Illimitable Until Death v1c70


On top of the endless railroad tracks, the raging roar turned into a wave of sound, like a hurricane, sweeping across the earth.

The monster, made of pure Kabane, swung its huge arms and roared without any sense, swinging violently towards the railroad tracks in front of it.


Along with the roar, with the huge monster as the center, the amazing impact wind-wave was stirred up, mixed with muddy sand and dust, like an explosion, attacked the surrounding.

At once, the ground suddenly trembled, setting off the gravel to the sky.

That scene, even if called a natural disaster is not unreasonable.

And in such a natural disaster, a small human power seems so fragile.

So, Houri was simply scraped away by the powerful impact wind, as if it was a piece of worthless garbage, tumbling in mid-air, and finally stopped after he had easily adjusted his body and landed on his feet and retreated several dozens of meters in succession.

“Cough…” Houri couldn’t help but cough, coughing up blood from his throat.

In front of his body, red marks began to seep through the bandages that had been properly wrapped.

Obviously, Houri’s old and new wounds all started to work, causing pain to hit Houri’s mind.

However, Houri did not even have the time to feel the pain, and directly took out the Stamina Recovery Medicine that he had been saving from his leg bag, uncorked the bottle, and poured all the potion inside into his mouth and swallowed it into his stomach.

The medicine was used to restore physical strength, so Houri’s body finally began to regain some strength.

However, the giant monster with a howl shook the air, like a brutal beast on the rampage, charging at Houri.


The ground cracked under the monster’s crushing.


The stones shattered under the monster’s impact.

In the face of that violent incarnation, Houri did not even have a chance to stop it, and could only watch as it ran wildly towards him.

Then the huge monster raised its arm once again and swung it heavily at Houri below.


A loud impact sound appeared at first, with a windy impact, once again expanding in all directions.

Under the terrifying attack of the huge monster, Houri simply dodged the direct blow of the opponent’s swinging arm with all his might, followed by an explosion of the impact that could not even resist, and was directly blown away, like a kite with a broken string, and crashed into a hill not far away.

This time, the pain came from Houri’s back, leaving Houri’s head empty and nearly unconscious.

“Damn it!” Houri clenched his teeth and endured the pain and shock, clutching the sharp katana, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes stared forward, and couldn’t stop sweeping over the body of Fused colony.

In this one moment, presented in the eyes of Houri’s dead line is really too much.

Each Kabane that made up the Fused colony was an individual, not directly dead, but simply absorbed and used as parts.

Thus, the thread Houri saw was the ‘Death’ of hundreds of Kabane.

“How long will it take to kill them all?”

Not to mention, even if he kills the Kabane, it’s not going to help.

As long as the core Amatori Biba is not killed, even the Kabane’s body will become parts and be used by the Fused colony.

Therefore, Houri should not kill the Fused colony, but Amatori Biba.

“But how to make it expose the core?”

Houri’s mystic eyes stared directly at the heart of the Fused colony.

There, a little blue light was shining, telling Houri where the monster’s weak point really was.

Perhaps it has reacted to Houri’s sight, the growling sound of the Fused colony becomes more violent. Like a wild beast in a frenzy, it launched an onslaught in Houri’s direction.

The scene was even more shocking than Tank’s impact, causing Houri’s heart and soul to tremble so much that he couldn’t even think of resisting.


“I don’t have to resist then!”

If he just runs away, then he can’t kill the monster in front of him.

“I need to move forward!”

Only by moving forward can an offense be launched.

Against that savage monster…


With such determination, Houri stomped hard on the hill behind him, and his body turned into a loaded bullet, with a sharp sound of air splitting, and shot at the onrushing Fused colony.

That behavior can almost make anyone cursed him courting death.

It didn’t take long for the two sides, which were completely out of proportion in size, to meet.


The huge monster did not lose momentum and directly rammed into the hill, provoking a powerful impact.

At one time, the ground shook, the wind was more than strong.

In that violent impact, the Fused colony’s body has also suffered the impact, so that part of the body is directly scattered.

The Kabane that made up this part of the body fell like raindrops and hit the ground one by one.

The Fused colony, which lost part of its body, wriggled wildly, and its remaining hand kept slapping itself.


The powerful force caused the Fused colony to slap apart another part of its body.

Bam Bam-!

The giant monster just kept slapping its body, letting its body fall apart, releasing one Kabane after another.

Of course, the Fused colony was not hurting itself.

The reason for this action was that a figure was clinging to the Fused colony’s body.


A cold blade light flashed by.


Kabane’s heart, which made up the Fused colony’s body, was directly penetrated.

Houri directly grabbed the body of the Kabane he had killed and glued it to the body of Fused colony, dodging Fused colony’s attacks while swinging the katana in his hand, killing each Kabane that roared at him alone, stepping on their corpses and leaping towards the heart of the monster.

“Since you’re fighting so happily, give me a hand!”

Houri jumped directly onto the heart of the Fused colony.


Kabane, who had formed the chest muscles, immediately roar at Houri, probing its hand towards Houri who stepped up.

Houri immediately made another jump and jumped up in mid-air.

At this time, the Fused colony’s huge arm is also violently swung, landed on top of its own heart.

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