Illimitable Until Death v1c8

“Hu… Hu…”

Under the steel city walls of Aragane station, Houri placed his hand on the wall, panting a little violently.

“How long has it been since I ran like I did today?”

Ever since he became a hikikomori, Houri had trouble getting up and down the stairs, so to go through a fierce battle like today and run with all his might was something he could never have imagined before.

“It seems that my stamina has been more or less enhanced, otherwise there is certainly no way to run like this for so long.”

After all, no matter what kind of attribute, it needs to be used through the consumption of stamina.

It takes stamina to attack.

It takes stamina to defend.

It takes stamina to run away.

It takes a lot of stamina when fighting.

Therefore, with the exception of INT, all the other three attributes are increased by varying degrees of stamina.

Comparing stamina as a unit, raising STR will raise one unit of stamina, raising VIT will raise three units of stamina, raising AGI will raise two units of stamina, and raising INT will not raise stamina.

In other words, the ratio of stamina that can be increased by improving the four basic attributes of STR, VIT, AGI, and INT is 1:3:2:0.

In such a situation, Houri could run for so long, or he would have collapsed from exhaustion as early as in the forest.

“In order to deal with this situation, I exchanged the tools to restore my stamina.”

After recovering a little, Houri touched his leg bag, did not take out Stamina Recovery Medicine from it, but quietly adjusted his breathing to recover.

Now that he has a chance to rest, he couldn’t use up the precious recovery items.

Otherwise, it would be a big problem if he doesn’t have it when it really needed.

“However, it was worth the effort.”

In this battle, Houri killed 24 Kabane and got 2400 CP.

In other words, Houri is only 600 CP away from completing Main Mission 3.

“Just need to kill a few more Kabane.”

Saying this, Houri turned his head and looked at the forest in front of him.

The forest was no longer quite like before, but was full of turbulence.

Apparently, Houri’s previous fuss in the forest was like throwing gasoline on the fire, making the Kabane army within it completely active.

“I’ll be in real trouble if I didn’t hurry back.”

That being said, not only are the city walls of Aragane station all-steel barriers, but they are also so high that it is impossible to climb with Houri’s current ability.

Even if he can climb up, it is best not to let the guard bushi find out, otherwise, he would get shot in the head.

“So let me use my waste.”

Houri took an item out of his leg bag.

It was the mirror that Houri had traded for 10 CP at the beginning.

After taking out the mirror, Houri crouched down, pressed the outline of the mirror along the edge to the ground, and pushed it out with one force.

The mirror rolled out at once.

The sunlight in the sky shone on the mirror, reflecting a ray of light.

Those rays were just noticed by the bushi on the city wall.

“Wha-what was that just now?”

“Why is there light?”

“Could it be… is it Kabane’s attack?!”

“I’ve never heard of a Kabane glowing!”

“No! Kabane’s heart is already glowing! Those lights were probably the glow of Kabane’s heart!”

“No-no way, right?”

All of a sudden, an atmosphere of commotion and panic filled the city walls.

Apparently, the fear of Kabane had triggered the tension on the city walls.

“Quick! Go check over there!”

“Maybe a Kabane has really climbed up!”

Under such a commotion, a group of bushi with steam guns all gathered in one direction.

That direction is exactly facing away from Houri’s position.

Houri couldn’t help but be bewildered when he saw such a scene.

“Are they afraid of death?”

Without a decisive means to deal with Kabane, humans could barely defend themselves against Kabane’s attacks.

Nowadays, the fear of Kabane is already deep in everyone’s heart.

Especially for the bushi who had to deal with Kabane on the front line, this fear was only heightened.

Compared to these people, a day ago still an ordinary student but goes into Kabane’s site to fight with those monsters, Houri was really the abnormal one.

But who made Houri unable to feel any sense of reality about death at all?

“So, I have no way to understand this fear.”

Leaving such a sentence, Houri tilted his head and looked at the steel wall in front of him.

The dark pupils suddenly shrink, turning into mystic eyes with an icy blue iridescence.

Suddenly, crack-like lines appeared on the steel wall in Houri’s vision.

“This is the so-called death of everything, right?”

Not only living things but also dead things have their own death time.

Fire will burn out.

Water will evaporate.

Steel will also rust and decay.

These, are their death.

Since there is a ‘Death’ date, then death perception mystic eyes can receive this death.

But compared to living things, the ‘Death’ of dead things will be a greater burden for the human brain to understand.

Of course, the more abstract the death is, the greater the burden will be.

In view of this, the ‘Death’ of living beings is the most acceptable for those who have death perception mystic eyes, but it is much more difficult for non-living beings.

In the world of ‘Tsukihime’, Tohno Shiki’s mystic eyes are specialized in dealing with the category of living beings, so that not only the ‘line’ but even the ‘point’ of existence itself can be lead directly to the ‘death’.

Houri and Ryougi Shiki are unable to see this dead point.

However, Tohno Shiki has great difficulty in understanding the ‘Death’ of non-living beings, and it will cause a serious burden on his brain.

In contrast, Houri and Ryougi Shiki, although they could not see the dead point, they were able to use the ability of death perception mystic eyes perfectly, without causing side effects to the brain.

“I just don’t know why I can ignore this burden compared to Ryougi Shiki.”

This question is not something that Houri who just enters the space can figure out.

At that moment, Houri shook his head and pulled his dagger out. With a stab, easily pierced the steel wall.

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