Illimitable Until Death v1c81

When the pair of ice blue mystic eyes appeared in Houri’s eyes, Houri’s heart tightened.

Facing death perception mystic eyes as an opponent, Houri realized what it was like to face this pair of mystic eyes.

The feeling of having your body heat taken away, shinigami breathing in your ears, your heart threatening to stop at any moment, and your life being taken away at any moment is like a nightmare for people.

However, there is nothing that can be done about it.

Because, in front of this pair of mystic eyes, no matter what kind of existence, as long as it will die, it is fragile.

In such a feeling, Houri’s mystic eyes were unknowingly revealed as well.

In the dark alley, two pairs of mystic eyes that can look death in the eye stare at each other, making the surrounding temperature drop to the freezing point instantly.

Houri simply ignored the atmosphere around him, ice blue mystic eyes looked directly at the teenager who was just as special as himself.

“Tohno Shiki…”

The teenager is Tohno Shiki.

The protagonist of the Type-Moon series ‘Tsukihime’.

The teenager has the same death perception mystic eyes as Houri.

At this moment, under the simulation of the training ground, the story character that should not exist in this world appeared in front of Houri.

There was only one purpose for his appearance.

To fight.


With a slight sound like a switch closing, the knife in Tohno Shiki’s hand, simulated by the training ground, completely tightened, and the blade shone with a cold light.

Seeing this, Houri’s eyes solidified, gripping the palm of his hand, his hand quietly held on the moonlight-like dagger.

This is the last thing Houri had time to do.


The splitting sound suddenly rang out.

The explosion of blood flew into the sky.

Houri’s pupils suddenly shrink.

Tohno Shiki, who was in front of Houri a second ago, flashed to Houri’s front in an instant, ice blue mystic eyes cold and indifferent.

In his hand, the dagger-like knife has already turned into a glow, Houri’s arm holding the dagger was cut open and fell to the ground.

Houri can’t even feel the pain.

Immediately, the teenager with death perception mystic eyes waved the knife in his hand and pierced Houri’s heart.


In a burst of image leap, the dim alley disappeared and changed back to the original sealed space.

In the center of the sealed space, Houri stood there blankly, holding the dagger in one hand and covering the heart with one hand, without words for a long time.

Perhaps an uninformed person would treat what just happened as an illusion.

But Houri knew that what had just happened could be considered real in some sense.

The training and fighting in the training ground were in the form of simulation.

However, it was also real.

In other words, even though it was a simulated battle, Houri was actually killed once.

He was instantly killed by another teenager who possessed death perception mystic eyes.

“Is this the gap?”

Thinking back to that extremely suspenseful battle, Houri really can’t say anything.

In Houri’s setting, Tohno Shiki’s attributes are exactly the same as himself.

In other words, Houri is exactly the same as Tohno Shiki in terms of physical ability.

Coupled with the fact that both sides also have death perception mystic eyes, the two can be said to be completely indistinguishable.

However, it turned out that Houri was instantly killed.

“Because of techniques?”


Because of techniques.

Tohno Shiki, formerly known as Nanaya Shiki, is the descendant of the Nanaya clan, the four Great Demon hunter clans in the Type-Moon world.

Although the Nanaya clan is the Demon Hunter clan, it is a clan known for its assassination arts. For the Demon Hunter, this clan has the physical skills that break through the human limit.

Using the surrounding environment to carry out a unique movement, with a way of walking out of common sense, beyond the extreme speed of human and spider’s strange gait. The ability to suddenly accelerate at a standstill, at a very high speed suddenly turn, and quickly capture the space around the object – Nanaya assassination arts.

It is characterized by the rapidity of movement and unexpected moves.

This extreme assassination arts, combined with the ability of death perception mystic eyes, has enabled Tohno Shiki to kill countless inhuman beings, including one of the top vampire beings, and is so strong that it is feared.

Houri was instantly killed by Tohno Shiki because of this assassination art, despite having the same physical ability.

“As I recall, Tohno Shiki had only learned the most basic self-defense techniques of the Nanaya assassination arts, right?”

Houri really didn’t know how to react.

Just learning the basic self-defense technique and it’s already this scary?

Although Houri has not yet switched his mentality and is somewhat careless, in any case, the instant kill is a bit too much, right?

The Tohno Shiki that can only use the basic part is already like this, if it is Nanaya Shiki that can use the complete Nanaya assassination arts, how scary will it be?

When he thought of this, Houri’s mind, which had been relaxed by the training, immediately tightened up.


At that moment, Houri opened the interface and started the simulated battle again.

The opponent is naturally Tohno Shiki.

This time, Houri was fully alert and concentrated on the battle.

In this situation, Houri finally noticed Tohno Shiki’s sudden acceleration to the limit in a static state and responded in time.

However, flashing to the limit in a stationary state is only part of Nanaya assassination arts.

The real horror of Nanaya assassination arts lies in the unique movement that takes advantage of the surrounding environment, both in terms of movement and footwork, with a quick and unexpected effect.

In Nanaya assassination arts, there are ‘arm’ and ‘foot’ moves respectively.

The arm’s move is called Flash Sheath.

The foot move is called Flash Step.

Tohno Shiki only learned basic self-defense, so there are not many magnificent and wonderful moves. But in the process of fighting, his step is like a spider, sometimes close to the ground, sometimes leap on the wall, sometimes bend forward, sometimes turn around and retreat, the body technique of swiftness and flexibility, so Houri can only parry.

When Tohno Shiki’s sword-wielding movement became equally bizarre and swift, Houri can no longer resist.


With one careless move, Houri’s neck was cut right off, spewing out a large amount of blood.

The training ground once again changed back to its original form, allowing Houri to return.

This time, Houri was really fired up.


The dimly lit alley came back, and death perception’s teenager appeared in front of Houri once again.

And so, Houri’s training began.

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