Illimitable Until Death v1c76

As mentioned earlier, skills cannot be exchanged in space.

MainGod envoy can only go to each Transcript world and try to acquire various skills from them to improve their strength.

But sometimes, the skills learned by MainGod envoy have no practical use for themselves, or they do not meet the learning requirements, so they cannot learn the skills at all.

The hard-earned skills can’t be used. This is already a blow. If the MainGod envoy gives up on it, wouldn’t the previous efforts be put to waste?

As a result, a special item sold in space was greatly used.

Skill crystal: A special item that can seal the skills that the user has given up. When used with the skill already sealed, it allows the user to acquire the skill. Worth 5000 CP.

The skills that are auctioned off in the auction house are exactly this kind of skill crystal with skills sealed in it.

Therefore, even the MainGod envoy of different planes has the opportunity to learn the skills in the Transcript world of other planes.

As part of the strength of the MainGod envoy, it is naturally impossible for Houri not to be interested in skills.

But the first thing Houri looked at was the equipment that he lacked the most.

“View Tier 5’s equipment directly, high-level equipment cannot be worn anyway.”

MainGod envoy’s level greatly affects the strength.

Because, with a low level, there is no way to wear high-level equipment and no way to upgrade skills to higher levels.

Take Houri Killer for example, this skill is an upgradeable skill.

For this type of upgradeable skill, the MainGod envoy can use SP to upgrade it once for each level up to the highest Tier 1.

In addition to affecting equipment and skills, MainGod envoy’s level also affects attributes.

Tier 5 MainGod envoy is able to increase its own attributes to 100 points combined.

Not including the bonuses of equipment, skills, profession and title, Tier 5 can raise its four attributes to 100 points.

To continue to improve attributes, then one need to upgrade.

As for the upgrade conditions, one of them is to first raise the combined attributes to the limit of 100 points.

After MainGod envoy raises the comprehensive attribute to 100 points, they can start to carry out the Promotion Mission, complete the mission will be able to upgrade to a higher level.

At present, Houri’s comprehensive attributes only poor 9 points, the title of the bonus does not count. It is far from the limit of 100 points. It’s only 19 points even if 10 free APs are used, there’s no need to consider the matter of upgrading for the time being.

Therefore, with the exception of the Tier 5 equipment, it’s better not to see the rest of the high-level equipment.

In this way, Houri began to browse the auction of the equipment.

“This one is good.”

“This one is also good.”

“Not this one, it doesn’t suit me.”

“I can’t believe there’s even an equipment like this, who puts it up for auction?”

“So many people grabbed this one, it’s really a good thing, I’ll make an offer too.”

“Fuck, who raised the price so much, isn’t this bullying a newbie?”

As a result, Houri spent a whole hour picking and bidding, and finally chose four pieces of equipment.

Femble Shirt
Category: Tops
Level: Tier 5
Effect: When attacked, there is a chance that a cold attack will occur, resulting in a freezing effect.

Black Gauge Binding Legs
Category: Bottoms
Level: Tier 5
Effect: Restores one-tenth of strength every ten minutes.

Breeze Gauntlets
Category: Handguard
Level: Tier 5
Effect: Attack speed is increased by 10% and can be used for defense to some extent.

Revolving Boots
Category: Shoes
Level: Tier 5
Effect: 20% increase in movement speed, 20% increase in jumping power, and a speed spike when retreating.

MainGod envoy can wear a total of seven pieces of equipment, divided into weapons, top, bottom, armor, shoes and two accessories.

Therefore, Houri spent 10,000 CP to auction off four pieces of equipment: top, bottom, armor and shoes.

Femble Shirt cost 3000 CP.

Black Gauge Binding Legs cost 2000 CP.

Breeze Gauntlets cost 2000 CP.

Revolving Boots cost 3000 CP.

After spending a fifth of his savings in one fell swoop, Houri stopped for a moment, sweating a little.

“Only four pieces of equipment cost 10,000 CP, and equipment that can produce an increase in effect is really expensive.”

“This is only a Tier 5 equipment. If it was a Tier 1 equipment, how much CP would it cost for the whole set?”

“No, I don’t want to imagine it.”

Houri smiled bitterly.

Houri also didn’t want to think about it. Almost all the products of the same level that can be thrown in the auction house for auction, how could it be cheaper?

Other than that, Houri auctioned off this set of equipment that will be of great help to Houri if worn.

For example, the attack speed and movement speed bonus brought by the gauntlets and shoes, that is the effect that Houri needs most.

Houri’s positioning of himself is very clear.

Speed ​​type.

Moreover, it is the ultimate speed type.

With death perception mystic eyes, Houri does not need to increase the attack power at all. As long as he can see the dead line of the opponent, then cutting along the dead line can cause extremely serious damage.

In addition, there is no hard or soft in dead line, defense in front of the death perception mystic eyes completely ineffective, so Houri does not need to increase attack power at all.

The same goes for defense.

As long as the speed and skills are improved, then when Houri really comes and goes without a trace, then who can hit Houri?

Perhaps this extreme bias will make Houri more difficult to mix in the early stages. But when Houri’s fighting style really takes shape later, it will really be the existence of shinigami that comes and goes as it pleases.

“Of course, weapons are still very much needed.”

After all, even if Houri is not interested in the aspect of attack power, many types of equipment in MainGod space still have various strange effects.

“If there is a weapon that is more effective, then naturally, I have to buy it.”

When he said that, Houri suddenly discovered.

In the auction screen in front of him, there was a weapon being bid on.

Category: Weapons
Level: Tier 5
Effect: Attack speed is increased by 20%, and the attack comes with a heavy shadow that somewhat dulls the subject’s reaction.

Houri’s eyes couldn’t help but lit up when he saw this weapon.

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