Illimitable Until Death v1c9

Houri did not damage the steel walls of the Aragane station.

If he cut it with a dagger along the dead line on the steel wall, it will definitely make this fortress that resists Kabane have a gap.

By that time, without the city walls that resist Kabane, the Aragane station is finished.

Therefore, Houri just uses the dead line feature to distinguish between soft and hard, puts a dagger into the wall, repeatedly turns on and off Death perception mystic eyes, to make a foothold on the wall.

Relying on this foothold, Houri slowly climbed the city wall using a dagger and thick branches.

When Houri returned to the city wall, the easily frightened bushi just returned to their posts, all of them cursing.

“Is it just a mirror?”

“Really scared others.”

“Why are there mirrors outside?”

“Who knows?”

“Did someone just throw it down to screw us?”

“If that’s the case, I swear I’ll shot that bastard if I find him.”


Seeing that each of the bushis was cursing, while showing a relieved expression like having survived a disaster, Houri smile wryly and then turned his head, no longer paying attention to those timid bushis, but looking towards the forest.

There, more and more black shadows appear. A lot of Kabane came out of it, like an angry beast, wandering around.

Apparently, after Houri making a lot of ruckuses, it alarmed many Kabane in that forest.

“Unfortunately, if there is still a little time, then my Main Mission 3 will be completed.”

However, in contrast, another Houri’s Main Mission has been completed.

Mission 1: Kill 10 Kabane. Extra rewards will be based on the individual kills.

After killing twenty-four Kabane, Houri did indeed complete Main Mission 1 in excess.

“Find a chance to complete the remaining Main Mission 3.”

There’s a lot of Kabane in this world, after all.

“It’s time to think about Main Mission 2.”

As a result, until the entire sky was rendered bright red by the setting sun, Houri followed the bushis who left for shifts and got off the city wall together.

From morning to evening, Houri was not notified to take a break, not even be informed to go for lunch and leave until the evening. It is conceivable how bad the treatment the wanderer status prepared by MainGod space.

After all, he’s a wanderer. No one would expect such a wanderer to be more reliable than bushi. Naturally, Houri would be given some disposable work.

However, a dispensable job can still get meals, it’s no wonder that bushi were not friendly to Houri.

In this regard, Houri himself knows best not to complain.

Because Houri knew that these bushis, who were responsible for guarding the city walls, were destined to die.

In the coming fall.

“In original work, on the day the plot begins, there will be two Hayajiros entering Aragane station.”

Mixed in a group of bushi who changed shift and was preparing to eat, Houri was walking, thinking casually about the plot of the original work.

“The two Hayajiros arrived during the day and night respectively. The one during the day has nothing unusual, but the one at night had been captured by Kabane and they rushed into the station while the door of Aragane station was opened to welcome them, thus the station was invaded by Kabane.”

That day, Aragane station fell.

That said, that day was the only time that Houri could complete Main Mission 2.

Before that, Houri had to find his mission target, the protection figure designated by Main Mission 2.

Otherwise, Houri either died under many Kabane sieges, or protected the mission-designated character, got on Hayajiro to escape, and then survived, even completing Main Mission 2.

“The question is when is that day?”

Houri is troubled by this problem.

Although he knows the plot clearly, that does not mean he has nothing to worry about.

After all, many details are not visible in front of the screen.

For example, Houri didn’t know the time of the fall of Aragane station. It only knew that it was a certain night, which day was not even mentioned in the original work?

Even if mentioned, Houri can’t remember such an insignificant time.

This creates a serious problem.

That is, Houri can’t grasp the time at all, and even the advantage of foresight cannot be fully realized at present.

“What can we do about it?”

Houri pondered quietly.

Just at this moment, several bushi rushed forward, shouting while running.

“Hey! What are you guys doing there?!”

“Hurry up to the training ground! The martial gathering has begun!”

Hear those few bushi, Houri was stunned.

Martial gathering?

What is that?

While Houri was stunned, the rest of the bushis with exhausted faces cheered up a bit.

“Is it finally started?”

“I’ve been waiting for this day!”

“This time, I must let that guy kneel in front of me to beg for mercy!”

In this way, all the bushis who talked at once started to shift their directions and went in the other direction.

Looking at this scene, Houri finally reacted, subconsciously stopped a bushi who was going to pass him and asked quickly. “Where are you guys going? Not going to eat?”

Bushi that get stopped by Houri, seemed a little annoyed and said immediately. “We can eat anytime, but we have to wait another ten days if we miss the martial gathering. Who can stand that?”

“Martial gathering?” Houri asked curiously. “What is martial gathering?”

“It’s a once ten-day competition where the bushis of Aragane station gather together to compete, which can not only serve the purpose of exercise but also vent the sullenness from always guarding the city, which is a vital pastime for us.” The bushi pursed his lips, and speak this way. “It has nothing to do with you anyway.”

Having said that, the bushi ignored Houri and followed the others.

Seeing this, Houri scratched his cheek and eventually followed.

The training ground in bushi’s mouth is just before a luxurious mansion.

When Houri came here, it was already full of people.

Most of the crowds are bushi, with only a few ordinary people.

When Houri came here, two bushi had begun to confront each other in the open space in front of the mansion.

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