Illimitable Until Death v2c108

“I got tricked.”

In the midst of the attacking Aragami forces, Houri’s face was unnervingly calm, but his body didn’t stop at all.

While the rest of the soldiers raised their guns and fired, only Houri did not raise his machine gun, but straightforwardly abandoned it and faced the incoming Aragami group with his bare hands.

The next thing Houri showed was the unimaginable body technique.

Faced with the Aragami who jumped in front of him, Houri just suddenly moves, his body accelerated to the limit in just a few seconds, flashing like a phantom.

Faced with Aragami coming down from the sky, Houri’s body shape also suddenly becomes erratic, as if a mirage, instantly disappearing in the same place.

Some Aragami came from the front, some swept down from the air, completely surrounding Houri on all sides, leaving no gap.

This kind of siege, even a God Eater holding God Arc, if not careful and reveals a little flaw, will be instantly bitten to death.

Even a God Eater who can kill the enemy is like this if it was a person who cannot defeat an Aragami, it is impossible to survive under the constant attack of the Aragami.

However, Houri has completely overturned this perception.

Even though the Aragami were coming from all directions like violent beasts, Houri had not been touched in any way.

Sometimes rush forward.

Sometimes lying on the ground.

Sometimes close to the opponent.

Sometimes dodging left and right.

At this moment, Houri is like a virtual shadow without an entity, like a pervasive breeze, with a completely incomprehensible way of walking, dodging many Aragami’s attacks.

And, as the dodging progressed, Houri’s body technique became more and more sophisticated, gradually moving from the level of just scratched the surface to a trace of Tohno Shiki’s figure.

After all, Houri is still in the learning stage, and his technique can naturally continue to improve.

However, Houri is now completely unaware of this and just leaves the dodging to his subconscious mind, while he gets caught up in his own extremely fast thinking.

“I never thought that in order not to expose the secrets in the Russian branch, those people would even go so far as to eradicate me as a soldier at the cost of mission failure with an army.”

The mines are items distributed by the Russian branch.

Since there was a problem inside, it was undoubtedly the Russian branch’s people who were in it.

In addition, Houri had to suspect that someone had deliberately set him up because the modified mine was in Houri’s possession.

As for the reason and cause, it was too easy to guess.

“To prove that the secret hidden by the Russian branch is worth the price to hide, right?”

Houri even suspected that as the main force sent by the Far East branch, the first unit was also framed in a deeper way.

Even Hibari, who is still in the Russian branch, may be threatened.

“As for who the instigator behind the scenes is, it is not difficult to guess.”

At this point, what came to Houri’s mind was the face of the lieutenant.

The trail of clues was proving that this lieutenant was extremely involved with the secret in the Russian branch.

Moreover, the lieutenant is also the person who is most suspicious that Houri’s group is investigating the secrets of the Russian branch.

Therefore, if there is anyone who is eager to get rid of Houri’s group, Houri can only think of the lieutenant.

“Good, very good!”

Did Houri hate being stabbed in the back by someone else?

To be honest, Houri really didn’t hate much.

Because, Houri is not the subordinate of the Far East branch, nor does he have any grudge with the Russian branch, but because of his mission, he sneaks into the Russian branch and secretly investigates other people’s secrets.

In other words, in Houri’s subjective consciousness, the one who started the trouble was himself, not others.

Since this was the case, there was no one else to blame for being set up by others.

“But just because there is no resentment doesn’t mean that I will accept the fact that I am being manipulated without complaint!”

With these words, Houri’s figure defied inertia and steeply stagnant, and then, like a spider sprinting through a spider’s web, suddenly made a dash and swept towards an oni-faced Aragami that was running wildly.

“Pray that I don’t survive, otherwise, I will never let you live!”

Houri kicked out a blow at the frenzied oni-faced Aragami.


The powerful kick landed on the head of the oni-faced Aragami in one fell swoop.

With Houri’s kick, even a medium-sized Aragami could be kicked away, let alone a small Aragami.

So, under Houri’s blow, the oni-faced Aragami was kicked out like a ball and hit an Aragami coming from behind, rolling into a ball.

But of course, this can’t defeat the Aragami, but only has the effect of provoking them.

So, the oni-faced Aragami let out an angry low growl and charged at Houri.

At that moment, a figure suddenly leaped down from mid-air, and the bulky great sword in its hand was like a falling lightning strike and thrust down violently.


The long sword with a dark red hue just plunged into the oni-faced Aragami’s body, pinning it to the ground.

Blood stained the ground red.

Houri was slightly stunned, raised his eyes, and looked at the killer standing on top of the oni-faced Aragami.

The other side also raised its head and met Houri’s gaze, which was filled with outright hostility.

Who else besides Alisa?

Alisa then said.

“Disguised as a soldier, what is your purpose to infiltrate the Russian branch?”

There was no question in her tone, only questioning.

Apparently, Alisa no longer doubted whether Houri was an intruder or not.

Extremely similar profile.

Extraordinary skill.

The combination of these two factors was enough to prove that Houri was the intruder.

At least, Alisa didn’t believe that two people with the same face in this world could have the same kind of skills as God Eater.

Therefore, Alisa no longer doubts Houri’s identity but confirms it directly.

In response, Houri grinned, just when he wanted to say something, his face suddenly changed.

Because, in Alisa’s back, a huge figure appeared silently, and pounced on Alisa.

Looking at this scene, Houri’s pupils shrank and he hurriedly spoke out.

“Get out of the way!”

On Alisa’s delicate face, the indifferent expression was completely stagnant.

The next moment, the huge black shadow that fell from the sky, fell down directly.


The huge mass caused a direct impact on the ground and shook the air in a muffled sound.

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