Illimitable Until Death v1c74

This is a very vast street.

Moreover, it is a very peculiar street.

The street seems to have no end, stretching straight ahead, not knowing where it can stretch to.

The street is not paved with cement, but chalk-like marble, very smooth and shiny.

And on both sides of the street, is standing a stone pillar.

A stone pillar that can not see the top, straight up to the clouds, with a door underneath.

If such a scene can not be called peculiar, then it is estimated that there are not many peculiar things in this world.

Of course, the more peculiar things are still behind.

Under that one stone pillar, a door was opened one after another.

Some people came out of the door and entered the street as if they appeared out of thin air.

Some people walked from the street into the door, as into the stone pillars, seemingly out of thin air.

Upon closer inspection, these doors all have a number on them.

Moreover, the writing on the number is not all.

If there is anyone who knows all the words here, then this person will find that these numbers from low to high, following the stone pillars, and gradually increase.

Under such circumstances, the door under the 11273th stone pillar, marked with the word ‘11273’, was opened abruptly.

The person who came out of the door was impressively Houri.

“This is…”

Looking at the unusually large and peculiar street in front of him, Houri was instantly speechless.

MainGod space’s newbie guide won’t tell Houri what this place actually looks like, it just introduces the general layout of the space.

Therefore, seeing the vast streets and the stone pillars that go up into the clouds, Houri’s heart was more or less shocked.

What shocked Houri even more was the pedestrians on the street.

These people are almost all strange-looking.

Some have long ears.

Some have long tails.

Some have long necks.

Some have long fangs.

Even, some simply do not even know whether it counts as human, covered with thick fur, topped with a head of unknown species, and more like a beastman.

What’s more, Houri also saw a black shadow flying across the sky.

Those black shadows, some look like birds, some look like beasts, and even creatures like Dragon Race are there, vibrating their wings in the sky, flying through the streets and sweeping ahead.

“Are these MainGod envoys?”

Houri feels that his own three views have suffered a shock.

However, if you think about it, it seems natural.

According to the knowledge given by MainGod space, the so-called worlds are divided into three types, which exist in the form of a pyramid from high to low.

The top of the pyramid is the MainGod space, also known as the space world, which is the first world born and undoubtedly the highest level world.

There is only one life born in this space world.

That is MainGod.

So, MainGod ruled everything here, made everything here, and after years and years of development, finally formed this MainGod space.

The middle of the pyramid is a different dimension, also known as Planes world.

Planes world is endless, some similar, some completely different, independent of each other.

The world Houri used to live in is one of the endless Planes worlds.

The MainGod space is to select each and every MainGod envoy in this Planes world and bring them into this MainGod space.

Therefore, the MainGod envoys in MainGod space are all from one Planes world, some of them naturally look very similar, some are completely different.

In this case, it is not wrong for MainGod space to look like this.

After all, there are too many Planes worlds, and those who can enter the MainGod space are very special in some way, so it is almost impossible to meet the MainGod envoy from the same plane.

At least, until now, there has been no news of anyone from the same Planes world in space.

It can be imagined that in MainGod space, how horrible is the chance of encountering MainGod envoy from the same plane.

As for the bottom of the pyramid, that is the Transcript world.

Because all Transcript worlds are worlds derived from the fictional elements in the Planes world.

When the civilization of a Planes world is developed enough and the culture is high enough, a fictional world will be born through the fictional fantasies generated by these Planes worlds.

These worlds are the so-called Transcript world.

The Transcript worlds derived from each Planes world have different themes.

Like Houri, the theme derived from his realm is probably the 2D category.

MainGod space will select each MainGod envoy from the Planes world and let them go to the Transcript world derived from their respective planes.

In view of this, MainGod envoys from different planes have no way to enter the Transcript world derived from other MainGod envoy’s planes unless they are led by the MainGod envoy of that planes.

This knowledge will only be given to the MainGod envoy after he passes the first Transcript world and gets rid of his novice status.

So, Houri also just learned all this.

“It’s spectacular, it’s like entering a myth…”

Even Houri, at this moment, could not help but feel a little moved.

And at this time, the MainGod envoy on the street also began to notice Houri one after another.

“Is there a new MainGod envoy in No. 11273?”

“That’s right, it’s been a long time since the last MainGod envoy of No. 11273 fell, so it’s time for MainGod space to elect a new MainGod envoy.”

“In other words, is this person a newcomer?”

“He seems to be a human.”

The language spoken by the MainGod envoys, who were all different looking on the street, was not a language that Houri knew.

But Houri understands their meaning.

It’s not that Houri knows the language, he just understands it.

As long as it is MainGod envoy, it will be given the ability to understand various languages by space.

This is an indispensable ability in the various Transcript worlds.

Therefore, MainGod envoy has the ability to understand not only other people’s language, but also let others understand their own language.

Houri smiled slightly as he looked at the peculiar-looking MainGod envoy on the street.

“It seems that MainGod space is more interesting than I thought.”

With this thought, Houri stepped into the street.

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