Illimitable Until Death v1c80

After solving the skill issue, Houri put on his equipment, which not only allowed him to have an objective improvement in his attributes, but also his strength soared.

“Now, if I were to fight Amatori Biba again, I dare not say that I can absolutely win, but it’s impossible to be overpowered like last time, right?

In the battle with Amatori Biba, Houri was always overpowered except for his speed.

Attributes are suppressed.

Skills are suppressed.

The whole battle was suppressed, leaving Houri to struggle, trying to find the opponent’s weaknesses and use the sharpness of death perception mystic eyes to take one hit kill to win the battle.

Unfortunately, before this opportunity could arise, Hunter’s men came out in force and attacked Houri.

Now, Houri’s strength has improved, and he will no longer be suppressed by Amatori Biba.

“If I can improve my skills as well, then I will be able to beat Amatori Biba.”

Houri always remembered his weakness.

It was the lack of combat skills.

In this regard, Houri has always been a layman, but it is only because of his calmness without fear of death, his talents and self-taught killing techniques to fight effectively, unlike the rest of the newcomers to space. Being in danger and being able to survive in the first world is not only due to perseverance but also luck.

Even Houri, in the final battle with the Fused colony, it was a great deal of luck that led to victory.

Houri does not want to put his life’s safety on illusory’s luck.

“Now that the attributes, skills and equipment have been resolved, it’s time for me to consider the skill aspect.”

This issue is actually very easy to solve.

Because MainGod space’s training area exists for this purpose.

MainGod space, the training area.

Compared to the residential area with magnificent stone pillars and the trading area with many stalls, the training area has a different look.

There are no towering stone pillars here, but there are buildings like residential buildings. Compared with residential areas, they are more like a place to live.

But this place also has a different landscape.

That is a huge tower of chalk surrounded by buildings in the center of the training area.

Through the portal, Houri came from the residential area to the training area and was immediately attracted by the huge white tower.

Looking at the huge white chalk tower that was directly into the clouds, Houri muttered.

“Is that the Trial tower?”

–Trial tower.

The most special existence in the entire MainGod space.

Why is this giant tower the most special existence in the entire MainGod space?

Because, at the very top of this giant tower, there is the highest-end existence.


MainGod lives on the top floor of the Trial tower.

There are 100 floors in Trial tower, and each floor has different trials for the MainGod envoy to challenge.

It is said that if a MainGod envoy can pass all the trials and reach the 100th floor, then it will be able to meet MainGod.

At that time, MainGod will grant a wish to the MainGod envoy who has passed the trials.

In view of this, for millions of years, countless MainGod envoys, like sharks who have smelled the smell of fish, have been flocking to the Trial tower in an attempt to pass all the trials and meet MainGod.

Unfortunately, the MainGod envoy that has been able to pass all trials so far… cannot be said that it has not appeared.

After all, no one knows whether anyone has passed the trials and met MainGod.

At least, such news has never been spread.

Therefore, the Trial tower has always been a hot topic in MainGod space.

“I really want to go and see…”

Even so, Houri still holds back.

Although there are no conditions and requirements to participate in the trial, as a MainGod envoy who is new to the MainGod space, Houri does not think he can easily break through the threshold of countless people squeezing their heads can not get through.

“I didn’t even practice my skills yet, it’s still too early to break into the Trial tower.”

Therefore, what Houri needs to do at present is to exercise his combat skills first.

With that in mind, Houri looked around at the surrounding buildings.

Each of these buildings had its own appearance and size, but some have red doors and some have gray doors.

“The red ones are in use, and the gray ones are vacant and can be rented at will, right?”

Houri recalled the knowledge given by MainGod space, found one of the buildings and put his hand on the door.

The system prompt immediately sounded.

“You have selected the Tier 5 training ground, do you wish to use it?”


“Tier 5 training ground costs 500 CP for one day, 1,000 CP for three days, and 2000 CP for ten days. Please choose the rental plan.”

“Lease for ten days.”

“The lease was successful, consuming 2000 CP. You get the right to use this training ground for the next ten days.”

After the prompt, the door in front of Houri changed from gray to red and the number ‘11273’ appeared, telling everyone exactly who the training ground currently belonged to.

Houri pushed open the door and walked straight into the training ground.

What appeared in front of Houri’s eyes was a sealed space that was pure white and dirt-free, without any furniture.

The door behind him closed automatically.

Houri stepped into the pure white training ground.

When Houri stopped, an interface flashed in front of Houri, just like in the auction house before.

Looking at this interface, Houri nodded secretly.

“With the space introduced, the training field can be set up for various training, that is, it can simulate its own set of opponents, and it can also simulate its own training plan to complete the training that MainGod envoy wants.”

Houri pondered for a moment and started sliding the interface the next second to make settings.

Houri is setting up a battle.

A battle with the simulated object he had set up.

By the time the setting was finished, the space around him changed abruptly into a dark alley.

And in front of Houri, a person appeared.

A teenager in a student uniform, thin and holding a dagger-like knife in his hands.

Houri stared at the other.

The next moment, the teenager in the uniform of the student slowly raised his head, exposing a pair of eyes to Houri’s eyes.

A pair of ice blue mystic eyes.

–Death perception mystic eyes.

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