Illimitable Until Death v1c68


With a crisp clash sound of steel against steel, the interface between the two Hayajiro was violently cut off by Houri with the katana in his hand.

Dudu Dudu-!

The Iron Fortress, hovering with the sound of the whistle, moved forward at great speed and distanced itself from the Hunter Hayajiro whose connection had been severed.


However, the giant monster roaring on the Hunter Hayajiro continued to run wildly, trampling the roof of the car, trampling the compartment, and destroying everything like a demon incarnation, throwing the Hayajiro underneath its feet and landing on the railroad track, continuing to move forward.

At once, Iron Fortress, which was moving at a great speed, was pursued by a huge monster no smaller than itself and was charging as if it was running for its life.

“No-No way, right?”

Ikoma, Yomogawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu group watched the scene with shocked expressions.

The scene of the monster desperately chasing at a speed no slower than Hayajiro’s was too shocking.

No, that’s wrong.

The opponent’s speed is obviously faster than Iron Fortress.

As a result, the distance between the two sides is getting closer.

It’s only a matter of time before it catches up.
“You…” Konochi Kurusu couldn’t help but turn to Houri and yell. “What kind of monster did you bring?!”

“I’d like to ask you guys, why are you still here?” Houri said with a bitter smile. “Didn’t I tell you to cut the Hayajiro connection as soon as you heard the big commotion on Hunter Hayajiro?”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t do that.” Ikoma’s voice began to lower, but he looked at Houri with determination in his eyes and said. “I can’t leave you behind, and Ayame-sama agrees with me.”

“Biba-sama’s target is me, so I can’t leave Houri-san to risk his life and escape alone.” Yomogawa Ayame looked at the black smoke that was madly pursuing them and said in a trembling voice.” It’s just that I didn’t think that there would be a monster like that.”

“You guys…” The bitter smile on Houri’s face was more intense, and with somewhat self-loathing scratched his head. “All of you are hopeless fools.”

“Cut the crap.” Konochi Kurusu interrupted Houri, and his expression became serious. “How the hell are we going to get rid of that monster? It’s only a matter of time before we get caught up at this rate!”

In that case, not only the people present but also everyone on Iron Fortress would become parts of the monster, not even knowing whether they could become Kabane or not.

This fact made Ikoma and Yomogawa Ayame equally anxious.

Only Houri, with a sigh, handed over the Mumei in his arms to Yomogawa Ayame.

“Miss Ayame, can I ask you one thing?” Houri looked straight at Yomogawa Ayame and said.” Please let Mumei stay on Iron Fortress and become your companion.”

“Eh?” Yomogawa Ayame was immediately stunned.

“This child is a little too simple and too stubborn, but she is not a dangerous person, nor she’s a bad person. I hope you can accept her.” Houri turned his eyes to Mumei’s and said. “Moreover, she is a strong fighter, keeping her within Iron Fortress will definitely only be good for you guys, so please grant me this request.”

Houri’s words made everyone’s hearts produced a somewhat ominous sense of foreboding.

“Nah, Houri.” Ikoma couldn’t help but say.” You don’t tell me…”

Houri met Ikoma’s gaze, nodded and said this.

“I’ll stay behind to block the monster, you guys take this time to run as far away as you can.”

“What?!” Everyone couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to die.” Houri blocked everyone with a single sentence.

“Don’t forget, I’m a wanderer, a weirdo who has been out there for so long without dying. If there’s only one person, I have a chance to live, but if this continues, no one here will survive.”

The crowd could not say anything at once.

“But…” Yomogawa Ayame tried to say something else.

Only, Houri interrupted dryly.

“No more buts, this is the only way, either bet or die, which side do you want to choose?”

Yomogawa Ayame was speechless.

Ikoma and Konochi Kurusu also fell silent, one with a sorrowful expression, the other closed his eyes and said nothing more.

Seeing this, Houri laughed. “All right, I know you’re all very nice, but don’t all look like I’ve already died, I’m not that easy to die, so let’s just say goodbye here.”

After saying that, Houri turned around spontaneously.

Just as Houri was about to make his move, a hand suddenly grabbed him.

Houri slightly was stunned, turned his head and looked back.

What caught Houri’s eye was Mumei, lying in Yomogawa Ayame’s arms.

At this moment, the wound on Mumei’s abdomen was recovering at a very fast pace.

As a Kabaneri, no matter how serious the injury is, it can be recovered in a short time as long as the heart is not pierced and the head is not broken.

Mumei’s injuries will be fully recovered in a short time.

Under such circumstances, Mumei finally regained consciousness and heard Houri clearly.


Mumei’s voice was a little weak, but her eyes were fixed on Houri and she asked a second question.

But this time the questioning was like this.

“Why do you help me?”

At this point, Mumei understood.

Houri had been helping herself.

That’s why Houri stayed behind to face Amatori Biba, to walk with everyone.

Of course, Houri wanted to help not only her but also Yomogawa Ayame and others.

Mumei couldn’t understand.

She’s clearly just someone he met a few days ago, why would he help her like this.

“Don’t say you’re trying to return a favor.” Mumei squeezed out her voice with difficulty.

“The favor you owe me was paid back when you helped us stay on Iron Fortress.”

Houri’s eyes shifted slightly and he fell silent.

After a while, Houri turned around, took Mumei’s hand, held it in his heart, and smiled slightly.

The smile was a little helpless, but also had a sincere feeling that was not there before.

“In fact, my reason for helping you is very simple.”

Houri’s voice rang out clearly.

“It’s just because I like you guys a lot.”

The sound disappeared completely at this moment.

Mumei was stunned.

Yomogawa Ayame was stunned.

Ikoma was stunned.

Even Konochi Kurusu is equally stunned.

But this is the real answer that Houri can give.

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