Illimitable Until Death v1c72

When Houri’s voice was clearly heard in Amatori Biba’s ears, Amatori Biba’s imminent loss of heart burst into a strong sense of foreboding.

However, it was too late to react at this time.

Houri looked up abruptly, and a pair of ice blue mystic eyes shone with a breathtaking light.

Immediately after, Houri’s only hand that was not pierced shifted, and a weapon fell out of his sleeve.

A weapon with a pitch-black color and an extremely sharp blade.


Impressively, it was the Kunai that Houri hadn’t yet had the time to return to Mumei.


With a faint sound of air splitting, the sharp Kunai cut through the air and fiercely thrust towards the heart of the core under Amatori Biba’s dramatically changed face.


The next moment, the heart that emitted blue luster was pierced through.

Blood, once again, spilled.


In the deserted wilderness, the giant Fused colony with only half of its body left suddenly let out a heart-breaking roar and groaned in pain.


A blinding light flashed up from the body of the Fused colony, shining out like a ray of light through the gap between one of the Kabane that made up the body, shining out brightly.

Immediately, the huge size of the Fused colony like a balloon, the whole body began to bulge.


In a loud explosion, the huge monster called Fused colony exploded, leaving the Kabane that made up the body like a rainstorm, falling down.

That is probably the rainstorm that has never appeared before, right?

Only, each drop of rain is a Kabane.

A large number of Kabane poured down, one after the other slammed to the ground, and then as if completely lost life, after two movements, there is no movement.

In the midst of this large number of Kabane, two figures also fell from the sky, hitting the ground heavily, raising a cloud of thick sandy dust.

Pa –Papapa-!

The sound of a grain of gravel striking the ground rang out.


A gale of wind burst forth, carrying away the raised sand and dust.

“Cough…” Houri coughed a few more times, finally couldn’t help but spit out blood. His whole body was already dripping with blood, and he was constantly shaking.

But even so, Houri still did not let go of the only hand he could move.

That hand, clutching the sharp Kunai, pierced deep into the heart that was emitting blue light.

Only, that heart is no longer the heart of Fused colony core, but the heart of Amatori Biba.

Amatori Biba lying under Houri’s body had blood flowing out of his mouth, and his eyes were gradually losing their sparkle.

It wasn’t the loss of reason that caused that loss.

It was a sign that life was about to pass away.

Once it dims, then it will never light up again.

Amatori Biba himself could not have known this better.

The sound seemed to disappear at this moment.

Only the sound of Houri’s breathing, which was somewhat rapid, was left to work slowly.

Amatori Biba stared straight at Houri, and after a long time, said in a hoarse voice.

“You win…”

Hearing this, Houri raised his eyes with difficulty, looked at Amatori Biba, shook his head and said.

“The one who won you is not me, but fate.”


Amatori Biba didn’t lose to Houri, but to fate.

If not for the iron stake that pierced through Houri’s body would not have left a hand for Houri to make the final blow.

If not for the Kunai that Mumei had left behind when she was at odds with Houri would not have fallen into Houri’s hands before the battle and not returned to Mumei’s body, becoming Houri’s last resort for victory.

So instead of losing to Houri, Amatori Biba lost to fate.

Lowering his head and looking at Amatori Biba’s heart that was emitting blue light, Houri couldn’t help but be sarcastic.

“As a result, saying that it wasn’t you who injected the black plasma, it was clearly you.”

The one who attacked Houri and Mumei on the roof of the car was Amatori Biba.

The person who injected the black plasma in front of Houri was also Amatori Biba.

Otherwise, Houri did not believe that a woman pretending to be Amatori Biba could talk to him for so long without revealing any flaw.

Therefore, Amatori Biba only disguised his black plasma-injected henchman as himself and turned her into the core of the Fused colony, and then appeared in front of Houri, also injected with black plasma, and directly fused with the core of the Fused colony.

I’m afraid that at the beginning, one of the iron stakes that rose from Amatori Biba’s body was connected to the core, right?

In other words, Amatori Biba is well prepared.

This man believed.

He believed that Houri would eventually reach the core.

Therefore, Amatori Biba set up this game and counted Houri.

Unfortunately, after all that Amatori Biba did, he was still defeated.

“This is the end of you.” Houri held Kunai with all his might and said, word by word.

“This is your destiny.”

Amatori Biba’s eyes flickered as they dimmed.

After an unknown period of time, Amatori Biba smiled.

That smile, rendered by the blood, looked so majestic.

“Is it fate?” Amatori Biba squeezed out his voice with difficulty and said. “I didn’t expect that you, who has no fear of death, would believe in fate.”

“… Yes, I believe in fate.” Houri closed his eyes.” If that were not the case, it would not explain the fact that I was born with a flaw in my heart.”

With such a statement, Houri’s voice became strong and powerful again.

“I believe in fate, but I don’t want to resign to my fate!”

Houri opened his eyes, ice blue mystic eyes once again appeared.

“If there really is a fate that cannot be changed, then it is up to me to kill it!”

“I believe this pair of eyes exist for this purpose!”

The surrounding was suddenly quiet.

The smile on Amatori Biba’s face gradually changed as he gazed at Houri’s ice blue mystic eyes.

From bleak to relieved.

“Perhaps, what you killed is my fate.”

Leaving this sentence, Amatori Biba’s eyes completely lost their sparkle.


The blue glowing heart shattered and turned into powder, dissipating into the air.

Amatori Biba, dead.

At this time, the system prompt sounded at the right time.

“No. 11273 time of detention is over, automatically return to MainGod space.”

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