Illimitable Until Death v1c7

The battle that ensued could almost be described as one-sided.

Of course, it was Kabane’s side that fell.

From the depths of the forest, Kabane rushed out as many as 20 or 30.

If he were to go head to head, even with death perception mystic eyes, Houri would be surrounded and killed after killing one or two.

After all, death perception mystic eyes, while powerful, have limitations that can be called lethal.

That is, only when the dead line is cut, can the effect of ability be exerted.

In other words, even if he can ignore the opponent’s defense and cause terrible damage, but it will be useless if he can’t hit them.

In this case, with Houri’s current AGI, he will definitely die under the siege of the group of Kabane.

The reason why the previous battle went so well was because there was only one opponent, and also because Houri’s indifferent nature to death allowed him to be 100% committed to the battle, and not to be intimidated by the first battle and can kill extremely decisive and calm.

This is an advantage that the rest of the newcomers to space do not have.

Even if this advantage comes from a flaw in Houri’s personality.

However, even if he can be decisive and calm in the face of battle, it does not mean that Houri’s combat power is strong.

Houri’s stats was trash. With the sharpness of death perception mystic eyes and no fear in front of death, he can deal with one Kabane with no difficulty. He can still manage somehow with two or three Kabane. But against 20-30 Kabane, it’s definitely a death wish.

Thus, Houri’s next battle is to take advantage of the human have – intelligence.

Anyone familiar with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress knows that although Kabane is a monster different from humans, it instinctively will go after blood.

This is definitely a weakness that can be exploited.

Therefore, after Houri got into the grass, he immediately untied the cloth wrapped around his hands, tossed the blood-soaked cloth aside, and went around to the other end, diving directly into the grass. Like a fierce wolf eyeing the prey, just to send the dagger in his hand into the heart of the prey.

And in order not to let his own wounds seep out of the blood emitting the smell of blood, attracting Kabane, Houri also directly grabbed a handful of dirt, haphazardly rubbed it on his own wounds without worrying about inflammation and infection. His decisiveness is a little scary.

In this way, what happens next can be imagined.

Taking advantage of Kabane’s bloodthirsty characteristics, Houri, who is fully transformed into an assassin, uses blood as bait, and constantly lead each Kabane in another direction, while he is using a sneak attack, time and again from the grass with his pair of ice blue mystic eyes, aiming at the dead line wrapped around Kabane’s heart, mercilessly penetrate it with a dagger.

And when a Kabane fell, the rest of the Kabane noticed Houri, turned around and issued a roar. When he’s about to be under siege, Houri has long disappeared into the grass. Like a viper, continued to capture a target with ice blue mystic eyes, waiting for an opportunity to move.

The skilled and decisive approach is not at all like a newcomer to space, much less an 18-year-old student who was still an ordinary person a day ago.

Is this because he’s indifferent to death?

In this respect, perhaps this MainGod space is more suitable for Houri, who was born with personality defects, than the ordinary world.

Together with the mystic eyes, which are also closely related to ‘Death’, Houri has completely transformed into a killer, leaving one Kabane after another to fall in a pool of blood.

In this process, the system sound of space has always echoed in Houri’s mind.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”
“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

This hide, bait and kill, has brought substantial gains to Houri.

Of course, the gains are not only CP but also Houri’s own growth.

As the killing progressed, Houri found that he became more skilled in how to fight.


What became proficient was not the way of fighting, but the way of killing.

It was as if the dark side hidden deep inside Houri’s heart had been guided out, and Houri understood little by little how to better kill the prey that was covered with a dead line in his eyes.

Simply, like a born executioner.

Moreover, Houri is also gradually immersed in it, the means to make the object die is also becoming more and more skilled.

“Talent… talent…”

“Is my talent in the area of death perception mystic eyes? Or is it simply the concept of ‘death’ itself?”

If Houri is really talented, it would be in the concept of ‘death’, not in the ability of death perception mystic eyes.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain Houri’s self-taught lethal methods.

“In the end… What is ‘Death’…”

With such a thought, Houri’s dagger finally penetrates the dead line on the last Kabane’s heart.


The moment the shattered glass-like sound sounded, Kabane that had lost its glowing heart, collapsed on the spot, unable to move anymore.

“Obtain 100 CP from killing Kabane.”

Everything becomes silent again.

Houri who is immersed in the sensation of ‘Death’, wakes up with a start. He back to his senses, and becomes aware of his surrounding conditions.

The originally earth-colored ground has been stained with dark red blood.

And on top of these pools of blood, Kabane fell down one after another, without any breath.

Some of the Kabane was killed by Houri just like in the beginning, with their hands and feet mutilated, while others were intact, with only their heart parts penetrated.

From this phenomenon, it can be seen that Houri cut off the opponent’s hands and feet first, to render the opponent powerless and proceed to kill it, then kill another with one hit. He’s improving in how to kill his opponent.


“I can also use these pairs of mystic eyes without feeling any burden…”

As said before, possessing the death perception mystic eyes does not mean has the ability to use it.

These are a pair of mystic eyes that must understand the ‘Death’ of the object in order to see the dead line to exert extraordinary effects.

However, the human brain wants to understand the concept of ‘Death’ that it is not supposed to understand, which will cause a great burden on the brain.

Because of this, Tohno Shiki, who has this pair of mystic eyes in ‘Tsukihime’, often feels a severe headache when using the mystic eyes, but only Ryougi Shiki of ‘Kara no Kyoukai’ is immune to this side effect because of her own special characteristics.

“And am I… special?”

Houri has no time to think about this.

Because Houri noticed a lot of shadows scurrying towards the other end of the forest.

“Oh my god…”

This time, Houri was really scared.

The black shadows that came from all sides of the forest could be described as dense.

Needless to say, those black shadows are all Kabane who smell the smell of blood.

And the quantity, simply can’t be counted at all.

“No, I can’t fight this many.”

Even 20 or 30 Kabane, Houri had to use its bloodthirsty characteristics, using hide, lure and sneak attack to kill them. He would have no place to hide if he fights against the densely packed Kabane army.

Soon, this region will definitely be filled with Kabane.

At that time, Houri will definitely be torn to pieces in a flash without any luck.

“Let’s escape.”

This is the only option.

Otherwise, Houri would only die.

So without any hesitation, Houri turned around and fled with all his might.


The roar from behind echoed loudly, like a wild beast, making people afraid.

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