Illimitable Until Death v2c105

As an ordinary soldier, naturally the Russian branch would not ask Houri to fight Aragami.

That was God Eater’s job.

Even the Far East Branch did not want soldiers to fight Aragami, but only to provide support and assistance, and only when there was no God Eater, then it was necessary to confront Aragami.

Therefore, Houri was given the task of planting mines at the front line of the battlefield to stop or slow down the Aragami’s attack.

There were twenty-four units responsible for this task.

Houri was placed in the first group of the vanguard.

In other words, Houri had to go to the nearest place to Aragami before the full-scale war started.

Although it was just a simple job like planting mines, the opponent was Aragami, which human beings could not resist, and it was very dangerous since it was so close.

“I’m really being treated like an eyesore.”

In the helicopter heading to the front line, Houri looked around the cabin.

Around him, all the soldiers of the Russian branch were sitting in orderly rows of chairs, their faces completely tensed up together.

These soldiers and Houri maintain a very subtle distance between them, so Houri and the surroundings have a kind of feeling of alienation.

Houri did not care about this.

Because the reason why Houri seems to be out of place is not only because of the difference in affiliation but also because of the difference in mentality between each other.

Houri did not reject the idea of being on the front line, but rather welcomed it.

“This is the only way to fish in troubled waters and take advantage of the opportunity to complete Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2.”

Therefore, Houri is anxious to go to the most dangerous place so he can get the opportunity to complete his mission in the chaos.

On the contrary, the soldiers present must have been filled with a sense of crisis in their hearts.

A very different mentality, so Houri and the surrounding area also produced a sense of alienation.

In such a situation, the military helicopters began to slowly descend and landed in a wilderness.

The cabins of military helicopters have been opened one after another, allowing soldiers to get down from them.
Each of the soldiers carried a huge box in their hands.

In addition to the box, everyone was carrying a machine gun, a heavy equipment.

Houri also came down from the cabin.

When the twenty-four vanguard troops all came down from the cabin and lined up neatly, the cabin of the last helicopter was opened.

The people who came down from this helicopter were no longer soldiers in uniform, but soldiers wearing civilian clothes and carrying huge weapons.

They are the God Eater.

Whatever is said here is the front line.

Although the mission of the vanguard unit is only to plant mines, as a unit that may come into contact with Aragami at any time, the Russian branch has arranged for God Eater to accompany them.

However, the only God Eater who could go along on such a mission was a newcomer who was not assigned an important task.

So, in these God Eaters, Alisa was also present.

Houri raised his eyes and looked.

Only to see, Alisa is slowly walking down from the cabin.

The look was still cold.

The posture is still high and proud.

But in her hands, there is an additional weapon.

A weapon with a bright red color, the category of the long sword.

“Is that Alisa’s God Arc?”

In other words, the red weapon is the new God Arc.

The new God Arc, which can switch between the melee long sword and the long-range submachine gun at will, is both melee and long-range.

Holding the God Arc, which is even a little larger than herself, Alisa did not show any difficulty and carried the God Arc from the helicopter as if it was light.

There are soldiers waiting for orders in front.

Beside them are the newcomers.

Here, Alisa is undoubtedly the most dazzling one.

Not only because of beauty but also because of ability.

“No need to keep a strained face, Alisa.” One of God Eater’s newcomer companions smiled at Alisa ingratiatingly and said. “Our mission is just to go along, it’s easy, just keep a casual vigil.”

After this God Eater spoke, the rest of the newcomer God Eater likewise echoed.

“According to the calculation, the probability of Aragami appearing here is less than 20%.”

“Also, this probability is still the probability that is maintained until the completion of the mission.”

“This operation must be carried out for at least four or five hours. With such a long time, the probability of Aragami’s appearance is so low as a result, we won’t be that unlucky to run into it.”

“So, take it easy.”

Every newcomer’s God Eater is showing a relaxed smile.

Looking at the performance of these newcomers, the neatly arranged soldiers have a trace of contempt in their hearts.

The newcomers’ immaturity can be seen from the fact that they are already on the battlefield, but they don’t even have a sense of nervousness.

In such a situation, Alisa turned her head and looked at each of her companions who were smiling at her, and her expression did not change a bit from the beginning to the end.

Alisa immediately said this.

“Don’t compare me with all of you.”

After saying this, Alisa then stopped paying attention to her companions and came to the front of the army by herself, said aloud.

“Everyone, please start working now!”

The group of soldiers all answered, and then took the box and scattered it around.

As for those newcomers, looking at Alisa who did not take themselves seriously, their expressions became somewhat embarrassed and angry.

“Damn it.”

“What kind of attitude is that?”

“Just because you’re a very rare new type that it makes you a big deal?”

“If she wasn’t so pretty, I wouldn’t bother with her.”


Apparently, Alisa’s lack of respect made the group’s newcomers feel extremely humiliated.

Alisa, however, had no intention of joining the group, and while the soldiers began to work, she herself came to a high place and raised the God Arc in her hand.


With a mechanical sound, Alisa pushed the handle of the God Arc in her hand with great force.

The next moment, the God Arc in Alisa’s hand suddenly transformed from the original long sword shape to the shape of a submachine gun.

Seeing this scene, the newcomers couldn’t help but shut their mouths.

Among the crowd, Houri also saw this cool scene.

Looking at Alisa who occupied the high ground while holding the God Arc’s submachine gun and always on the guard, Houri’s corner of the mouth was slightly lifted.


After that, Houri crouched down and started to plant the mines.

Houri didn’t notice that Alisa, who was on guard, also glanced in his direction when he started working.

Recalling the fact that she was defeated last night at the hands of that intruder, Alisa’s grip on God Arc grew tighter and tighter.

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