Illimitable Until Death v1c73

Here is a barren open space.

There is no turf, no trees, only dust exposed in the air.

Surrounded by walls, the clearing was firmly bound inside, like a cage, without a bit of life.


At a certain moment, in such an open space, a burst of light flashed suddenly.

In the light, Houri’s figure gradually emerged and fell directly to his knees on the ground, drenched in blood, with a miserable appearance.


At that moment, Houri’s body shone with a light that enveloped his whole body.

Under that light, the painful expression Houri was carrying on his face was relieved.


The wounds on Houri’s body healed one after another at an extremely fast rate.

The speed of healing, no matter what kind of life, not to mention Kabaneri, could not recover at such a speed.

In such a situation, Houri’s body that is fatal wounds almost instantly recovered completely.

Moreover, Houri was still a little dizzy because of the massive blood loss, but now he was also completely recovered.

A few seconds later, the light that enveloped Houri’s entire body began to dissipate.

Houri, who had recovered from his injuries, made a pleasant sound, and his voice was full of gratitude.

“Fortunately, after returning to MainGod space, MainGod envoy can have a chance to recover from their injuries, otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.”

In Houri’s grateful voice, a system prompt also sounded in his mind.

“No. 11273 returning to MainGod space for Clear evaluation.”
“Transcript world: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Number of Participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 3.”
“Mission 1: Kill 10 Kabane. Extra rewards will be based on the individual killed.”
“Mission completed, additional kills are completed, the number of kills is large. The reward is greatly increased.”
“Mission 2: Protect the important person Yomogawa Ayame during the fall of Aragane station until Iron Fortress is successfully disengaged. Extra rewards will be based on the number of surviving Aragane station citizens.”
“Mission completed, important person Yomogawa Ayame survived, Aragane station population survived a small number of people, the reward is slightly increased.”
“Mission 3: Obtain 3000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Mission completed, received 30,000 CP, with a large number of additional acquisitions and a significant increase in rewards.”
“Clear evaluation: A+ Rank.”

As such a system prompt fell, another piece of information began to come to Houri’s mind.

“The remaining factors affecting Clear evaluation were detected and evaluated.”
“Influencing factor One: Completed B Rank Side Mission [Arena battle of Martial gathering]. Evaluation increased, not enough to raise the evaluation level.”
“Influencing Factor Two: Completion of B Rank Side Mission [Late victory]. Evaluation increased, cumulative improvement, evaluation reaches S- Rank.”
“Influencing factor three: Complete A-Rank Hidden Mission [Hunter’s Demise]. The evaluation has risen sharply, reaching S Rank.”
“Final Clear evaluation: S Rank.”
“Reward: 20,000 CP, 10 Free AP, 5 Free SP.”
(The level of Clear evaluation is the same as the mission level, from high to low is divided into S, A, B, C, D, E, a total of six levels, but each level is divided into three small levels, to S Rank for example, from high to low is divided into S+ Rank, S Rank and S- Rank, the rest of the level is the same.)

The information from his mind, left Houri astonished.

As a newcomer to MainGod space, he was able to make Clear evaluation reach S Rank in the first Transcript world, which is not unprecedented, but definitely with the title given to Houri in space, enough to be called a Newbie leader, shocking.

However, Houri was astonished not about this, but another thing.

“A Rank Hidden Mission?”

He actually completed a Hidden Mission?

At that moment, Houri made a request to the space.

“Request to view the mission record.”

MainGod envoy can apply to the space to view various information.

For example, MainGod envoy’s attributes, skills and equipment can be viewed directly.

Of course, the mission is also.

So, in the next second, Houri received a message.

“No. 11273 Completed A-Rank Hidden Mission: Hunter’s demise.”
“Mission content: Destroy all Hunter members and kill Hunter leader Amatori Biba with your own hands.”
“Mission reward: Servant Certificate (Tier 4).”

Seeing this message, Houri really had nothing to say.

The so-called Hidden Mission, as the name implies, is not notified when the mission is triggered so that the MainGod envoy can act without knowing the situation.

Of course, because there is no notification, therefore, the failure rate of the Hidden Mission is almost equal to 100%.

After all, if you don’t know the mission, you won’t be able to act on it, and you will unknowingly miss it and fail.

However, if you complete the Hidden Mission, the rewards of the Hidden Mission are much higher than the Side Mission at the same mission level.

Therefore, many MainGod envoys love and hate the tasks that Hidden Mission can only accomplish in the event of luck, but they have no choice but to put it on the shelf. If it can be completed, it should be handled as a surprise.

Now, Houri has come across such a surprise.

And, it was a big surprise.

Only, this surprise really made Houri a little dumbfounded.

“If it wasn’t for Mumei and others, I wouldn’t have disliked Hunter for no reason at all, let alone fight with Amatori Biba like that.”

“Surprisingly, if I ignore what happened to Mumei and others, the surprise will just turn out to be shocked, right?”

It can be seen from the maliciousness of space that Space Envoy loves and hates Hidden Mission.

For another person, they would be happy with this reward?

With this in mind, Houri raised his hand.

In his hand, a parchment was lying there at some point.

Servant Certificate (Tier 4): A special item that can be used when the story character willingly agrees. It can transform a story character of Tier 4 or below into a servant of MainGod envoy, sharing life and authority with the user, and having all the same specifications as MainGod envoy in MainGod space. Worth 50,000 CP.

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