Illimitable Until Death v2c106

The mines began to be buried in the earth as the soldiers of the Russian branch worked.

Houri also squatted in a corner, took out the mines from the box he was carrying, and used the information viewing function attached to the space to start checking the information of the mines.

Aragami Mine: A mine infused with Oracle cell, no different from a normal mine. Once detonated, the Oracle cell attached to it will prey on everything within the blast range, which cannot be defended against to a certain extent. It can cause serious injuries to small Aragami, light injuries to medium Aragami, and ineffective to large Aragami. Worth 500 CP.

“So it’s worth 500 CP, huh?”

Houri couldn’t help but marvel.

This Aragami mine, although its power is no different from that of a normal mine, has the ability to prey on things within the blast range because it is infused with an Oracle cell, and is to some extent indefensible. If used well, it was indeed worth 500 CP.

“If I can get a lot of Aragami mines in this world, or even the rest of the items, and then move them to the space to sell them, I can definitely make a lot of money.”

Even if it is sold back to the space only half the price, once the quantity increases, it is quite substantial.

Unfortunately, this is not feasible.

Not to mention that Houri has no channel to obtain Aragami mines in large quantities, even if there is a way, it can not be brought back to MainGod space.

When returning to MainGod space, MainGod envoy can only carry the items on their body to return, except for one’s own items, the rest of the things are not brought back.

So, even if Houri can get a lot of Aragami mines, he must have a large enough personal space to carry it otherwise he’s just wasting his time.

And Houri now carries the Black Ring only 1×1×1 space, even if full of Aragami mines, how much it can be sold for CP?

Not to mention, this method of grinding CP, MainGod space can not stand by and watch.

If the MainGod envoy is using his own ability to get this revenue, then so be it.

If the MainGod envoy is going to use the items in Transcript world to get the points, then wait for MainGod space to reject it mercilessly.

“So, it’s just a dream.”

Houri shook his head, and then carefully buried the Aragami mine in his hand into the soil.

The precautions required for planting mines can be found on the internet.

Therefore, Houri did not have any problems with the mines, and the process went quite smoothly.

However, when Houri took another mine out of his box, the message from MainGod space suddenly changed.

Aragami mine (change): Injected with Oracle cell, but also injected with a kind of Aragami hormone mines. The power is the same as Aragami mine, but because of the presence of hormones, has the effect of attracting Aragami. Worth 700 CP.

Houri’s action of burying the mine into the earth suddenly froze.

In the next second, Houri didn’t hesitate and suddenly threw the mine out of his hand.


The mine that ferociously hit the ground suddenly exploded, setting off a strong impact and fire, causing the explosion to sound extremely unexpectedly over the entire wilderness, continuing for a long time.


“What’s happening?”

“The mine was detonated?”

The sudden explosion startled all the soldiers present.

Even the God Eater recruits who were a bit scatterbrained were taken aback.

As for Alisa, she looked in Houri’s direction from time to time and saw clearly the scene of Houri throwing the mines out.

However, what caught Alisa’s attention was not Houri’s behavior, but the expression carried on Houri’s somewhat familiar side face.

From Alisa’s point of view, it was very clear to see.

The expression on Houri’s face was as grave as it could be.

Houri was currently in a really bad mood.

Looking ahead, Houri couldn’t help but murmur.

“Is it too late?”

A closer look at the front of the wilderness, a large or small black shadow quietly appeared.

“Big trouble.”

Under Houri’s murmuring voice, the black shadow gradually approached, like a beast in a gallop, dense sandy dust rolled up behind them.


The growling sound began to ring out.


The sound of the ground being shaken likewise spread.

Until then, the rest of the people finally noticed the strange situation in front of them. Then, their eyes widened, and their faces were flooded with a frightened look.

Then, a hysterical shout rang out.

“Aragami is coming!”

With one word, the panic in everyone’s heart was triggered.

Including those newcomers God Eater.

“How-how could it be?!”

“Why is there an Aragami?!”

“Didn’t they say that the probability of it appearing is very low?!”

The newcomers were completely panicked.

These newcomers have not really fought with Aragami so far. They usually just do simulated battles and extremely lacking in real combat experience.

This time, they were sent to the front line because the senior management of the Russian branch was considering letting these newcomers practice to a certain extent and slowly start to adapt to real combat.

Therefore, in such a situation, there is only one newcomer who can react in time.

That is Alisa.


Alisa jerked up the submachine gun in her hand, pointed it at the Aragami troops in front of her, and pulled the trigger hard.

Bang Bang-!

The next moment, the submachine gun’s muzzle began to roar in a burst of muzzle fire.

The bullet loaded with Oracle cell cut through the air and landed on an Aragami, directly exploding it with a bang.


The Aragami’s growl sound suddenly shook up, waking up the soldiers who were in a panic.


No one knows who shouted this, but all the soldiers lifted their machine guns and started firing.

The sound of gunfire was heard all over the wilderness at once.

As a result, it was the newcomers who did not react to the sudden situation, attracting Alisa’s sharp gaze.

“What are you all doing?” Alisa said in a loud voice. “Don’t forget your mission!”

Only then did the group of newcomers finally react.

However, at that moment, a voice rang out from the communicator the newcomers were wearing in their ears.

“Hurry up and retreat, that’s an order.”

When this voice rang out from the communicator, the rest of the newcomers aside, Alisa’s expression was completely frozen.

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