Illimitable Until Death v1c67

“Boom –Boom –Boom –“

That was the sound of a heartbeat.

A very strong and powerful heartbeat.

After Amatori Biba had stuck the black injection into his heart and injected the plasma into it, the rhythmic sound of the heartbeat resonated throughout the roof of Hayajiro’s car and reverberated very clearly.

Immediately after, Houri saw it.

The glowing heart in Amatori Biba’s chest cavity was gradually changing.

Whether it was Kabane or Kabaneri, the glow of the heart was as bright as the fruit of gold.

However, at this instant, the light on Amatori Biba’s dazzling heart changed and gradually turned blue.


The empty injection fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Amatori Biba slowly lowered his head and his body hung down, like a doll held by an invisible thread, and his whole body suddenly bulged.


It was as if a balloon had been burst.

Amatori Biba’s body suddenly burst into countless iron-like stakes, like the legs and feet of a spider, and stretched around.

In the direction of the iron stakes, one by one, Kabane climbed up and caught up with the only remaining life in the Hayajiro.


An iron stake sank deep into the body of a Kabane, sending the Kabane scurrying up.

Puchi Puchi Puchi-!

In the sound of a sharp weapon piercing through the flesh, each Kabane was penetrated by iron stakes, like pieces of meat, scattered on it.

Immediately afterward, the iron stakes were carried back to Amatori Biba’s side.

In this way, countless Kabane all converged on Amatori Biba’s body, like building blocks put together in a haphazard way, and gradually began to grow and deform.

Not long after, Amatori Biba’s blue glowing figure disappeared.

In its place was a monster made out of countless Kabane piles.

Irregular hands.

Irregular feet.

Irregular body.

Irregular body shape.

It seems that the spooky ghost that has emerged from hell, the black smoke that seems to be coming out of the hell, as if it may disperse at any moment, can be called a giant monster.


As if a newborn baby, the huge monster resounded with countless Kabane intermingled cries.

Basking in the breathtaking screams, Houri’s eyes shifted dramatically, and finally, spat out the words.

“That’s… Fused colony…”

— Fused colony.
It is a horrible existence that consists of one Kabane as the core, and the rest of the Kabanes are assembled into a huge object that will continuously absorb humans and Kabane and grow.

In short, it is a giant monster made up of monsters and corpses.

People who know this monster call it black smoke.

If looked at from a distance, it is just a huge black smoke that is constantly distorted and twisted.

That is undoubtedly the most terrifying monster in this world.

A monster born from the gathering of countless Kabane, simply to destroy everything.

Now, Amatori Biba has become such a monster.

Because of the injection.

The black plasma, an injection that can turn a single individual into the core of the Fused colony, is artificially produced.

Amatori Biba, who had been injected with this black plasma, had completely lost his human nature and turned into a monster that only knew how to destroy everything in front of him, roaring at the sky.

Faced with such a monster, Houri could only make one choice.


Against a monster like that, there was absolutely no chance of winning.

So, without any hesitation, Houri picked up Mumei, who was in a coma and rushed to the other side at the fastest speed ever.


The huge monster suddenly let out a growling sound that shook the air and began to run wildly.

Boom Boom Boom-!

The sound of heavy footsteps that could shake the whole Hayajiro sounded violently.

Houri, who was sprinting at breakneck speed, couldn’t help but look back, and the scene he saw made him feel a bit creepy.

The monster called black smoke was running like a spider on the roof of Hayajiro’s car, roaring while chasing Houri at a chilling speed.

“How could that kind of thing be killed?!”

After all, the Fused colony is not a single individual, but an existence composed of countless individual Kabanes.

Only when the core Kabane is killed can the Fused colony be destroyed.

If the core is not destroyed, it does not matter how many Kabanes are killed to make up the body of the opponent.

After all, the Fused colony is not only a living Kabane but also a dead body that will be devoured and used as its own body.

Even if Houri has death perception mystic eyes, rashly rushing up, will ultimately be a dead end.

“No matter if I can get close, even if I can, Amatori Biba as the core has been wrapped in countless Kabane, I can’t even kill it!”

At that moment, Houri could only keep running forward wildly.

A lot of blood spilled from the wounds on his body.

The pain was always there.

But Houri ignored all of this, holding Mumei, and rushed forward with great speed.

However, Hayajiro has its own end.

The next second, Houri saw the end of Hunter Hayajiro.

Then let Houri’s surprise happen.



At the end of Hunter Hayajiro, Iron Fortress was still connected to it, and the door of the compartment was open, and there were Ikoma, Yomogawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu, and others standing there.

Ikoma and Yomogawa Ayame, who was waving to Houri, saw the black smoke running wildly and their surprised expressions froze impressively.

“That… What’s that monster?!” Konochi Kurusu exclaimed in shock.

“Houri!” Ikoma was even more anxious and yelled loudly. “Come here quickly!”

“Idiot!” Houri involuntarily cursed, his feet completely tightened, like an arrow, suddenly leaped, swept in the direction of Iron Fortress, landed in front of Ikoma and others.

Immediately, Houri didn’t even greet them, He grabbed Konochi Kurusu’s sword, turned around, and faced the huge monster.

Ice blue mystic eyes flashed silently.

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