Illimitable Until Death v1c69

As a person who knows all the plots of the original work, who has watched the past and future of the world from God’s perspective, and who knows everything like the back of his hand, as early as in his previous life, Houri already liked these story characters around him.

Because Houri knows the innocence and naivety of Mumei.

Because Houri knows the kindness and persistence of Yomogawa Ayame.

Because Houri knows Ikoma’s faith and determination.

Because Houri knows the loyalty and dignity of Konochi Kurusu.

These things, which cannot be seen directly in the original world, are shown on the screen in front of everyone, telling people how special these people are who are active in the fictional world.

These, through all of them, are deeply attracted to Houri, but also attracted like-minded people.

So, Houri likes Mumei, Yomogawa Ayame, Ikoma, and Konochi Kurusu.

It’s not a special feeling.

It’s just that as a person who knows the original work, no matter who you are, you have characters you like and characters you dislike.

Houri is the same.

Although all these people have some criticized flaws, such as Mumei’s capriciousness, Yomogawa Ayame’s cowardice, Ikoma’s clumsiness, and Konochi Kurusu’s foolishness, it is a kind of love and hate.

At least, that’s the case with Houri.

In a nutshell, Houri has a good opinion of the four people present.

That’s why Houri chooses to help them.

Repayment of favors is just one of the factors or even excuses.

Because of like, so choose to help.

The reason is actually that simple.

Perhaps, this mentality is too much for a MainGod envoy who is fighting in MainGod space to have.

However, Houri is not ashamed of having such a mentality.

“My heart has long been missing a piece and reduced to an alien, so I shouldn’t make myself more abnormal by scratching my own heart again.”

He has died once anyway, right?

He’s indifferent to ‘Death’, and the reason to fight for survival is not strong enough, right?

If that’s the case, why not use this cheap life to do what he like?

Of course, what Houri likes to do is not to help people, he does not have such great feelings.

What Houri wants to do is actually very simple.

For the people he likes, then just do your best to like.

Like Mumei, like Ayame, like Ikoma, like Kurusu, these people have helped him, does he have any reason to ignore them?


For those he hates, he’ll try his best to hate them.

Like Amatori Biba, a person who can do anything to others and to himself, is there any reason to put up with him?


Then, the conclusion is clear.

“For those of you whom I do not hate, I think you can live well.”

“I will try to obliterate the existence that I extremely hate.”

“If you want a reason, this is my reason.”

Houri opened his eyes and looked at Mumei who was stupified there, smiling faintly.

“So, don’t forget, your first life was given to you by Amatori Biba, but your second life is given to you by me. Even if it’s for me, you have to live well, okay?”

“I…” Mumei’s mouth opened slightly, but she found herself unable to say a single word.

However, at this moment, Mumei found that in her heart, which had turned into a monster, was beating hard.

What emerged from it was an unprecedented flow of heat.

That kind of heat flow is familiar.

It seems that when her mother was still alive, she often felt this heat flow.

The heat that she could not feel in Amatori Biba, the ani-sama, or in Hunter, the independent unit, was now flowing through Mumei’s body.

It made Mumei feel like crying.

So that’s how it is.

So that’s how it is.

Is this what it feels like to be cared for and loved?

Even after becoming a Kabaneri, no longer a human, this feeling still lingered deep inside her, and only today did it finally resurface.

“Houri…” Yomogawa Ayame, Ikoma and Konochi Kurusu also looked at Houri, and a thousand words seemed to be stuck in their hearts, unable to say even one.

In such a situation, the only one who could keep a normal mind was Houri.

“I’m just a passerby in your life, but I don’t want to be a passerby who is easily forgotten.”

Houri glanced around the crowd and smiled spontaneously.

“So, let me be slightly handsome in these last moments.”

Houri picked up Konochi Kurusu’s sword and turned his back to everyone present.

“I don’t care what happens to the people on Iron Fortress.”

“But you must all live.”

“Don’t die.”

Leaving this word, Houri jumped off the speeding Hayajiro with a leap.



“You guy!”

Ikoma, Ayame and Konochi Kurusu almost subconsciously rushed forward and saw the figure of Houri landing steadily on the railway track.

The figure was not upright, but there was no retreat.

The giant monster roared like a demon, and the distance was gradually getting closer to Houri.

The Hayajiro, named Iron Fortress, was traveling at a great speed, and the distance between it and Houri was gradually increasing.

Mumei, who was lying in Yomogawa Ayame’s arms, couldn’t help but push Yomogawa Ayame away and try her best to move forward, looking at the figure facing the huge monster with his back to her.

Immediately, Mumei shouted.

“I will definitely live well!”

“So you must not die either!”

The childish but loud voice resounded clearly throughout the sky but quickly disappeared in the wind.

In this way, the Iron Fortress carrying hope gradually disappeared.

The whistle and the sound of the wheels can no longer be heard.

It was only then that Houri raised his head and looked ahead.


The huge monster roar madly, shaking the ground while rushing at great speed.

Looking at the monster that was coming at a breathtaking speed, Houri muttered as if he was talking to himself.

“This way, I have only one thing left to do in this world.”

That was to fulfill the promise made at the beginning.

“To kill you!”

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