Illimitable Until Death v1c66

The dark red blood rained down and dyed Houri’s face red.

At this moment, time stood still.


This was Houri’s muffled hum.

Hearing this muffled hum, Mumei reacted slightly from her dumbfounded state.

Pata… Pata…

Drops of blood were still dripping down, like teardrops, on Houri’s face.

Looking at Houri’s painful face, Mumei slowly lowered her head and looked at her body.

There, the black blade pierced through Mumei’s tender body, bringing out a large amount of blood.

The blood on Houri’s face spilled out from the corner of Mumei’s mouth and dripped down onto Houri’s face.

As for why Houri wore such a painful expression, the reason is also very simple.

It was because the black blade that came out of Mumei’s body had also pierced Houri’s side abdomen.

It was only at this point that the pain hit Mumei’s mind.

Mumei with a stunned expression, while feeling the pain, slowly turned her head and looked behind her.

There, stood the man Mumei knew so well.

Standing upright like a hero.

A figure is as great as a general.

Amatori Biba was standing behind Mumei, the long sword in his hand stabbed into Mumei’s body, without a single expression of emotion on his face, and his eyes were even more indifferent.

“Ani… sama…?”

Mumei dumbly pronounced her one-sided address to the other party.

But Amatori Biba, as if he had heard nothing, did not even look at Mumei’s body, but only looked at Houri, who was mounted by Mumei and pierced by his own long sword together with Mumei, and spoke indifferently.

“Did you take Mumei with you at the last moment to avoid the heart attack? Should I really say as expected of you?”

Saying this, Amatori Biba slowly pulled out his long sword.

Mumei’s body then lost its strength and gradually collapsed on top of Houri.

Amatori Biba raised his weapon high as if he wanted to deliver a final blow to the two-person.


At that moment, a sharp dagger cut through the air and shot at one of Amatori Biba’s eyes like a bullet.

Amatori Biba looked solidified, almost instinctively withdrew the weapon and blocked in front of his body.


In a crisp clash sound, the sharp dagger that shot out was knocked away and bounced off Hunter Hayajiro, falling down.

However, along with the dagger, a foot kicked Amatori Biba’s chest.


The moment the muffled hit sounded, Amatori Biba was hit hard and his body was kicked off, hitting the roof of the car not far away and rolling a few times before stopping.

“Cough…” Houri coughed out a mouthful of blood, holding Mumei, and struggled to get up from the roof of the car.

“Cough…” Mumei also coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, her body suffering more serious injuries than Houri.

Houri was only pierced through the side of his abdomen, so he could probably still hold on.

As for Mumei, her entire abdomen was pierced directly, and her injuries were extremely serious.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Houri sensed the arrival of Amatori Biba in advance, and ignored the Kunai on his neck, and took Mumei with him to try to turn around, Houri and Mumei would have both died at this moment.

After all, in the beginning, Amatori Biba was aiming at Houri and Mumei’s hearts.

Houri ignored the pain that came and stared straight ahead, said with a sneer.

“It is really worthy of the famous hero, attacking from the back of others without a bit of hesitation, and still even one of their own people, it’s really despicable and shameless.”

Amatori Biba ignored Houri’s sneer and slowly got up.

Looking at Houri, who was holding Mumei on one knee, Amatori Biba did not show a single bit of emotion, but his eyes became a bit distracted.

“You know what?” Amatori Biba said distractedly. “You’re getting in the way of my plans.”

“And?” Houri took a moment to calm his breathing and returned. “Do you want to add a wanderer like me to your revenge?”

“No, I just have some feelings.” Amatori Biba looked at Houri quietly and said.” Now, Hunter is doomed to perish, and this Hayajiro has fallen, and there is no way to even reach Kongoukaku. Perhaps, I have no way to take revenge.”

“So, do you regret it?” Houri said as if he were talking to a stranger.” Regret inviting me along.”

“No, I don’t regret that, I’m very glad to have met you.” Amatori Biba shook his head and said with an indifference that made it impossible to see what was in his mind. “I was forced from small to know the world, to understand the cruelty of the world, and to understand the heart of humans.”

“My father saw me as tools and chose the Stable faction approach, selfish and cowardly, in order not to risk a full-scale engagement with Kabane.”

“In the past, those high officials who constantly complimented me because I was the son of a general also considered me an anomaly fighting Kabane at the forefront, and turned away from me.”

“People didn’t think about fighting Kabane, they just wanted to live in a worse condition, stuck in a cage made of steel.”

“So, the world has long since become wrong.”

“All this is because of fear.”

“People are afraid of Kabane.”

“People are afraid of the future.”

“People are afraid of fighting.”

“People are afraid of others, even of themselves.”

Amatori Biba, who said this, finally turned his gaze to Houri, with a sparkle in his eyes.

“But you are a peculiar being.”

“You do not know fear.”

“You do not know death either.”

“For the sake of what you want to do, you can charge forward without hesitation, whether it is facing me or facing the whole Hunter, you are fearless, and finally succeeded in defeating us.”

“So, I admire you, not to mention I am not upset by what you have done, but on the contrary, I am very happy.”

At this point, the sparkle in Amatori Biba’s eyes gradually faded away and turned into a deadly gray.

“Unfortunately, unlike you, the only meaning of my existence is revenge.”

“Now that it has been destroyed by you, then, there is only one last way left for me to go.”

After saying that, Amatori Biba took out an injection from his own arms.

An injection filled with pitch-black blood plasma.

Looking at the injection, Houri’s face changed abruptly.

Immediately, under Houri’s gaze, Amatori Biba stabbed the injection into his heart with force.

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