Illimitable Until Death v2c104

On this day, the weather is still as cold and gloomy as before, and even God knows that today will be an unsettling day, making the whole sky present a depressing feeling.

On the outskirts of the Russian branch, a lot of people stayed in an extremely vast open space.

Of course, there were not only people here but also a military helicopter and tanks.

A God Eater with a God Arc and soldiers equipped with weapons all gathered here, some began to board the car, some are talking while standing.

Houri’s group is also among them.

Seeing the military helicopters and the tanks were starting up and the time of departure was approaching, Houri turned his attention to Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma.

At this point, the three God Eaters were already geared up and ready to go.

“Captain Amemiya, Miss Sakuya, Soma-san,” Hibari said with great concern. “Please be very careful.”

After all, Hibari was only a communicator and could not go into battle.

So, this time, only Hibari would stay behind among the people from the Far East Branch to communicate with the people and deliver intelligence and information.

Originally, the only support from the Far East branch was the group here, and now, except for Hibari, the rest of the group had to go to war, so Hibari would inevitably feel uneasy.

What made Hibari even more uneasy was the task of Amemiya Rindo and others.

“Even if we are careful, we may not be able to escape from death.” Amemiya Rindo shrugged and said somewhat helplessly. “Who made us responsible for the most important part of it?”

“Yeah.” Tachibana Sakuya, also extremely helpless, murmured. “It’s a bit hard to believe that we’re the ones who are responsible for the most important mission object.”

“Hmph.” Soma turned around, holding God Arc’s hand tighter and tighter.

There was no way.

Even for the Aragami crusade force, which was regarded as the best in the Far East Division, this mission was extremely dangerous for Amemiya Rindo’s group.

In the combat meeting, Amemiya Rindo’s group was given only one task.

The object of the crusade: Aphrodite.

“The threat this time can actually be said to be caused by Aphrodite alone.” Amemiya Rindo held a cigarette in his hand, but did not light it, as if he was talking to himself, said so. “Naturally, if we want to break this crisis, we have to solve the Aphrodite first.”

The Aragami who were preparing to attack the Russian branch were all here because of Aphrodite’s manipulation.

In other words, as long as Aphrodite is solved, the Aragami army will automatically disperse and will not attack the Russian branch in a consistent manner.

On the other hand, as long as Aphrodite is not solved, the only way to solve this incident is to wipe out all the incoming Aragami.

However, the number of Aragami gathered is really terrible.

To crush them, unless all Fenrir branches around the world send reinforcements, it will be absolutely impossible to succeed.

In this case, the Russian branch naturally had to start with Aphrodite.

Crusade Aphrodite, that is absolutely necessary.

This task now falls on the first unit from the Far East branch.

The reason is not difficult to guess.

“Regardless of the strength of the Far East branch first unit can successfully crush Aphrodite, anyway, the God Eater is not the God Eater of the Russian branch. Even if they die in battle, it does not matter.” Houri said as if he was talking about someone else’s business as if it was none of his business. “We’re really being used as cannon fodder.”

“… Anyway, it’s a mission.” Tachibana Sakuya’s expression was getting more and more helpless, but she didn’t waver and said. “Since it’s a mission, we have to finish it.”

“Yes.” Amemiya Rindo, carrying God Arc, said with a shrug. “Besides, we are not the only ones on the front line, our mission is only to deal with Aphrodite. As for the rest of the Aragami, that will be fended off by the God Eater of the Russian branch.”

“I’ll keep everyone updated on the latest information,” Hibari said hastily. “Everyone is so powerful, you guys must be able to get through this safely.”

Hearing this, everyone smiled slightly.

Only Houri said to Amemiya Rindo in a meaningful way. “Not only have you been given the most dangerous task, but even I have also been put on the front line, to stop Aragami’s footsteps, planting mines injected with Oracle cells on the front line, except for the non-threatening Hibari, we have all been expended.”

One has to wonder if there are some people who don’t want Houri’s group to stay in the Russian branch, so that’s why they made this arrangement.

This is what Houri was trying to say.

“Which means that for people, we are a threat after all.” Amemiya Rindo closed his eyes, but opened them again immediately, jokingly addressing Houri. “If you’re afraid, it’s not too late to run away.”

“I’ll think about it.” Houri pursed his lips, suddenly smiled, and said. “As long as my mission is completed.”

If there were no Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2, Houri might have disregarded the Russian branch and disobeyed the order to continue to work in the Russian branch, looking for an opportunity to complete Side Mission.

However, considering the Main Mission, then Houri also had to go to the battlefield.

“Perhaps that’s why Side Mission has reached A-grade difficulty.”

Conflicting with Main Mission, it will be much more difficult for Houri to complete the Side Mission.

As a result, it was up to Houri to arrange how to act.

“You guys are more in danger than me, okay?” Houri looked at Amemiya Rindo and said with a faint smile. “Do you have any last words for me?”

“No last words, but I do have orders.” Amemiya Rindo could not help but smile, and then looked at Houri.

“There are three orders.”

“Don’t die.”

“Run away when you are about to die.”

“After that, hide.”

“When you see an opportunity, then go and defeat the enemy.”

With these words, Amemiya Rindo waved his hand and took Tachibana Sakuya and Soma with him, and boarded the helicopter.

Houri quietly watched the departure of Amemiya Rindo’s group, and only after a long time did he sigh out.

“It was clearly four orders.”

“Houri-san,” Hibari said to Houri in a very serious manner. “Please make sure you come back alive.”

“Don’t worry.” Houri smiled faintly, but his expression was full of calmness.

“I’m not that easy to die.”

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