Illimitable Until Death v1c78

Houri wondered what kind of idiot would put a skill like Stigma up for auction.

If it was Houri, such a skill, if he could learn it, he would definitely want to learn it quickly so as not to be robbed, let alone auction it off.

Not to mention, just looking at the effect of this skill, it is simply OP.

Except for INT, the other three attributes are all increased by 100%.

This is a percentage.

What does it mean?

It means that no matter how strong you become in the future, the increase in this skill will keep up.

When the attribute is only 10, it may only improve another 10 points. But when the attribute is 100, its improvement is also 100 points. The effect of the improvement will only get stronger and stronger, and will not be weaker.

It’s not a stretch to say that this skill will get stronger in the hands of the weak, and stronger in the hands of the strong.

Not to mention, this skill is still upgradeable.

In other words, by the time this skill is upgraded to full level, its effect will become even more terrifying.

By that time, how much did it improve?




Or maybe even higher?

A skill with such a promising future, unlimited potential, and extremely frightening. Only an idiot would put this up for auction, right?

Of course, this skill has side effects, depending on the use time and skill level, it will burden the user, but in the battle of life and death, this is definitely a rare ace.

Houri can be sure that if he doesn’t obtain this skill now, after a period of time, he will not get this skill if those well-informed bigwigs were alerted by this.

This skill definitely has the charm of attracting the strongest people Tier 1 in space.

The moment of truth, Houri immediately clicked on the skill interface to participate in the auction.

However, the condition of the auction made Houri completely dumbfounded.








With the almost crazy surge, the auction price of Stigma skill exceeded 10,000 at once.


Houri couldn’t help but let out a swear word, and then hastily quoted the price of 11,000.

However, this price was immediately pushed down.






Houri almost even blue veins are bursting out.

Not many people have noticed this skill yet, and there are not many people in the auction house. As a result, the prices have soared so terribly. If those well-informed big brothers really rushed over, then wouldn’t that be the end?

At this moment, Houri, who was not afraid of death, was anxious.

“Can only see my luck. I hope there is no MainGod envoy bidding with good financial condition.”

Houri gritted his teeth and raised the price to 20,000 in one breath.

It wasn’t until then that the bidding began to slowly increase.






Compared to the previous rise, such a speed of improvement is really considered slow.

Houri immediately saw a glimmer of hope.

“It seems that God still favors me.”

Houri raised the price again, directly raised the price to 22,000.









By this time, Houri’s palms were starting to sweat.

Houri’s CP was only 28,000 left.

If the price exceeds 28,000, then Houri would miss this skill.

Houri regretted why he had just splurged so much.

“I have to gamble.”

Houri was so hard-hearted that he directly raised the price to 25,000.

The numbers on the quotation sheet finally stopped.

Houri’s heart began to beat faster.

Don’t raise the price…

Don’t let anyone raise the price…

As Houri prayed, the crowd around him began to stir.

Apparently, the MainGod envoys who were in the auction house and had noticed the Stigma skill auction, but could not afford to continue bidding, began to spread the word.

This made Houri smile bitterly, and can only hope that the auction ends quickly.

It’s a race against time.

Will Houri get it first?

Or did the news spread smoothly?

Houri can only try to suppress his inner anxiety, staring closely at the countdown in front of him.

Until the countdown in front of him, all the way to zero.

Immediately after, the interface flashed a notice.

“Auction ended, final sale price 25,000 CP.”

With the flash of this announcement, the system prompt likewise sounded in Houri’s mind.

“You have successfully won the auction house bidding, the auction items are automatically transferred back to your personal residence. Please pay attention to check your receipt.”

After this sound echoed in Houri’s mind, Houri let out a big sigh of relief.

At this time, Houri realized that his back was completely wet.

It was sweat from nervousness.

At the same time, the commotion around the room broke out completely.

“My goodness…”

“A divine technique like that, and the price is only 25,000?”

“Where are all those rich Space Envoy’s gone?”

“If this was the usual case, it would have gone for ten times as much, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Which guy got such a big deal?”

“Shit, if I hadn’t just bid on that equipment…”

All of a sudden, the noisy voices became more and more mixed up.

One by one, the MainGod envoy began to make a lot of noise, so that the clueless onlookers finally understood what was going on.

At once, those MainGod envoys who were full of CP but did not notice the auction had a face of remorse and even lost their temper at those MainGod envoys who did not spread the news.

Everyone’s heart has only one thought.

“Someone really picked up a bargain.”

It was really a bargain.

At least, Houri outwardly pretends to be dazed was already laughs in his heart.

“Such a bargain.”

Buying a skill with unlimited potential and unbelievable power for 25,000 CP, Houri could wake up laughing in his sleep.

Seeing that the commotion around the area was getting bigger and bigger, and that MainGod envoy was constantly converging towards this side, making the place more and more lively and chaotic, Houri silently left his seat and blended in with the crowd, leaving quietly.

The harvest is extremely gratifying.

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