Illimitable Until Death v2c100

Watching the lieutenant leaving with his soldiers, within the residence, Houri’s group secretly sighed in relief.

“Let’s just say we got through it.” Tachibana Sakuya looked at Houri and said with a smile. “So, shouldn’t you also reveal to us how you destroyed the walls of the training ground?”

Both Soma and Hibari looked at Houri, seemingly equally curious about this question.

Unfortunately, Houri doesn’t know how to explain to the people here.

The existence of death perception mystic eyes, even if not concealed from Amemiya Rindo’s group, probably can not understand what is going on, right?

Compared with God Eater, this incredible profession, the existence of death perception mystic eyes will only be more unbelievable.

After all, in terms of classification, death perception mystic eyes are already considered ESP, which cannot be fully explained by science, and naturally cannot be understood by others.

Even if it can be understood, Houri will not just reveal the ability of death perception mystic eyes so casually.

Otherwise, it is possible that when Houri will be dismembered and studied by the mad scientists in this world.
That’s not a strange thing.

In this day and age, any human is eager to defeat Aragami and bring the earth back under human control.

Therefore, no one would have too many research subjects and experiments to defeat Aragami.

Houri can be sure that with his ability of death perception mystic eyes, there is definitely a way to arouse the frenzy of these people.

Therefore, Houri definitely will not casually reveal his mystic eyes’ ability to the others.

At this moment, Houri can only say.

“I’d appreciate it if you could use this as a personal means of protection.”

In other words, that’s no comment.

“Well then, we won’t ask.” Amemiya Rindo lit his cigarette once again and swallowed a cloud while a bitter smile said. “Only, if you dare to say that you are an ordinary soldier again, then I can’t guarantee that I won’t beat you up?”

At least, Amemiya Rindo has never seen such a mysterious and powerful soldier.

“Houri-san, you are really an incredible person.” Hibari likewise smiled bitterly.

“Hmph…” Soma, on the other hand, seemed to have lost all interest and turned away once again.

“Anyway, it’s best if you don’t reveal your identity.” Tachibana Sakuya smiled at Houri. “It’s been hard for you.”

“It’s not that hard.” Houri completely lost his high tone and sarcasm, then sighed softly. “I’m afraid that after all the hard work, I won’t get anything out of it.”

“Is that so?” Amemiya Rindo sat down on the sofa, took a puff of his cigarette, and whispered. “Does that mean that there is nothing to be gained this time?”

Hearing this, Houri’s brow furrowed slightly.

Looking at Houri’s face, Tachibana Sakuya couldn’t help but ask. “What? Did you think of something?”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Houri again.

In such a situation, Houri remembered the time when he escaped from the scene against everyone’s gaze.

At that time, although Houri had jumped out of the facility, he still vaguely heard the lieutenant’s voice when he gave the order.

At that time, the lieutenant said something like this.

“We must first confirm ‘that’ condition.” Houri couldn’t help but said. “At that time, the lieutenant did say something like that.”

“That?” Tachibana Sakuya and Soma were slightly stunned.

“That?” Hibari blinked with a look of confusion.

“That…” Amemiya Rindo, on the other hand, with Houri, frowned, stopped smoking, and mumbled. “What is that?”

Naturally, no one could answer this question.

However, there is one thing that is certain.

That is, in the Russian branch, there is definitely some secret that is not visible.

That secret, perhaps, is the problem that led to Aphrodite’s action.

“Well? Do you want me to sneak in again?” Houri said to Amemiya Rindo. “Although it would be troublesome to operate in such a situation, I am confident that I can sneak in again, as long as nothing else happens.”

In any case, as long as the secrets of the Russian branch were not discovered, then Houri’s Side Mission will not be completed.

That’s A Rank’s Side Mission.

The difficulty was high and the reward was also high.

If he does not complete this mission, then it would be more troublesome for Houri to complete the Main Mission 3 to get 5000 CP.

Anyway, there is no penalty for failing the Side Mission, so why not give it a try?

Of course, no penalty in MainGod space does not mean that failure of the mission will necessarily be safe and sound.

If Houri’s intrusion into the Russian branch is exposed, he will be gnawed to pieces by Fenrir, a Demon Wolf that can devour even gods.

However, Houri is never afraid to take risks.

Not sure if he heard something in Houri’s tone, Amemiya Rindo pondered for a moment and then said. “It is impossible to infiltrate now, so why don’t you come with us tomorrow to attend the combat meeting of the Russian branch?”

“A combat meeting?” Houri asked. “For the later Aphrodite?”

“To be more precise, it should be for the later Aragami army.” Amemiya Rindo said. “The day after tomorrow, Aragami’s army will arrive at the Russian branch, it would be the end of the stronghold if they attacked.”

“So before the Aragami arrive, we must take the initiative to stop them and even annihilate them.” Tachibana Sakuya took over from Amemiya Rindo and spoke to Houri. “That is to say, after tomorrow’s combat meeting, we will strike against Aragami.”

“And the combat meeting will be held in the main facility, so you will come with us then.” Amemiya Rindo stared at Houri and said. “When the time comes, when we have a meeting, you can take the opportunity to investigate and see if you can find out anything.”

Houri couldn’t help but consider thoughtfully.

Going to war tomorrow?

So, Houri will also have to go on the attack, right?

Otherwise, Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2 won’t be completed.

Investigation and combat.

Tomorrow, Houri will have to do both.

“I see.” Houri nodded to Amemiya Rindo and said. “Tomorrow, I’ll find a way to get the job done.”

Amemiya Rindo now smiled and said. “I look forward to seeing you then.”

It seems that tomorrow will be an extremely long day.

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