’s deepest secrets are poked.

“If you won’t admit it yourself, then I’ll tell you,” Houri said so calmly. “Amatori Biba is not a hero at all. A hero would never brutally kill his own companion, but Amatori Biba can do so without hesitation, simply because his companion is no longer useful and is holding him back.”

Houri, who is familiar with the original work, knows that Mumei has always remembered a thing in the past.

That was Hunter’s crusade against Kabane.

At that time, one of the combatants, who was Mumei’s companion and also a member of Hunter, was seriously injured and asked Mumei for help.

However, the response was a bullet through the heart from Hunter’s bushi, who was also a fellow companion.

That is a past story that no one knows.

However, this story has always lived in Mumei’s heart.

Because of that incident, Mumei’s values were influenced by Amatori Biba.

“… That’s just because those people are too weak.” Mumei gritted her teeth and whispered. Ani-sama said that the weak have no right to live in this age, only the strong can survive.”

That’s why Mumei is obsessed with fighting Kabane.

The shoujo does not want to be abandoned because she is weak.

Even if deep down she has a small idea of becoming human, it is replaced by this value.

“That’s right, that person is just too weak because of that!” Mumei, as if convincing herself, stared at Houri with a deadly stare.

“It’s simply right to die because it’s too weak!”

Houri laughed at once.

The laugh was extremely ironic.

And Houri then said this.

“Then I’m not wrong either. Your so-called companions will die because they are too weak, there is no one else to blame, why are you questioning me?”

Mumei was completely dumbfounded.

“It’s good to have faith.” Houri looked at Mumei closely.

“But if you can’t even convince yourself, how can you convince others?”

Houri’s words made Mumei speechless, and the Kunai in front of Houri’s neck was also moved away little by little.

However, just then, Houri’s pupils suddenly shrink.

Behind Mumei’s back, another figure approached quietly.


The sound of tears rang immediately.

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