Illimitable Until Death v2c103

Houri did not go in for the subsequent combat meeting.

No, it should be said that Houri did not have the right to participate.

In the battle for the life and death of the Russian branch, the only people who attended the combat meeting were the top officials and battle experts who decided the direction of the war.

Soldiers like Houri, who could not play a decisive role, were not even qualified to participate.

However, this is exactly what Houri wanted.

Houri was not here to attend a combat meeting, but to investigate the reasons for Aragami’s attack.

So, Houri began to move around subtly and make friends with the soldiers of the Russian branch in an attempt to find out something.

Unfortunately, perhaps because the Russian branch people are already wary of Houri’s group, no matter how Houri tried to induce them, he didn’t get anything in the end.

No, that’s a bit of a misunderstanding.

Instead of not being able to inquire about anything, it would be better to say that these soldiers don’t know any important secrets at all, so naturally there is nothing to tell.

However, there is one thing that Houri did hear from a soldier who leaked something.

That is the ‘that’ information that the lieutenant once mentioned.

The soldier’s words were like this.

“There is indeed something special here, but we don’t know what that thing is. We only know that the lieutenant very valued it. It’s also equipped with a large number of troops to guard, and also repeatedly orders us, no one can be let in without his permission. Even last night after the appearance of intruders, the lieutenant went in alone to check.”

And this thing seems to have started a long, long time ago.

So, the place where ‘that’ is placed has been equipped with a large number of soldiers to guard it for a long time, and over time, a rumor has even spread in the Russian branch.

“That may be something that can save this world.”

That was the content of that rumor.

Because of this, even though they were very curious about ‘that’, none of the soldiers dared to disobey the order to see what ‘that’ really is.

Houri had only one thought about this.

“Too suspicious.”

No matter how one listens to it, it’s all too suspicious.

“And, too deliberate.”

Although he doesn’t know exactly what ‘that’ is, but the lieutenant arranging it this way is no doubt telling others that this thing is very important.

“Is it possible that such a rumor was deliberately spread?”

In other words, instead of enforcing complete secrecy, it is better to slightly reveal something that cannot be confirmed as a way to guide the people around.

After all, there is no secret that can be completely hidden under the sun.

In that case, it is better to use a little secret as bait, so that people stay away from the real content of the secret.

Just like a haunted house, the surrounding inhabitants all know that there is a big secret inside, but if it is really haunted, not many people really dare to go in.

Coupled with military orders, and the people around are well-trained soldiers so that the probability of the secret being exposed will instead be reduced by a lot.

“The lieutenant is building such a haunted house, right?”

However, as a spy who wants to find out the secret, this is a very worthy clue to study.

So, Houri immediately tried to ask the soldier where ‘that’ was located.

Maybe this was the right time, but the person who was least expected to appear suddenly appeared.

“What are you doing here?”

When such a harsh voice sounded, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly and he immediately shut his mouth.

The soldier, on the other hand, looked at the person who came and immediately saluted. “Lieutenant!”

The person who came was the lieutenant.

The lieutenant came slowly from the front, first glanced at Houri, and then scolded the soldier. “This is a critical moment for our Russian branch, and to leave without permission is not something that can be solved by asking for punishment, be more careful!”

“Yes!” The soldier immediately responded, and then slipped away without looking back.

Only then did the lieutenant turn his head and look at Houri, his eyes becoming sinister.

A sense of tension permeated the surroundings.

Houri slightly raised his head and looked at the unruffled lieutenant, as yesterday, with a frivolous smile. “Lieutenant, did you need anything?”

The lieutenant was not angered by Houri as he was yesterday.

As if he had decided on something, the lieutenant’s deep tone said. “Amemiya Rindo sent you to ask for information, didn’t he?”

Houri’s brow suddenly raised.

As said before, in the end, the lieutenant suspected the intruders of yesterday to be the Far East branch.

However, after yesterday’s face-to-face confrontation, the lieutenant seemed to agree that the intruder could not be Houri, an ordinary soldier, but Amemiya Rindo groups God Eater.

As for Houri, it seems that he was treated as one of the Amemiya Rindo group’s men, who came to inquire on the orders of Amemiya Rindo and others.

Houri didn’t make any special effort to correct him but just said in a pretended ignorance. “What is the lieutenant saying? Why don’t I understand?”

Seeing that Houri was deliberately pretending to be confused, the lieutenant squinted his eyes.

At this moment, Houri clearly perceived it.

In the lieutenant’s eyes, for a moment, there was a flash of true ruthlessness.

Immediately, the lieutenant was smiling.

“Whether you understand it or not, you had better remember that there’s something you shouldn’t know, or don’t ask about it casually.” The lieutenant said gravely. “Otherwise, perhaps when there is a big trouble, that in order to protect themselves, your boss will not mind you as a sacrificial lamb.”

After leaving these words, the lieutenant then patted Houri’s shoulder, then turned around and left directly.

Looking at the lieutenant’s back, Houri’s expression was somewhat odd.

“Is this a provocation?”

I guess so?

At least the captain’s idea was to make Houri distrust Amemiya Rindo’s group and discourage him from asking for ‘that’ information, right?

Have to say that this approach is also quite clever.

Unfortunately, the lieutenant was wrong from the start.

“I’m not doing this for Amemiya Rindo, I’m doing it for the tasks. Can you know more about the rest than I know about the original work?”

Houri laughed and shook his head, then turned around and went back to the direction of the conference room.

Since the lieutenant had appeared, that meant that the battle meeting was over, right?

Indeed, the battle meeting was over.

Moreover, all subsequent actions have been arranged.

However, that was not a good thing.

For the people of the Far East branch.

This is what Amemiya Rindo, who came out of the conference room, said.

“We won the jackpot.”

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