Illimitable Until Death v1c77

That is a dagger.

The whole body moved with the silver light.

The blade line is extremely smooth.

The handle was branded with a crescent moon.

It looks like a moonlight incarnation, very beautiful.

When he saw this weapon, Houri’s eyes were fixed on it.

As a layman in combat, when he first entered MainGod space, Houri did not have any experience in using weapons. In order to match the death perception mystic eyes, he finally chose a dagger as his weapon.

After all, what Houri needs to attack is the dead line. There may be an advantage in the distance when using a long weapon. But for Houri who had no experience in the use of weapons, it’s really hard to say whether he can accurately cut the dead line if he uses such a weapon.

With that in mind, Houri chose dagger.

With a short length, the chances of hitting are higher.

After experiencing a Transcript world, Houri’s self-taught means of killing, and his proficiency in using daggers have also increased.

“If that’s the case, I might as well choose a familiar weapon.”

Therefore, Houri instantly chose this Moonblade in front of him.

“The effect of increasing the attack speed is more suitable for me than the attack power. Plus the effect of heavy shadow, which can cause a slow reaction to the opponent, is a fatal flaw before my mystic eyes.”

Without much hesitation, Houri decided to participate in Moonblade’s auction.

So, Houri clicked on Moonblade’s picture on the interface, and immediately saw the status of Moonblade’s auction.

At this time, Moonblade’s auction price was steadily increasing.





Houri was instantly stunned.

“Is it already above 3000 CP?”

He didn’t expect that a weapon as unpopular as a dagger would rise so quickly.

Currently, Houri directly raised the price to 3500 CP.

The number on the bidding table stopped moving.

Only a moment later did the number jump again, from 3500 to 3600.

Seeing this situation, Houri smiled slightly and raised his bid to 3800.

The numbers on the bid list stopped again.

Obviously, no one could have expected that someone would raise the price so quickly, right?

With no one raising their bids, the interface in front of Houri began to float a countdown.

After a countdown of ten seconds, if no one raised their bid, the dagger would belong to Houri.

However, when the countdown reached 3, the number on the bidding table jumped again and became 3900.

Seeing this situation, Houri not only did not rush but also smiled.

“It took so long to raise the bid, and it was only 100 CP. This should be the limit for this bidder, right?”

With this in mind, Houri raised his bid to 4000.

Now, the bidding table just stopped moving.

Then, in the seat next to Houri, a MainGod envoy cursed.

“Such an unpopular weapon like a dagger is actually raised to 4,000 CP. Who is this rich man?”

Houri almost choked.

He didn’t think the person he was competing with was right next to him, what the hell.

However, this kind of thing is the highest bidder to win, the rich could do whatever they want.

Ignoring the cursing MainGod envoy, Houri continued to browse with a leisurely face, looking for a piece of good equipment.

As a result, Houri really found something good.

Snowflakes Ring
Category: Accessories
Level: Tier 5
Effect: +5 to all attributes

With just one effect, this ring directly caught up half of Houri’s hard-earned title.

Houri naturally could not miss such good stuff.

In the end, Houri spent another 4,000 CP and successfully auctioned off the Snowflakes Ring.

After that, Houri auctioned off another accessory.

Black Ring
Category: Accessories
Level: Tier 5
Effect: +2 for all attributes, with personal space for storing items, with a range of 1×1×1.

Although the effect of adding attributes is not as good as that of Snowflakes Ring, it comes with space. This essential equipment must be a popular item and cannot be ignored.

Again, after some fierce competition, Houri again squandered 4,000 CP to get the ring.

Before and after, Houri spent a total of 22000 CP and finally brought together equipment.

Houri can be proud of the fact that he got all the equipment in the newbie stage and almost all of them are the best in their class.

If it was another MainGod envoy, with a set of equipment like this does not reach the end of Tier 5, then they are wasting it.

Houri skipped such a hurdle directly because of the great gains of the first world. At least not need to worry about the issue of equipment before upgrading.

As for the auctioned equipment, the space will automatically transport it to the MainGod envoy’s personal residence according to the number of MainGod envoys, so there is no need to worry about security issues.

“Almost half of the CP was spent in one go…”

This makes Houri feel happy and couldn’t help but bitter smile at the same time.

But the most important thing is to be able to turn CP into strength.

“The equipment problem is solved, let’s look at the skills.”

So, Houri clicked on the skill interface.

A prismatic crystal suddenly appeared on the interface.

A skill is sealed in each crystal.

As for the information on the sealed skills, they are introduced in their respective auction sections.

Because he had already solved the problem of equipment, Houri was interested in the skills. But he browsed them somewhat casually in the state of mind that he was done with them.

So, Houri dragged the interface to the top directly.

The setting of the space is very user-friendly.

In the auction interface, the more valuable the item, the more it is ranked in the front.

Houri dragged the interface directly to the top, and naturally, he saw the most valuable one of the skills being auctioned.

The next second, the skill’s information printed into Houri’s eyes.

Stigma (Lv.1)
-Active skills.
-STR increased by 100%.
-VIT increased by 100%.
-AGI increased by 100%.
-Gains a significant increase in power.
-Burdens the user depending on the time of use and skill level.
-Skill level can be increased.

When such a skill was printed into Houri’s vision, Houri’s casual expression immediately froze. His heartbeat missed a beat directly and he couldn’t help but put his head in the direction of the interface.

After a long time, Houri took a breath, and his eyes were filled with the emotion that he must win this at all costs.

“I must get this skill!”

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